Best Vacuum For Frieze Carpet of 2023

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In fact, the price of a frieze carpet is quite high; therefore, you need to spend a considerable time caring, especially when vacuuming. The best way to do this is to use the upright vacuum cleaner with an adjustable height. In case you use other cleaners, such as a beater bar or a beater brush, it should be made sure to have a control button

How to choose the best vacuum for frieze carpet

  • Model
    In the market, there are not many kinds for you to purchase. However, when it comes to frieze carpeting, there’re just only two types that can do this job well.
  • Upright
    This is the common vacuum with a traditional shape; however, not all products of this style have enough power to clean up the deeper parts of the carpet. Furthermore, it’s a little bit not easy to vacuum the surfaces of furniture or stairs. But on the whole, it’s relatively cheap.
  • Canister
    In case you want another flexible one, this style will be ideal. This model includes a brush head which is used to clean the floor. And the dirt is held in a canister. Thus, it seems to be quite easy to move when vacuuming on many surfaces, especially tile or hardwood. Moreover, this vacuum will be an ideal one due to its great suction.
  • Adjustable speed
    With each different type of floor, you should adjust the speed of the vacuum properly to get the best result. For example, if operating on frieze carpets, they should be used at high speed to get down deep quickly. On the contrary, it should go slow to trap the dirt inside completely; otherwise, it might blow up everything. As a result, an ideal vacuum will be the one that can be appropriately adjusted to different surfaces and floors.
  • Bagless vs. bagged units
    The last thing you should consider is vacuum cleaning. There are two kinds of models: the one with a dirt cup and the other one with a bag. Although it is easier to clean with bags, you need to buy and place the new ones frequently. While with the bagless, you can manage it easily if not mention the fact that you may need to clean up the dust inside anytime you take it out. As a result, bags will be a perfect choice for the ones suffering from allergies.

How to clean frieze carpet properly?

In reality, the main material of friezes is nylon, and because it’s usually an upmarket product, it appears not to resist stain well. But it’s a matter when many people still don’t recognize that. They think this kind of high-end product will have a perfect resistance to stain. Actually, it needs careful care.

In case there’s a spill, you must clean up immediately before it absorbs more in-depth into the fibers. These are some tips to follow when having a spill.

The key thing is the time you clean up the liquid; therefore, blotting it right away and then using a carpet cleaner.

Although most carpet cleaners can work well, there’s a need to check them before using them to avoid any damage caused to your carpet. This is because that carpet cleaner might not be suitable for your carpet. So it might make the carpet worse than its previous condition.

Top 5 Best Vacuums for frieze carpet

1. Shark Rotator Professional NV501

The Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away features its solid construction, as well as intuitive design. In addition, it is also attached with many different kinds of accessories with a view to assisting you to complete your chores quickly.

Let’s go into details. It is a 3-in-1 vacuum. It contains one upright vacuum, one portable pod, and one canister. With the combination of three things, you will not have to consume too much energy on your daily chores.
Another great thing is that the Shark Rotator applies advanced cyclonic technology, which removes dirt from the air, then sucks dirt immediately into the trash bin, thus helping filters from filling up.

However, a sealed HEPA filter is the best part of this vacuum. This part takes a role in capturing dust, allergens, and dirt from the atmosphere, as well as holds and prevents them from coming back into the clean air you are breathing.

  • Premium Pet Power Brush.
  • Seal Technology is a complete anti-allergen.
  • A HEPA filter.
  • Excellent control for moving around furniture.
  • Never Loses Suction technology.
  • Being a 3-in-1 vacuum, thus being convenient for your use.
  • The suction is great However, ½ inch of space is used for preventing cleaning around the edges.

2. Hoover Air Steerable WindTunnel UH72400

The Hoover Wind Tunnel Air is regarded as the best vacuum for your carpet. If you want to clean your carpeted floors immaculately without clearing up your checking count, it is a worthwhile investment for you.

Different from other vacuums, the Hoover WindTunnel Air relies on 3 channels of suctions, while the others use only one. Thanks to this advantage, it can easily lift and erase all embedded dust and dirt from the surface of your carpets.

The Hoover WindTunnel Air features its advanced cyclonic technology, which removes fine dirt from the air when air goes through 8 cyclones. This vacuum can move flexibly around furniture and obstacles thanks to the ultra maneuverable steerable design.

The Hoover has a dial adjustment, which assists you to change the height of the brush roll and vacuum nozzle, especially when you need to move it across different types of floor. This helps to avoid suction loss and close control contact with the floor.

