Bissell Spot Clean Vs Little Green: Which One Is Better?

Currently, many people want to buy a compact vacuum cleaner instead of a long one. As such, they are easier to store and carry because they are low in weight. In addition, for those with basic cleaning needs, these machines often respond best. Furthermore, they come in various prices and styles for you to consider. Both Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green is two compact vacuum cleaners under the Bissell brand. In addition to steam mop cleaner or straight vacuum cleaner, it is also available in smaller sizes according to customer requirements. Their quality will not make you regret following the article.

Bissell 3624 Spot Clean
23,140 Reviews
Bissell 3624 Spot Clean
Bissell 3624 Spot Clean looks so small but still has a great suction to knock off all the dust on every kind of carpet. In addition, it also comes with some attachments with separate kinds to handle many basic tasks
Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable 1400B
21,394 Reviews
Bissell Multi-Purpose Portable 1400B
Bissell 3624 Spot Clean looks so small but still has a great suction to knock off all the dust on every kind of carpet. In addition, it also comes with some attachments with separate kinds to handle many basic tasks

Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green: Overview

Many people have chosen vacuum cleaners for basic cleaning with carpet and easy to store after completing. They are pretty with compact design and prepare all the devices for working with high quality. Nevertheless, these items are versatile with many functions that customers like a lot.


Both are compact but have relatively different layouts and arrangements while still ensuring convenience. Bissell Spot Clean has one side of the power cord roll and one side of the hose reel that connects the cleaning head. Additionally, it has a decent dirt tank inside, along with the engine. In this case, Bissell Little Green feels more compact with a soft blue color. The two sides contain two dirty water tanks, and the other is dirty water with a power cord in the back. The nozzle section with the cleaning head will roll 1 round below and have support below. Furthermore, both types have more formulations to clean and take advantage of to make the carpet more fragrant and dust-free. Therefore, many customers choose the product because it is as convenient as they want.


Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green has no wheels like the long-form models you often see. They are pretty light with the top handle. Thanks to that, you can lift it and go to the areas that need cleaning. It is like you are packing ordinary and not bulky items. Moreover, their taps and power cord are pretty long to connect and extend while working. In particular, you can store them in small, hidden areas to avoid impact. In addition, the models also receive other tools to ensure almost 100% cleaning of the plaque and dirt on the carpet. Therefore, this is the attraction it creates to attract consumers.

Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green: Comparison

Although these two machines are in different series, it still ensures the same task completion. They are similar in style, no heater, and related services. Meanwhile, their structures lead to differences in machine parts, dirt tanks, and accessories.


  • Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green is both modest in size compared to other products. Bissell equipped them with enough onboard hose, power cord, and motor and filter. Therefore, they still ensure to perform enough cleaning operations like other types. In addition, the top has handles for you to lift and move like you are carrying everyday items.
  • Next, neither of them has a water heating mode to start. It utilizes clean water to moisten surfaces and clean – dries quickly. Furthermore, once it’s complete, you can easily separate the dirt tank from emptying that wastewater and continuing working.
  • In particular, any customer who buys these products contributes to the Bissell pet foundation to help homeless pets get good care. So many customers did not hesitate to buy on this excellent work.


  • Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green is compact, but the weight is different. Bissell Spot Clean weighs about 13lbs with a smaller size with 10 “- 14” – 14 “. Meanwhile, Bissell Little Green is light at 9.6 lbs with measurements of 8.25″ – 17.25″ – 12.5”. In addition, the power cord length is also different from the 20ft of Bissell Spot Clean compared to the 15ft of Bissell Little Green.
  • In addition, they use motors of different sizes, so there is a poor performance when working. Specifically, Bissell Spot Clean uses a 5.7A power rating motor while Bissell Little Green uses about 3A power rating. Furthermore, Bissell Spot Clean utilizes superior suction for more effective cleaning. Additionally, it comes with a 2-year warranty, while Bissell Little Green has a 1-year warranty.
  • In addition, Bissell Spot Clean does not need a filter but uses water directly to push dirt with two containers. In this case, Bissell Little Green still has a pre-motor and post-motor for filtering. Pre-motor is square, and post-motor is rectangular but not washable. In particular, Bissell Spot Clean combines with a dirt tank with up to 96oz, and Bissell Little Green only owns a 48oz dirt tank.
  • Furthermore, they all come bundled with other tools and aids. Specifically, Bissell Spot Clean has a 6 “stair tool, 3” formidable stain tool with a trial-size bottle of Pro max clean + formula. Meanwhile, Bissell Little Green lacks a 6 “stair tool compared to the Bissell Spot Clean and uses a trial-size spot and stain formula instead.


Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green is the price in the market for less than $ 200 – relatively cheap but still highly convenient. In addition, you also receive a warranty card to check and maintain the machine when necessary. Moreover, this is the best price that Bissell gives to customers, so you should consider and take advantage of it.

Bissell Spot Clean

Bissell Spot Little Green

Final Tip

Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green both has quite a high number of customer visits. They satisfy the essential requirement for daily cleaning on the carpet when handling dust and even water-borne stains. Bissell Spot Clean does not require a filter to use an additional cleaning tool. Meanwhile, Bissell Little Green is lighter, with many types of filters with more preferential prices.

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