Dyson DC34 vs V6: Which One Is The Best?

Currently, if it comes to the multi-purpose vacuum cleaner, Dyson will be a great example that people remember. It stands out on the top of famous for high-quality standard products. Furthermore, all products meet what consumers want. That is why many people believe in this brand. Therefore, this article will continue to help those looking to buy a vacuum cleaner can choose the good products from it. The two products today are Dyson DC34 vs V6. They promise to make you feel comfortable and want to buy them immediately. We will share all the information about them in this post. Stay tuned to see what they do with their work highlights.

Dyson DC34 Handheld
560 Reviews
Dyson DC34 Handheld
Dyson DC34 can turn into handheld form for being excellent in cleaning many surfaces that upright form cannot. Moreover, Root cyclonic technology supports to remove dust and debris with high efficiency in working.
Dyson V6 Animal Stick
4,556 Reviews
Dyson V6 Animal Stick
Dyson V6 works extremely well thanks to the digital V6 motor as well as flexible design. Nevertheless, a direct-drive cleaner head gives strong power to do smoothly on carpets and floors to make a perfect performance.

Dyson DC34 vs V6 Overview

These models are two kinds of great vacuums from Dyson with many pretty points in the design. Their appearance is worth receiving many compliments from customers about convenience. All the best functions of them are shown well through their design that many people like.


Dyson DC34 and V6 are very compact with the convenient design that Dyson installs and makes. Both of them come as a stick vacuum that is slim with a suitable length. Besides, they have a large dust cup to make sure that it can contain dust as much as possible in cleaning a large room. You can even empty this device so quickly with one push on the button. Moreover, there are some control buttons staying on the handle for easy use. Nevertheless, the handle is so ergonomic and can be stable when you change the form into the handheld. Furthermore, the motor and washable filters are inside the handle with high protection. Therefore, many people are interested in their design much.


Every customer also gives a big like for the portability of Dyson DC34 vs V6. These vacuums are so lightweight that is easy to lift and hold them by hand. In addition, two cleaning modes like stick mode and handheld mode support much to clean the house in a short time. Additionally, two items can change the form so quickly to adapt with the surface you want to make clear. Nevertheless, the swivel head is also a highlight point that makes them more maneuverable and smoother when facing tight space.

Dyson DC34 vs V6 Comparison

Although coming from two different lines, Dyson DC34 and V6 both have them on target. That goal is to use every possibility to make the cleaning user as comfortable as possible. Then they will buy more and push their name further.  Besides, they have many features that are similar to filter, shape and cleaning modes, and other points. Meanwhile, the difference between these items comes from the run time and battery with other technical numbers and attachments.


  • Dyson DC34 and V6 also are lightweight cleaners that people don’t worry about holding or carrying. Besides, they are cordless and use lithium-ion batteries instead. The battery will give you a long time to work. It needs you to charge in 210 minutes (3.5 hours) to make it full of energy. Also, the LED battery indicator will show you, its status.
  • Plus, these models give you the same modes to work with a compact form and suitable to clean. You can use stick modes to reach every high and low place with a long wand. Along with that, taking advantage of handheld mode is a good idea to clean some areas like a sofa, shelf, or insides of car and furniture.
  • Moreover, both use Dyson’s digital motor to create power that is 3x faster than the conventional motor of other vacuums. In addition, you can control the suction because they have adjustable suction power with two-speed settings. Along with that, Root cyclone technology lets you take the advantage of a 2-tier radial cyclone to prevent any problem inside.
  • Last but not least, Never Lose Suction will be the best method to keep the suction powerful, strong, and continual. Therefore, you will see no loss of suction when you are working with these two vacuums.


There are too many differences between the Dyson DC34 vs V6 Animal from color to mode of operation. The Dyson DC34 is smaller in weight and size than the Dyson V6 Animal, while the Dyson V6 Animal has a longer battery shelf life than the Dyson DC34.

  • Dyson DC34 and V6 are well-known as the lightweight items of Dyson. However, they have a slight difference in their weight. In some documents, they said that Dyson DC34 weighs only 1 pound, and the weight of the Dyson V6 is 3.4 pounds in handheld mode. But actual weight Dyson DC34 weighs only 6.46 lbs. Meanwhile, Dyson V6 Animal is heavier with 7.63 lbs. Besides the dimension of Dyson DC34 is more compact with 4.4 x 12.7 x 8.1 meanwhile that of Dyson V6 is 10 x 16.3 x 6.1. Therefore, Dyson DC34 is better in this case.
  • Although they use the same charging time, the run time they work is different. With Dyson DC34, you can work in 15 minutes of maximum runtime and 6 minutes on max power. In this case, Dyson V6 lets you use it in 20 minutes at normal as well as 6 minutes at boost. From that, you can have more working time with Dyson V6.
  • Next, they get a similar dust cup but with a difference in capacity. The dust cup of Dyson DC34 handheld can receive 0.36 liter while that of Dyson V6 Animal contains more with 0.41 liter. In addition, power is also a bit different. Dyson DC34 has 65AW of suction power and 200AW of input power with a noise lever in 85dB. Meanwhile, 100AW is the suction power and input power of Dyson V6.
  • Lastly, these items get different attachments when taking more tasks. Dyson DC34 handheld uses a combination brush and wide debris nozzle tool with a crevice tool. In this case, Dyson V6 Animal takes advantage of only the crevice tool. However, it has an engine that delivers more power than Dyson DC34.

The Price

The Dyson DC34 vs V6 is reasonably priced given the performance they deliver. Their prices are not much different and there is a 2-year limited warranty. However, sometimes you will see the information able to change a bit. Therefore, you have to update regularly to capture exact information.

Dyson DC34

Dyson V6 Animal

Final Prediction

Both Dyson DC34 vs V6 Animal has many excellent points that attract and make the customer satisfied along with the middle-range price. Dyson DC34 is a new model outstanding than the other with lighter in weight and some better features. Meanwhile, Dyson V6 Animal is more chosen by customers. If you are a person who is not adventurous with your money, I recommend the Dyson V6 Animal. You can think carefully about this suggestion to get a great choice.