Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs 1785W: What’s the Difference?

Bissell is one of the most famous brands for manufacturing high-quality cleaners to meet customer demands. Their products are divided into many lines and Bissell Crosswave is the best outstanding line that many people care about. This line gives a powerful suction to knock off the dust/dirt on many surfaces. That is the reason why I want to let you know about Bissell 1785A vs 1785W that belongs to Bissell Crosswave. These items receive many pretty features for making perfect performance. Therefore, you should stay tuned to follow all the information below.

BISSELL CrossWave Wet-Dry 1785A
10,257 Reviews
BISSELL CrossWave Wet-Dry 1785A
Bissell Crosswave 1785A is so lucky when owning the Dual-action brush-roll with the connection to the innovative multi-surface cleaning solution. Moreover, smart touch control will give you a convenient way to adjust the cleaner’s operations.
Bissell CrossWave All-in-One 1785W
29 Reviews
Bissell CrossWave All-in-One 1785W
Bissell Crosswave 1785W is an excellent cleaner with the capability in washing and vacuuming at the same time with high-efficiency. Nevertheless, Swivel steering helps to make this item become clever and smooth when running.

Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs 1785W: Overview

Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs 1785W received special attention from many customers recently. Both are favored by Bissell for exterior design and portability in cleaning surfaces.


The design of Bissell 1785A and 1785W is quite neat and beautiful with the color and details of the machine. First, the D-shaped handle design is easy to handle when moving the machine. Next is the familiar upright form that helps to keep the device steady when you use the supplied device for other things. In addition, it also has two tanks, one holds clean water – the other holds dirt neatly. Moreover, it has a control system on the handle so you can see it clearly and conveniently. Finally, a long cord provides the ability to work more conveniently. Therefore, it can be said that design is also a factor that makes customers interested.


Like many other products from Bissell, Bissell 1785A and 1785W also show their portability very clearly. Weighing only about 12 pounds, lifting them from place to place is easy. Plus, the extra two wheels make the mobility greatly increase when you use them. Therefore, they can glide on any surface and do not cause any trouble to those surfaces. Portability is one of Bissell’s strengths, and these two products are no exception.

Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs 1785W: Comparison

Bissell Crosswave 1785A and 1785W two products are the continuation of each other, also known as brother products. Of course, they have the characteristics that let people see that these are quality Crosswave. In addition, other points of knowledge help people choose the right product for their home.


  • Bissell Crosswave 1785A and 1785W have an awesome looking with a low-profile head. This makes the items clear up all the dirt/dust lying under furniture or stairs. Moreover, the D-shape handle looks so pretty and convenient for users to hold. Besides, in the handle, you can see the controlling button for great cleaning.
  • Next, the items utilize the swivel steering to make it flexible. Although they are lightweight, it is still a factor to raise the convenience of them. This function supports to move well as well as cleverly avoid the obstacles without any troubles.
  • Plus, Bissell Crosswave 1785A and 1785W can do both vacuuming and washing in one step. This will save more time and energy for any activities with a short time to work and dry. Besides, 25ft cord lets users not care about plugging or not when cleaning. Moreover, 12 inches cleaning path assists to extend the reach for entirely refreshing the house.
  • Especially, Bissell provides a dual-action brush-roll for clean better than other traditional ways. It connects with a multi-surface solution to support more cleaning. Especially, it rotates at speed of 3000rpms.
  • Nevertheless, Bissell Crosswave 1785A and 1785W use a two-tank system to work in vacuuming and washing. A clean tank is about 28oz serving for washing when the dirty tank’s capacity is 15oz helping in vacuuming. In addition, it has a small handle to let the user lift it to empty and fulfill for each purpose with two tanks.
  • Lastly, Bissell installs Smart touch control on the handle where users can easily and conveniently make steps for cleaning. It helps to switch the cleaning surfaces as the user’s need. To clean a multi-surface, people have to control the cleaning solution in a suitable way. With a special surface like a fragile one, you will use a softer brush-roll and specialized solution to complete well.


Same brand, But Bissell Crosswave 1785a and 1785w make a big difference. The Bissell Crosswave 1785w is a new model that is upgraded with some features and accessories. Of course, the price of Bissell Crosswave 1785w will be more expensive than his brother Bissell 1785A.

  • Bissell Crosswave 1785W has weight is 11 pounds and comes in a fresh green color. Meanwhile, the Bissell Crosswave 1785A is young with blue (no black) and is a bit heavier at 11.5 pounds.
  • Another difference point between these items is how they make the Dual-action brush-roll spin to produce great suction power. Specifically, Bissell 1785A uses a 4.4 amps power rating. Meanwhile, Shark 1785W has a solution tank to get enough solution. This helps to refresh the house up to 700sq ft.
  • About attachments, they get a big difference. Bissell Crosswave 1785A utilizes a brush-roll relating to the tray with a formula and edge tool. In this case, Bissell Crosswave 1785W owns a multi-surface brush-roll and multi-surface formula sample. Moreover, it can take on more jobs thanks to an easy-to-move brush window along with a bag change indicator. In addition, self-cleaning storage helps to protect the machines after use.

The Price

Next, people will pay more attention to the prices of the Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs 1785W. For about $250 you already own a Bissell Crosswave. However, there are still some objects that will find it difficult and intimidating to buy them. Therefore, sale-off programs and promotions from Bissell will help them feel more comfortable on this issue.

Bissell 1785A

Bissell 1785W

The Conclusion

In general, Bissell Crosswave 1785A vs 1785W are pretty cleaner that is worth the amount of money you pay. To make them less considerable when choosing, I will give you a suggestion. Between two kids, you can notice the customer rating and Bissell Crosswave 1785A is the winner with a higher rating. Therefore, many people tend to choose this item.