  • Steerable Technology- move flexibly around corners, furniture, and other
  • Lightweight, thus it is easy to carry, lift and move around.
  • WindTunnel 3 Technology – lifts and removes deep-down.
  • Able to adjust the height of the vacuum dial.
  • Its steerable design isn’t compatible with the higher-end models like Shark or Dyson, but don’t worry about moving it around is not too difficult.

3. Hoover WindTunnel T-Series UH30301

Hoover UH30301 has one upright vacuum, which cleans your carpeted floor, while the canister vacuum takes a role in clearing up the floor. As a result, you own 2 helpful vacuums only by purchasing one. You will be surprised by its classic and sleek design, which helps this machine to be outstanding among many types in the market.

Another advantage of this vacuum cleaner you can make use of is a portable canister. This canister plays an important role in meeting all your needs in cleaning. You can easily clean any part of your home from stairs, ceilings, and décor to upholstery and furniture.

In addition, you can adjust the height of the vacuum nozzle. Thus you can smoothly move it from low pile carpets to bare floors or high pile rugs.

This vacuum is strongly suggested for those who are suffering from asthma and allergies; it will clean your home as much as you expect. The reason lies behind this is the self-sealing HEPA bag, which can trap 99.97% of dirt, dust, and pollens for a better quality of the air.

  • Excellent WindTunnel Technology that helps remove dirt effectively
  • It has a Self-sealing bag to keep dirt puffs
  • Lightweight – approximately 12 pounds, thus it is easy for transport.
  • This vacuum has a portable canister, which is suitable to clean hard surface
  • The vacuum doesn’t roll easily on high
  • It is unable to switch on or off the brush roll.

4. Bissell 2156A CleanView Bagless

With under $100, how can you find a vacuum offering all decent performances? In fact, up to 90% of vacuums in this range do not clean well as they deliver bad suction power. However, now I will suggest you an exception: the Bissell CleanView.

This vacuum has a redesigned brush roll that is well-known for its great suction power thanks to cyclonic technology. Thus it can remove much more dirt. This is really an ideal vacuum for you at a reasonable price.

The weakness of the Bissell CleanView is that it doesn’t have swivel technology, however, don’t worry because it can rotate close to 90 degrees which assists you to clean under low furniture easier.

Now, I will tell more about cyclonic technology. As you know, the cyclonic technology creates a rotating vortex of high speed, which removes dirt from the atmosphere, as well as restrains the filters from clogging. Hence, the suction power is still strong although the dirt bin is full.

Last but not least, the Bissell uses two filters, one is the pre-motor filter, and another is the post-motor filter. This is suitable for those who are suffering from allergies and asthma.

  • Powerful suction
  • Innovative brush design which helps to clean more on the initial pass.
  • Innovative brush design rotates down into the carpet to clean more on the initial pass.
  • Cyclonic System for powerful and long-lasting suction.
  • TurboBrush tool for furniture, stairs, upholstery, and more than your expectation.
  • The dirt tank is easy to empty, the Filtration is multi-level, and the foam tank filter is washable.
  • It doesn’t have a swivel Thus maneuverability is not flexible
  • It has no brush roll shut-off feature, which makes it inadequate for many hard surfaces.

5. Electrolux SC887B Upright Vacuum

Electrolux SC887B can be considered one of the best vacuums for frieze carpets. Another great thing is that you can adapt the height of the vacuum head and brush roll to be suitable for the height of the carpet. Hence, you can easily remove dirt without having to rip up the carpet fibers. In addition, it is also equipped with extensive rear wheels that do not leave any marks on the wood floors or rip-up silk carpet.

This vacuum is quite low which makes it easier to control and move. Additionally, with a canister vacuum, you don’t need to move the full body of the upright vacuum cleaner. Instead, you only have to move the head.

Lastly, the narrow head of the vacuum allows you to clean the furniture without moving it, while its long cord helps you to remove the dirt from a large room without switching outlets.

  • Specially designed for remarkable performance on super plush carpets
  • Brush roll clean technology provides patented self-cleaning brush roll
  • Large rear wheels
  • A low center of gravity
  • Adjustable suction power assists you to cut down suction power safely.


Some people try to find out the best vacuum for frieze carpets, however, in my opinion, just buy the vacuum that won’t damage your favorite carpet. In reality, the vacuum may cost you a lot of money, and I hope that the tips I have mentioned above will help you to purchase a high-quality vacuum.

These are some of my suggestions: make sure that your vacuum is of decent quality and ability to turn off the brush. Moreover, remember to frequently clean spills and your carpet.