Bissell 1940 vs 1940W : Which one the best?

Like a vacuum cleaner, steam mop cleaner is also trendy in the market. It is a machine that uses steam to absorb and prevent dirt from sticking to the floor. They are dedicated to all floors with close to 100% removal of dirt and plaque. Therefore, the appeal of these products is not inferior to vacuum cleaners. To choose a good product, you can look to Bissell – one of the companies with good competitiveness in producing steam mop cleaner. In it, we would like to offer two products that you can refer to. That is Bissell 1940 vs 1940W – products that have many features from their brand. Read through this article to have more experience when choosing products for your home.

Bissell Power Fresh 1940
26,794 Reviews
Bissell Power Fresh 1940
Bissell 1940 is popular in the market with famous continuous steaming control for adjusting great and robust suction for steaming. Moreover, this model gets an advanced filtration system to solve well with the dirt and germ inside.
Bissell Powerfresh 1940w
28 Reviews
Bissell Powerfresh 1940w
Bissell 1940W is better at steaming with the effectiveness of the motor to control the suction and prevent a clog. In addition, this steam mop cleaner can reach higher and further when owning an extension wand and other tools.

Bissell 1940 vs 1940W Overview

Bissell’s products are always in the sights of consumers when possessing an attractive and neat design. Moreover, they all carry the features of this brand to promote their name and increase their attractiveness. Thanks to that, the components are revealed honestly and perfectly.


Bissell 1940 vs 1940W both get the compact design that is convenient to store along with use. They come with a low mop head to sanitize all the places on the carpet and all floor types. These vacuums possess a great motor with a high power-rating for generating great suction in vacuuming and steaming. Nevertheless, the dirt tank is quite large for capturing as much as possible. Significantly, you can detach this part easy to empty and clean for steaming well.
Along with that, it comes with fragrance discs for sanitizing to get the best result. Furthermore, these items get a combo with two washable pads that include a soft and microfiber scrubby pad. From that, they let you safe in mind when picking up one.


Like a vacuum cleaner, steam mop cleaners like the Bissell 1940 vs 1940W have good portability on surfaces. They have a slim body with fewer than 10 pounds, so carrying and moving is not a problem. In addition, the length of the power cord is also just right to not cause trouble when moving in many objects. Moreover, SmartSet steam control with three modes is quite convenient when you use the buttons on the top of the body. As a result, you need to adjust accordingly to achieve the expected results. Therefore, many customers have searched for these products to buy right away for their excellent features.

Bissell 1940 vs 1940W Comparison

Bissell has applied many innovative and practical features to its products before making them available to users. These products are similar in design, construction, and other modes and factors. In addition, they also have a distinction when talking about the tank, power cord weight/color.


  • Bissell 1940 vs 1940W is unique with a compact and simple body. It comes in upright format with explicit working modes via SmartSet steam control. Here are many control buttons for the user to choose the appropriate method, such as low – medium – high steam. From there, suction in each mode will act on the soft mop head to work by the cleaning surface. In addition, Bissell also installed a swivel steering so that the leader becomes smoother and smoother.
  • Next, they use motors with a 1500W power rating to generate and deliver the best suction. In addition, both of these items use fragrance discs of Spring Breeze to leave a fresh scent for the carpet and floor.
  • In addition, they all have combo pads to combine with the cleaning head of the machine. Specifically, they include a soft mop pad and scrubby microfiber pad. Thanks to that, you can clean the house clean by steam mop method. In particular, they do not need filters like other products. Warm-up time is only about 30 seconds with each use.
  • In particular, Bissell also gives customers who buy these products a 2-year warranty. In addition, they also provide $ 10 to contribute to the Bissell Pet Foundation. It is the part of the fund that will act on behalf of customers to save and take care of homeless pets.


  • The Bissell 1940 vs 1940W come in different colors that you can notice apart from the same construction. The Bissell 1940 is blue, while the 1940W Bissell is orange – two completely different shades. Furthermore, the weight also has a slight difference with the dimensions involved. The 1940 Bissell weighs 8.2 pounds, measuring 26.1 “- 11.3” – 7.3 “larger, while the 1940W Bissell is smaller and lighter at 6.82 pounds and measures 11.6” by 7.1 “by 28.6”.
  • Next, they have a moderate power cord but differ in length with 23ft for Bissell 1940 and 25ft for Bissell 1940W. Besides, Bissell 1940 stood out with carpet glider belonging to accessories kit. In addition, it also stands out with a larger dust tank. Specifically, the Bissell 1949 dirt tank is about 16oz wide, while the Bissell 1940W has a dirt tank of about 15oz.


The Bissell 1940 vs 1940W are both marketed at very low prices. With just over $ 100, you bought a steam mop cleaner for your house. In addition, you will receive many deals when there is a sale-off in addition to the best price you are seeing.

Bissell 1940

Bissell 1940W


Bissell 1940 vs 1940W did not have too much quality, but Bissell 1940 still received positive feedback from customers. It is a product with more people with some outstanding features such as introductory articles. Therefore, you can consider and buy according to your own needs.

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