Dyson’s vacuum cleaners are already well-known around the world. However, Dyson is not all about vacuum machines. They also have a special line of fans that are able to deal with both hot and cool weather. This can happen because those fans are designed to perform the dual function of heating or cooling depending on the type of weather. People usually say that you shouldn’t trust the weather as it can be hot and sunny one day, but the next day is windy and rainy. It’s cool that you can own a machine which blows both hot and cold. Dyson AM05 vs AM09 belong to the Dyson “Air Multiplier” line-up with an eye-watering price tag to match.

These units receive thousands of positive reviews and among best sellers of Dyson and Amazon. They are on another level and yes, they are more expensive than other traditional tower fans. Yet, they are still worth very cent of the pickiest customers.

The ultimate aim of my reviews is always to point out each machines’ strengths and weaknesses by putting Dyson AM05 vs AM09 head to head. Hopefully, after reading this post, you will find a better products suiting your need and budgets.

Dyson AM05 vs AM09: Comparison and Review

Between these two, Dyson AM09 is newer and the company’s latest in its series of bladeless fans, a heater and fan combined into an oblong loop. Therefore, you may expect the Dyson AM09 will have some improvements over its ancestor, the Dyson AM05. Actually, the AM09 receives two important upgrades, but it comes with a price. Let’s find out what’s hidden in these two amazing machines.

The Design

Both Dyson AM05 vs AM09 share a similar pattern design – an attractive and eye-catching appearance. The sleek design which resembles a paper clip allows you to easily clean. They come with different color and customers can select their favorite one. For the Dyson AM05, you can go with any of these four options: nickel and black, white and silver, brown and iron or blue or iron finish. Meanwhile, Dyson AM09 are available in three color finishes: white and silver, nickel and black or blue and iron. . As a result, the AM09 base only has nothing but on/off power button.

The Dyson AM05 is slightly taller than the AM09, 26 and 23.4 inches respectively. It’s a good thing as they can be used in tight areas because of their height and small footprint. However, the Dyson AM09 is much lighter than the AM05, 5.91 and 8.38 pounds respectively.

How Do They Perform?

The Dyson AM09 is considered as a direct replacement for the AM05. They are technologically the same products but the Dyson AM09 comes with two crucial upgrades. Let’s see how well these two perform.

The Features :

  • The Dyson AM05 and AM09 uses “bladeless technology”. Traditional fans usually have two or more blades attached to a central spinning hub. However, these two work differently. The pedestal of the fan helps draw in up to 5.28 gallons of air per second which is as much as a vacuum cleaner. Isn’t it impressive? This technology provides a smooth flow of air and a constant wind breeze, multiples the air sucked in so that the fans uses less energy and makes less noise.
  • Because of the dual functions, the Dyson Air Multiplier technology draws in and amplifies the surrounding air when you turn on the cooling mode. However, if used for heating purposes, it allows that fans to blow out the heated air to significant distances.
  • The heater function is attributed to dual ceramic plates that help heat up the air. They are fireproof which is designed to resist burning and withstand heat, so that it reduces the possibility of fire accidents.
  • One more advantage is that you can set the temperature of the heater which ranges from 33° F to 99° F. Dyson AM05 vs AM09 can control the selected temp. thanks to an “intelligent” internal thermostat. It is explained as the thermostat switches on and off constantly to maintain a selected temperature. This benefits to the users as the energy can be conversed and elimination of uncomfortable experience of insufficient heating or overheating.
  • Dyson AM05 vs AM09 both come with a remote control unit which allows users to control their fans from any position in a room. This means you don’t have to get up from your warm bed in winter but still heat the surrounding air up.

The Difference :

  • A special thing about Dyson AM09 which also differentiates it from the AM05 is the Jet focus technology. It has two modes, namely Focused mode and Diffused mode. The former allows the air to pass through a tiny and direct towards a ramp which then projects a powerful stream of warm air towards a particular direction. In diffused mode, another jet of air is released from the back of aperture. As a result, the air flow angle widens and provides more powerful heating and cooling to a wider area.

The Price

Because of those advanced technologies, you can guess Dyson AM05 and AM09’s prices will be higher than normal cool-only fans. Dyson AM09 is undoubtedly pricier than its previous model. Both of them range from $200-$500 depending on selling sites.

Dyson AM05

Dyson AM09

The Feedbacks

The Dyson AM05 receives positive reviews on Amazon. In general, people were satisfied with the quality and its cool design. However, some customers were annoyed at the loud noise.

Likewise, the Dyson AM09 impressed its customers with heating and cooling performance. It was quiet and fantastic. Nevertheless, some people complained that it didn’t put out enough air or warm enough the whole large room.

The Conclusion

If you are deciding between these two, I believe that price is not a matter. In general, Dyson AM05 and AM09 is similar in many aspects. However, if you want a more advanced products, you should go for the Dyson AM09. It shows impressive features, such as sleep timer or jet focus technology.

In your case, which one will you choose? Leave your comments and join the discussion with me.