The Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

Currently, there are many types of vacuum cleaners with a full range of types from different manufacturers. In particular, Shark is the most anticipated brand because it offers superior products with preferential prices, suitable for many large levels of consumers. Besides, it categorizes into many lines to satisfy the perfect cleaning on all types of surfaces. Therefore, this article will help customers find the right vacuum cleaner for their hardwood floors. Here are the 5 best shark vacuum for hardwood floors for consumers. Let’s go find out carefully.

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum$179.99

Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood Floors

At first, we will talk about an excellent vacuum-like Shark NV352. On Amazon, it reaches 4.5 stars from many people when are using this item. This is one of the best vacuums from the Shark brand to work specialized on hardwood floors. Why do I say that? Shark NV352 is so lightweight with only 12.5 pounds and comes with swivel steering. This feature makes it flexible. It runs so smoothly and cleverly avoids the furniture without troubles. It means that it moves and not makes the floor and other surfaces become scratch or break.

Nevertheless, Shark NV352 provides you some crevice tools to clean well all the edges or crevice on the carpets and floors. Besides, the dusting brush slightly removes all the dirt/dust lying on the floors. They do so well with the high level of protection not affect much to this kind of surface. Also, brush-roll shutoff contributes much to collect the dirt to make the floor brighter. This also makes the beauty of the house raise high with a polished floor.

Next, the good filtration system like the combination of AACS technology and HEPA filter also excellent. Therefore, Shark NV352 helps to hold the dirt inside for not release out of the vacuum to keep the floor polished. Moreover, the LED lights help to clean through its capability in illuminating the space on the floors for cleaning. This guarantees to collect 100% dirt/dust for refreshing the floors. Plus, Shark NV352 costs about 200$ that is quite lower than other kinds in the same range. Therefore you can choose it as a good option when you find great for your hardwood floors.


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Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum $109.99

Shark ZS351

This ultra-light vacuum will be a good choice for hardwood floors with many pretty features. The Zero-M self-cleaning brush-roll works so well on remove dirt/dust and even hair and pet hair on the floor. Besides, Shark ZS351 generates a powerful suction through great motor aiming to collect the debris staying on the floor. This helps to make the carpet and floor fresh and look more polished.

Next, we talk about the way Shark ZS351 running on the cleaning. This is so light that makes users easy to move it. Moreover, it also utilizes the effective swivel steering to smoothly move on this kind of floor. It is so clever to run and prevent the floors from some troubles like scratching. Thanks to that, this item can both make the floor clean and protect it as well.

Nevertheless, users can control it to refresh 100% dirt/dust on the floor. The thing is to do is pressing the button on the handle. After that, Shark ZS351 turns into a handheld form to clean the place under furniture on the floor. Therefore, no part of the floor still has dirt/dust after you clean with this model. Plus, Shark ZS351 receives a high rate from customers thanks to the combination of many outstanding features. With around 200$, you can own one for the hardwood floor at your house. It is still cheap with most of the customers and you will see it is worth your money after using it.


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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional$203.99

Shark NV356E

It would be a mistake if we do not mention Shark NV356E among the products dedicated to carpets and floors. It receives thousands of hits from customers with very high ratings. Besides, it also comes with a lot of outstanding features to be able to stand firmly among the best shark vacuum for hardwood floors.

Firstly, Shark NV356E provides powerful suction to clear up all the places on the floor. It can suck up all the dust/dirt to leave nothing. Therefore, your house will be bright with the polished floor. You can utilize upright modes for gentle clean on this kind of surface with the highest efficiency.

Next, like the other vacuums, the great filtration system is also a factor to make the floor clear. It is the combo of AACS technology and a HEPA filter to keep nearly 100% dust and allergens inside. The form that, there will have less bad things on the floor, even nothing left. Moreover, Shark NV356E is so excellent with the efficiency of swivel steering. The lightweight design and this feature combine to make it run smoothly and not affect much to the floor. Therefore, users can be comfortable to use this item with any anxiety.

In general, Shark NV356E receive a higher rate from nearly 12 thousands of customer on Amazon. This means that many people are welcome this product much with its high quality and flexible design. Furthermore, it helps you to clean and protect the cleaning surface to make your house beautiful and comfortable. Moreover, it comes with a cheap price on Amazon at this time. That is the reason why the number of customers using Shark NV356E is raising at high speed.


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Shark Deluxe Upright Corded Bagless Vacuum$131.37

Shark NV42

This cheap vacuum – Shark NV42 – gives you many outstanding functions to do well on your hardwood floor. This item is so cheap at affordable prices on Amazon that many people can easily buy. Moreover, thousands of customers come to rate it and the total is 4.3 stars. This also proves the high-quality Shark NV42 gets.

We will start by talking about its suction. Never Lose suction, it can create powerful suction and generate it to collect all the dirt/dust. This suction is very strong and continual during the cleaning session. Therefore, you can believe that there will be no dust/dirt, even pet hair on your floor.

Besides, Shark NV42 gives you a dusting brush and crevice tool. These tools contribute to refresh all the crevices or edges on the floor with its capability. It works so gently for not breaking or causing a scratch on the floor. There exists a high level of protection that Shark NV42 performs.

In brief, Shark NV42 is worth your money with many outstanding points. This is a vacuum that includes high quality, cheap price, and flexible design. Therefore, after buying this model, you can enjoy the high efficiency in working to refresh your hardwood floor.


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Shark ION Lightweight Cordless Stick VacuumPrice not available

Best Shark Vacuum For Hardwood floors

Shark ION F80 is also a famous vacuum that takes a slot of the group of vacuums for hardwood floors. Besides, it gets a lot of attention from Amazon customers with many great compliments. Therefore, the sale number still goes up very well and fast.

The thing we will focus on is DuoClean technology that helps to return a polished floor to your house. This is a famous feature of Shark ION F80 to pick up much fine dust and large debris easily. It works extremely well on the floor and other surfaces with the operation of two brush-rolls. Moreover, Multiflex technology is another feature that contributes to removing dust/dirt under furniture. It makes sure to clean the entire surface on the floor, without leaving dirt anywhere.

In other words, Shark ION F80 performs so well on carpet and floor. However, its price is quite high at under 340$. Therefore, some people still consider buying it by study a lot about this item. Despite this reason, the customer should care about its quality and how it works on the hardwood floor. This is the main thing you can think of when you want to vacuum. In general, Shark ION F80 is still worth your money through 4.3 stars Amazon customers give to it.

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