Bissell 9595A vs Hoover UH70120: What Good Vacuums?

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Today, we will share more information about two famous brands in manufacturing and making vacuum cleaner – Bissell and Hoover. Their products are well-known with the capability of cleaning entirely in a short time. Moreover, they are also multiple and various in both appearance and quality. That is the reason why we want to introduce their products for helping you gain more options. The two vacuums in this post are Bissell 9595A vs Hoover UH70120. They are considered to make the cleaning less boring for users. Please follow this post to gain more knowledge about them to choose a better one.

BISSELL CleanView 9595
16,860 Reviews
BISSELL CleanView 9595
Bissell 9595A brings you many great points through the advantage of One Pass technology it applies. Moreover, the large tank is easy to use and empty after working so quickly.
Hoover WindTunnel T-Series UH70120
12,225 Reviews
Hoover WindTunnel T-Series UH70120
Hoover UH70120 works perfectly with the presence of WindTunnel technology on cleaning. Nevertheless, the flexible design with low-profile head supports to clean under furniture and sofa.

Bissell 9595A vs Hoover UH70120 Overview

They are considered as good vacuums that possess many useful features in awesome appearances. Many people give high rate for their design as well the benefit from their portability


Bissell 9595A and Hoover UH70120 both have a beautiful design that makes a good impression on consumers. They are upright vacuum cleaners that use a cord when working. The first impression is that both have dust tanks of quite a large size to hold dirt. On top of the dust tank, there is also a handy grip attached. The nozzle head has a low-profile design for easy cleaning of the area below. Furthermore, it incorporates two wheels for ease of movement. In addition, the filter inside the dust tank is quite neat and easy to clean. With the convenient design as above, users appreciate the meticulous detail of the two brands when making these items.


In addition to their design appeal, They are also offer many of their portable magnetic convenience. Although the body looks quite bulky, they have a moderate weight so that the user can pull it comfortably. In addition, they have two side wheels that will support these models to move flexibly over any contact surface. Therefore, users do not spend much effort to transport them while working. This is a transcendent feature in the user’s eyes.

Bissell 9595A vs Hoover UH70120 Comparison

The two vacuums quickly become good picks of many people after seeing what they have and how they do. They get many common things relating to weight, attachments, dust cup, and cord with filtration system and powerful suction. In other cases, the differences between them belong to weight, technology along with filter and cleaning system.


  • They are well-known as lightweight vacuums with a compact form for easy storing. Therefore, you can bring them around and not leave any trouble or body pain.
  • A large dust cup is suitable for cleaning large space and luckily, the items own this feature. It reaches up to 2 liters per one that hold much dust and pet hair insides. Besides, it is easy to empty after cleaning with a simple action to release dust.
  • Next, their attachments are also various and useful serving for the job. We can list such as extension wand, dusting brush, or Turbo brush along with crevice tool. You can note that the Turbo brush helps much to clean on stairs, furniture as well as upholstery with high effectiveness. In addition, the extension wand works as its name presents: extend your reach. Moreover, the other ones serve for vacuuming dust and pet hair on edges and corners, even above the sofa.
  • Nevertheless, they you 25ft cord to deliver the energy for generating the powerful suction. This suction can vacuum so well on both carpets and floors in a short time but still effective. It ensures to be continual and strong until you complete the task.
  • At last, we will know about their filtration system. Both Bissell and Hoover give their vacuum cleaners a great one for detaching the dust not to affect the air outside.


  • As we mention above, Both is so light. However, Bissell 9595A is the lighter vacuum with 15 pounds when that of Hoover UH70120 is about 16.5 pounds. In contrast, Hoover UH70120 gets a longer hose to increase its effectiveness.
  • Also, these items have a slight difference in the filtration system. Namely, Bissell 9595A owns Multi-level filtration with and washable foam tank filter for solving the dust. Meanwhile, Hoover UH70120 uses a HEPA media filter at its base instead. This item also has a system check indicator to let you know about the status of the battery to get a suitable solution.
  • Especially, these models use different technology to prove themselves on cleaning. Bissell 9595A goes with One Pass Technology with powerful suction and innovative brush design to remove dust well. Whereas, Hoover UH70120 takes WindTunnel technology to create suction to lift and remove the debris and dirt stay hidden. This is the outstanding point that each one shares to make a great performance.
  • Another difference relates to their cord. Hoover UH70120 gets cord rewind and Bissell 959A doesn’t. Therefore, Hoover vacuums are more compact than the other.
  • Last but not least, they get different methods to support cleaning the whole house. As you can see, the Cyclonic system in Bissell 9595A is useful for long-lasting, powerful suction. Meanwhile, Shark utilizes 5 height adjustments to go from deep carpet to hard floors with high quality.

The Price

They are both priced in the mid-range from $200 to $260. They have many outstanding features to convince users to choose them. In addition, with Bissell 9595A, you will indirectly send $10 to Bissell Pet Foundation to save homeless pets. Therefore, people should visit regularly to catch changes in product-related information.

Bissell 9595A

Hoover UH70120

The Conclusion

From what we have presented, people also find that them are worth the money. They are incredibly useful and work in harmony with each other to produce the best results you expect. Of the two products, Bissell 9595A is a bit better when it is cheaper and lighter. Meanwhile, the Hoover UH70120 generates strong suction, easily removing the most difficult dust particles in many different environments. If you are interested in a vacuum cleaner with good performance and long-term use. Hoover UH70120 will be the best choice for all needs of the vast majority of users.