Bissell Spot Clean Vs Little Green

Bissell Spot Clean Vs Little Green: Which One Is Better?

Bissell has made a boom when it released the two masterpieces, Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green. They were probably most wanted vacuum cleaners at the moment of their release. I am sure that you have heard of Bissell once in your life, right? Bissell is one of a few brands of vacuum cleaners which have attained the attention of users a lot. This attractive point is not only because of their user-friendly characteristics but also due to their versatility in functionality. Bissell have offered a wide range of vacuum cleaners meeting different needs and budget. It, along with Shark and Dyson, is the biggest name on the market when it comes to innovative machines dealing with repetitive tasks at home.

Bissell intentionally designed the Bissell Spot Clean and Little Green in hope of perfectly cleaning stubborn stains on carpets and leather covers. It can be really frustrating as you find out that these two are extremely similar, even their price. They are affordable, easy to use, and runs little risks of damaging fabrics or carpets. Thus, if you are sick of upright vacuums or simply just looking for a more compact solution than an upright carpet washer, then it’s worth considering those handheld machines – Bissell Spot Clean and Little Green. With their main features and technologies, I will provide each units’ potential pros and cons. Stay tune and check out the comparison between Bissell Spot Clean and Little Green then decide which one you should bring home.

Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green: Comparison and Review

Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green are hot issues and many people have dilemma in choosing between these two. They are always on the lists of the best handheld carpet cleaners. Although they may be not as small as handheld cleaners, they are significantly less bulky and you can use them to access quickly when you need in an emergency.

The Design

It’s frustrating if our favorite products are similar, right? Luckily, Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green are of different appearances. Both of them come with compact design but different colors. While the Spot Clean is available on white and red color, the Little Green comes with bright green just like its name. Compared to traditional handheld vacuum cleaners, these machines are a bit larger. However, they are considerably less bulky and lighter than their upright carpet washers, around 4 kg and the Little Green is a bit heavier.

The Portability

Bissell Spot Clean and Little Green are both handheld, so that they come with all the benefits of a handheld vacuum. Wherein, the main feature is their great maneuverability. The handle is solid so don’t worry about dragging them around. In addition, Bissell Spot Clean vs Little Green come with long hoses, 1.35 and 1.5 meters respectively. Hence, you can put the main unit on the floor and clean nearby carpet areas without the need to move frequently.

The Cleaning Performance

Believe me, I won’t recommend these machines if their performances are disappointing. They are always on the list of best carpet fighters so it’s worth considering Bissell Spot Clean and Little Green when you’re looking for a good handheld vacuum cleaner for your precious house.

Bissell Spot Clean
Bissell Little Green
The Spot Clean do their job thanks to the combination of water and suction. Specifically, it uses hot tap water, a cleaning formula and suction to pull up strainsMeanwhile, the Little Green works by spraying water on the spot and apply some suction to suck up the dirt and dust.
One of the main features is the addition of Heatwave technology which heats up the cleaning water. This action guarantees the cleaning solution is always warm, providing better cleaning performance.The Little Green doesn’t come with this feature
Although clean water capacity is slightly less that the Little Green, at 1.1 liters; it’s still enough for those emergency cleaning dutiesIts water tank has a capacity of 1.4 liters. Although it is lower than an upright machine, it’s still enough for emergency and spot cleaning use
Its cleaning head has three rows of small brushes which is identical to that of the Little Green. Its hose is up to 1.5 metersCompared to the Spot Clean, it comes with a shorter hose, at 1.35 meters. However, you still have large space for cleaning
It comes with deep reach tool removing embedded dirt and stains. Moreover, removable tanks are easy to fill and emptyIt provides strong spray and suction power to remove tough stains and spills. In addition, cleaning and drying are in one step

The Accessories

Unfortunately, I didn’t find any information about its extra tools.

The Price

Their price is not a big deal, actually. It is due to the fact that they both come with reasonable prices. Just under $150, you can own amazing machines to make your house perfectly clean.

Bissell Spot Clean

Bissell Little Green

The Feedbacks

The Spot Clean receives 4.2 stars on Amazon. People praised it for fantastic performance on dealing with pet accidents. They were also stunning by the quality of cleaning overall. In addition, it provided excellent power and effectiveness. However, there was a complaint about its easily-broken hose.

The Little Green receives 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon. People found it excellent and easy to store or operate. What’s more, the customers were satisfied with the smell of Bissell cleaning solution too. Nevertheless, being noisy is the biggest problem people complained about.

The Conclusion

In general, Bissell Spot Clean and Little Green are equally excellent. They are perfect for quick clean-ups and also easy to carry around or up/downstairs. The price gap is not big so choosing either is not difficult.