Bissell 1154 vs 1161: Which make them Different?

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Currently, Bissell is a brand that people care about and pay much attention to. If you follow our site, you will also know about two types of steam mops: Bissell 1940 and 1806. Today, this article will focus on two types of a canister vacuum, Bissell 1154 vs 1161. From these two products, People will see the diversity and excellent quality of Bissell products.

Bissell 1154 Bagless Canister Vacuum
237 Reviews
Bissell 1154 Bagless Canister Vacuum
Bissell 1154 is a Bagless Canister Vacuum. It Comes with a lot of accessories. This is useful for different surfaces, especially hardwood floors.
Bissell Deluxe Canister 1161
1,692 Reviews
Bissell Deluxe Canister 1161
Bissell 1161 is a lightweight and compact product so it will be easy to carry to different areas. Moreover, it has a fingertip control panel to change the powerful suction to suit the cleaning surface, avoiding damage.

Bissell 1154 vs 1161: Comparison and Reviews

The similarities and differences between the two products are always something that many people are interested. To clarify and understand the specifications between models. Experts often give tests in a variety of conditions. Then, they will give the results almost absolute accuracy. Of course, Both is also among them

General Features

  • Both have a compact, lightweight physique that makes it easy for people to lift and carry away. This can also be considered as one of the attractions to customers with such certain convenience.
  • They are the same size as dirt cups with the capacity to hold up to 1 liter. It can be said that such a capacity is sufficient for users to make their small house. Also, the dirt tank located on the bottom makes it easy for users to empty it for the next use. This is quite convenient and fast with such design.
  • They are both have rubber wheels, so they don’t scratch or mark the floor with greatly felt treads. It works super efficiently but still ensures absolute safety for the floor surface. For furniture reasons, the floor will be shiny and beautiful after cleaning without any trace.
  • Also, it takes advantage of a 20ft cable to clean extremely large areas without the need for outlets. Therefore, users will save more time than making a short cord. This is also the highlight of them.
  • These items also take advantage of the convenience and efficiency of brushes with extra soft bristles. This feature helps deep cleaning the floor harder than normal brushes.
  • Both use Swivel steering technology to help move it smoother, more smoothly. It helps increase the flexibility of the vacuum cleaner as well as increases their convenience.
  • The most special feature is that after buying them, you will receive a Bissell pet foundation. It helps you save a homeless pet as you want. Especially, they get the same automatic cord rewind to “rewind the chord”.


  • Both also refresh so perfectly on the hard floor. Besides, Bissell 1161 can do great on even carpet and upholstery.
  • Bissell 1154 gets white and gray on its shirt meanwhile black is Bissell 1161. Moreover, despite being a lightweight vacuum cleaner, the Bissell 1161 belongs to the ultra-light with only 9 pounds. Therefore, it will dominate a bit more than Bissell 1154.
  • With Bissell 1154, you will get many attachments, including the dusting brush, crevice tool, extension wand, and upholstery tool. The Bissell 1161, meanwhile, has a telescopic extension wand that supports “operating area” expansion. These attachments are the highlight point when you want to take on more tasks with these items.
  • Bissell 1154 has a hard floor and low pile carpet tools that work well on the surfaces in their name with the highest quality. Thanks for taking advantage of large suction power, it brings many benefits to users.
  • Bissell 1161 uses the fingertip control panel to change the intensity of suction. Specifically, it lets you adjust the slightly weaker suction force to work better on surfaces. It works quite smoothly with a power rating of about 7 amps. Plus, a full of complement tools are also a factor that makes it outstanding.

The Price

They are quite low prices, so people of all classes can buy one of these two products. For about $ 140, you can confidently own Bissell products and change the space in your home. With the quality as I mentioned above, you will be pleased to spend a sum of money to buy convenience. It is still important that you look up the information carefully on Amazon before buying them because sometimes there will be changes that make you confuse.

Bissell 1154

Bissell 1161

Reviews of Bissell 1154

Bissell 1154 has 3.7 stars but still has positive compliments from customers. They love the compact and lightweight in design that is quite easy to store and preserve when they complete the job. Moreover, the rewind spring cord is excellent and strong that makes the cord whips. Many are so happy when they buy this item with various attachments to cover more tasks. Dusting brush and crevice tools are very useful for refresh all the nooks and crannies, every edge, and corner. Especially, the dirt tank locates on the bottom that helps users easy to empty it after using. However, Bissell 1154 still receives some complaints about their weight for being quite heavy.

Reviews of Bissell 1161

Bissell 1161 is brighter with 4.4 stars for its performance on Amazon. Many people are surprised because it works extremely well but is quite cheap. Moreover, they prefer to adjust the suction force through the fingertip control panel on the handle. Therefore, it will both clean effectively, while protecting the floor as well as maintaining the durability of the machine. In particular, the telescopic extension wand makes it possible for users to expand the cleaning scope even if they move quite a bit. Therefore, even if they are tired, they can take advantage of cleaning their homes.


In short, Both bring many benefits to users at very affordable prices. If you are wondering which one to choose, you might consider choosing a more appreciated product like the Bissell 1161. Moreover, it is also lighter than the other one so more people can carry it. At the same time, compact will also easily store. Think about it easily and carefully to get the best one for your house.