Bissell 1940 vs 1806: Which one the best?

Currently, Bissell is gradually covering all fronts. Its products are available at most e-commerce platforms with high sales, especially Amazon. They are full of necessary functions that make users use it with peace of mind. Moreover, the affordable price makes it possible to quickly own one. Therefore, this article wants to mention two products that are hot so people can better understand this brand. These are Bissell 1940 vs 1806.

Bissell 1940 vs 1806: Comparison and Reviews

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  • Bissell 1940 and 1806 come with the same white but one gets blue power-fresh and the other is sapphire. This is a slight difference that is suitable for a separate group of people. Sometimes the style of steam mop is also the main factor that people like when choosing.
  • Bissell 1940 operates the power through tough, sticky messes when you flip down easy scrubber. In this case, Bissell 1806 uses an onboard spot boost to remove these messes. It supplies a spot boost brush to support steam control/
  • With Bissell 1806. You can freely to fulfill the water tank with the included measuring cup with ease. Meanwhile, the packaging graphics of Bissell 1940 may vary as well as chemical-free clean. This is not the same as each other.
  • Bissell 1940 and 1806 get each other attachment that everyone will realize in their deluxe mop pad kit. Bissell 1940 works so excellently thanks to the microfiber soft/scrubby pad as well as fragrance discs. Moreover, it gives you a carpet glider for the present in the right way. In this case, Bissell 1806 provides several things like a washable soft/scrubby mop pad along with spring breeze scent discs for more jobs.
  • Especially, Bissell 1806 gets variable steam levels with high and low steam settings. Meanwhile, Bissell 1940 customizes the steam cleaning in 3 levels that depend on your need. You just need to read the guideline and do as it show. It also goes with smart set digital steam control.

General Features

  • The steam mop Bissell 1940 vs 1806 uses a 1500 watts motor to generate powerful suction for cleaning. They can sanitize every kind of floor, especially hard floors through the power of steam. These products can remove nearly 100 percent of germs and bacteria with no harsh chemicals
  • These items provide you a deluxe mop pad kit like spring breeze discs to taking on more tasks.
  • The next thing is that Bissell 1940 gets 30 seconds to reading whereas Bissell 1806 has heater warm-up time is the same.
  • Bissell 1940 and 1806 reach a weight of 6.5 pounds that is so light. Shark also gets them to swivel steering for running so smoothly on every surface. This extends its versatile and flexible features.
  • Their water tank can hold 16 oz for supplying enough water to steam in full time of the session. It raises the efficiency of the steam mops and saves time for not taking water many times.
  • Moreover, their scent waters assist them to demineralize water in steam mops when using. Therefore, it is necessary when taking fresh aside during the leaning session.
  • Nevertheless, Bissell 1940 and 1806 own the long enough cord to limit in plugging and unplugging. This is so convenient to save time and energy when using steam mops.

Reviews of Bissell 1940

Bissell 1940 has achieved 4.4 stars on Amazon thanks to the good features that it owns. But homeowners who own a mix of laminate floors and stone are delighted by its cleanliness. In addition, the power cord is long enough to help them save more time than having to watch the socket to plug or unplug many times. Many customers praised the beautiful design, compact design, and moderate water tank. Some housewives love the multi-level steam function because it is very convenient to moving for laminate to tile in a short time. This steam mop lets them clear their floor so quickly and say no with chemicals. This is the way to protect the surface in their house. Therefore, Bissell 1940 is very worth the high rating it gets.

Reviews of Bissell 1806

Bissell 1806 is a bit better with 4.5 stars. It is interesting to many thanks to its beautiful, neat design. Also, many people are very excited about the Deluxe mop pad kit that it offers. They are all helpful during cleaning. Moreover, the power of steam makes many people surprised to be able to sanitize hard floor so quickly and effectively. This also supports saving homeless pets through the Bissell pet foundation when they buy this model. Some users comment that they have an easy way to tackle those messes with Spot Boost Brush in cleaning. Especially, many people are interested when Bissell 1806 brings Spring Breeze Fragrance Disco to release a burst of scent. They are impressed with the fresh scent and give big like for this item. Therefore, this is the reason why many people choose to buy Bissell 1806 with high satisfaction.

The Price

Steam mops like Bissell 1940 and 1806 are usually quite low. As you can see on Amazon, their selling price is under $100 that many people would not expect. Because they provide full functionality and features to clean the house, they are surprised at such a price. People should also regularly update information for further reference if it changes, you can easily capture. They are all good devices so people should not miss it.

Bissell 1940

Bissell 1806

Should you buy Bissell 1940 vs 1806?

Bissell 1940 and 1806 belong to the group of the best steam mops from Bissell. They provide great attachments, perfect functions, and many benefits for their customer. Moreover, these items are so cheap that everyone can afford it. Honestly, Bissell 1806 gets more compliments and a higher rating than the other. If you are considering between them, you can choose this one for a better rating.