If you don’t know how to buy a good vacuum cleaner, and where to start to do, you can follow the article that we’ve made life a little easier by giving you some great suggestions and useful tips.

How to buy a good vacuum cleaner from Smart Clean Guide

Beside your favorite as well as your demand, you should refer to the feature of the machine to choose. Here are five outstanding features that a good vacuum cleaner should be.

1. Low Electrical Power Consuming and High Suction Power

These factors are the first concerns you should refer before buying a Vacuum cleaner, because you will have trouble if they don’t clean all dust and dirt.
If you just concern about the highest amps, horsepower or watts of the machine, you may be wrong. Because, they are simply measurements of the electrical current used by the motor. Airflow, the amount of suction it produces and the overall design as well as attachments are the major factors to know whether it has a good performance or not.
In short, the higher suction performance it is getting, the more effectively it is. On the contrary, the higher electrical power consuming it is getting, the more expensive electricity it is. Hence, the wise choice is to use a machine with a capacity of 1600 W or more and the capacity of suction is about 400 W or more

2. A Bagged or Bag-Less Vacuum Cleaner

In generally, a bagged vacuum cleaner is cheaper than a bag-less one. Besides, almost the bagged vacuum cleaners use non-reuse bag type. This is also the downside to bagged versions, because of the on-going cost for replacing bag when you throw them away.
Moreover, as we all know, when you vacuum, dust and dirt will get sucked into a bag and then dispose of them, or they will be filled in a container, that you must remove and clean it. So, it’s worth considering if you want a bagged or bag-less version.
For those who are allergies or asthma ones, bagged vacuums maybe a suitable choice, because they are almost designed with auto-cover to prevent dust coming out when you replace bag.
On the contrary, when you use bag-less ones, you will don’t worry about replacing another bag. However, you will confront to dust and dirt, which may cause annoyance when you dispose of them and clean container.

3. Corded or Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

Corded or cordless vacuum cleaner is also an important factor to make decision before you buy.
Cordless ones run on battery, therefore, cleaning time will be limited depending on the battery life. The positive side of using cordless ones is that you can remove around the house easily without getting caught any obstacle. Furthermore, they are also lighter than the corded ones.
However, cordless vacuum cleaners are considering as the better choice, because of its features when cleaning or picking up more dust and grime from surfaces.

4. Noise

Noise is one of the major factors that you should refer to choose a good machine.
According to the European standard, the noise level of the vacuum cleaner is77dB. The high level of the noise doesn’t mean it is a good machine. Therefore, you should combine both two factors of the noise and the suction power of the machine to give a wise decision.

5. Manufacturer

Internet is a great invention of the world that allowing you to find out everything you want. you just spend several hours or just minutes to search and then make a list of some manufacturers that you reply on. A good manufacturer will have Certificate of Origin for their product that they made, and already existed a long time in market.
Several prestigious manufacturers that you can refer such as:
Hitachi, which is a famous firm in Japan. Panasonic is also one of the World’s Best firms nowadays with good price from 1.5 million(65.77$) to 3 million (131.53$) for a vacuum cleaner. Or you can refer to Electrolux, a prestigious firm in Sweden and quite favored by large of consumers.

Some Recommendations When Using Vacuum Cleaner

To clean surfaces effectively. Smart Clean Guide recommend you note in the process of using vacuum cleaners of any brand.

1. Vacuum Cleaner isn’t picking up Dirt

Firstly, let’s turn the machine off and unplug it to give a full inspection. Then check to see if the belt is broken or not, or the roller-brush don’t move.
Besides, a full bag also effects on the power of the machine, because it clogs the airflow.
If you already checked out but your machine still isn’t working, let’s bring to the repair shop.

2. Change Vacuum-Cleaner Bag

Before using vacuum-cleaner, you should check and change bag. Even though almost vacuums are designed with “check bag” indicator lights, it’s better to check by yourself and dispose dust and dirt when they are no more than three-quarters full.

3. Use Vacuum-Cleaner under 2 Hours

If the machine is running continuously, it will lead to the risk of fire or inactivity. Hence, when the machine is running about 15-20 minutes, you should leave the machine off. Also, during vacuuming, the hose can be clogged, then you should turn the machine off to remove the hose and clean it before continuing.
You should also concern about some strange noises coming out from the engine. In this case, you should also turn off the machine to check whether the machine is broken or not to avoid the risk of loss of safety during the process of vacuuming.

4. Weight and Dimensions

Generally, vacuum cleaners have the weight from 1.5-10kg, however, you should choose the 4-5kg machine to use comfortably, especially for women.


There are many manufactures in market, this mean vacuum cleaner is very various not only the type, color, design but the feature as well. Hence, depending on your favorite and your demand to buy a vacuum cleaner for yourself and your family.
Especially, if you still hesitate and don’t know how to buy a good machine, this article will help you to makea right decision to buy a suitable vacuum cleaner quickly.