Bissell 1831 vs 1330: Which Is The Winner?

Bissell is one of the famous brands in the manufacturing vacuum cleaner in America, even all over the world. Its products help to refresh your house to suck up all the dust and debris in your house. They are very versatile and easy to use although looking so complex. Bissell provides many kinds of vacuum to serve all types of surfaces that exist in the customer house. Through Bissell 1831 vs 1330, you will get a clear example of understanding the brand.

Bissell 1831 vs 1330: Comparison and Reviews

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Difference Between Bissell 1831 vs 1330

  • Bissell 1831 and 1330 come with the same orange in body but Bissell 1330 is deeper than the other. Their color will adapt to other styles of customer requirements.
  • Bissell 1831 gets automatic cord rewind for more purposes when you need it.
  • Also, except multi-level filtration, Bissell 1831 and 1330 go with different accessories. Bissell 1831 owns a washable filter while Bissell 1330 utilizes a washable foam tank filter. Nevertheless, the dirt tank of Bissell 1330 is so easy to empty so you cannot change the other one for saving money. These things will support filtering dust to make the house look so polished and bright.
  • Except for the same attachments, Bissell 1330 uses the other one like premium attachments and extension wand to extend your reach. Therefore, you can sweep out the dust/dirt in the high place or tight spaces. Meanwhile, when buying Bissell 1831, you will receive a base, handle, and hose for assist to the tasks.

General Features of Bissell 1831 vs 1330

  • Bissell 1831 and 1330 work so effectively with the existence of one pass technology. This technology provides has powerful suction as well as an innovative brush design for cleaning on the initial pass. This makes you feel comfortable when doing housework with full energy.
  • Nevertheless, a powerful multi-cyclonic suction system to extend the capability in generating energy for cleaning. Moreover, it can make the cleaning session lasting longer. Therefore, you can freely use them without being scared of stopping suddenly in the middle. This is also the highlight point of Bissell 1831 and 1330.
  • Bissell 1831 and 1330 apply the multi-level filtration that helps to reduce the amount of dust and allergens. As everybody knows, this feature is relatively like AACS technology from Shark products. This filtration brings the best benefit for users for limiting bad thing when sucking up.
  • They use a long cord with 25ft in length that is enough for not plugging and unplugging. This is so messy and time-consuming that makes people upset. Therefore, with a long cord, you can move less for saving energy and focusing much on the job.
  • Bissell 1831 and 1330 provide for users a great machine with a large dust cup that holds around 2 litters. This is quite big to keep a large amount of dust and easy to empty after it is full. Besides, their weight is so light with 15.5 pounds that helps users feel comfortable to carry and lift.
  • Bissell 1831 and 1330 also get the same dusting brush, crevice tool, and even Turbo tool. This helps to remove and pick up dust /dirt in every nooks/crannies or edges and corner in your house.

Reviews of Bissell 1831

Bissell 1831 has hit 4.3 stars on Amazon with great support from customers. Customers like one pass technology, because of that, the cleaning process is speeded up. Although fast, the job still ensures perfect completion, not reckless. Moreover, the capacity of the dust cup is quite large so they do not take much time to empty it when working. Also, multi-level filtration works quite well, making many users safe about its dust filter mode. Moreover, washable filters help them save money when not having to replace them with new ones. These attachments are quite helpful when taking on more tasks. Customers are very satisfied with what Bissell 1831 brings and even recommend it to friends to use. Therefore, it is worth the high quality it presents.

Reviews of Bissell 1330

Bissell 1330 also reached 4.1 stars with many of the elite functions that Bissell set for it. Owning Onepass technology, it makes users quite excited when it supports cleaning more quickly and smoothly. Also, the cyclonic system makes many people happy to use. They help users clean up with good suction power, ready to collect all dirt on upholstery surfaces. Moreover, customers can take advantage of attachments like dusting brush, crevice tool, and extension wand. At that time, they can completely clean in corners, narrow slits, where the low or the house in a comfortable way. Besides, the eye-catching appearance with average weight makes it score a lot in the eyes of the user. Therefore, 4.1 stars are also very suitable for great products like Bissell 1330.

The Price

Bissell 1831 and 1330 stand in the group of the same range price. As the information we collected on Amazon, one machine just makes you spend 100$ to buy them. It is so cheap to own an excellent vacuum for your house. Moreover, because of its high quality, the sale number rises so fast so out of stock is of course. Therefore, the price can change slightly. For that reason, you should update the information regularly to capture the right one. Please follow Bissell 1831 and 1330 on Amazon to get the right option.

Bissell 1831

Bissell 1330

Should you buy Bissell 1831 vs 1330?

Bissell 1831 and 1330 are perfect with lots of advanced technology as well as useful attachments. It is these characteristics that customers trust them too much, leading to a sharp increase in sales. To be honest, the Bissell 1831 gets a lot better feedback than the Bissell 1330, so people might consider choosing between the two.