Dyson DC35 vs V6: Which one the best?

As a stalwart competitor in the vacuum cleaner manufacturing market, Dyson does not hesitate to compete with other brands. This is a famous brand for a variety of vacuum cleaners that can work flexibly in many modes. Most users know about the type of stick vacuum that it fabricates with many outstanding advantages that make them enjoy. Consequently, more and more people are curious about its products to see if any is suitable. So in today’s article, we want to talk about two incredibly elite Dyson DC35 vs V6. Interesting things about these two items will unfold after this article ends. Therefore, don’t miss a few minutes to read this article.

Dyson Digital Slim Multi Floor DC35
1,020 Reviews
Dyson Digital Slim Multi Floor DC35
Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Multi floor cordless vacuum cleaner makes you feel better when cleaning with stick mode and handheld easily. Moreover, this product is really lightweight to help you bring or carry with any pain or trouble.
Dyson Cordless V6 Animal
4,556 Reviews
Dyson Cordless V6 Animal
Dyson Animal V6 stands out with digital motor to create great suction. Nevertheless, it needs a short time to charge than other kinds but still works effectively in quite a long time.

Dyson DC35 vs V6 Overview

These are two products that Dyson has released for quite some time, but they still retain their appeal to this day. Simply because it still has many features to meet the needs of customers ever. Looking at their design you can also guess somewhat. Beautifully designed but still brings a lot of conveniences to use.


The Dyson DC35 is blue and the Dyson V6 is gray. These are two different products but the design is quite similar. The structure of the Dyson DC35 and Dyson V6 has three parts: head – body – cleaning tool. At the top of them are elements like handle, dustbin and some buttons). On these vacuums, there are connection points to change the structure as well as to connect with other tools. In addition, buttons on the handle are quite convenient to adjust working mode with suitable suction. Furthermore, their dustbin is quite large and can be emptied with the push of a button. It makes your hands less dirty and you don’t have to remove it. Because the body is a long wand, the stick vacuum makes it comfortable to vacuum on high and other objects.


The Dyson DC35 and V6 may look long, large, but its weight is quite decent less than 6 pounds. Therefore, no one would worry about how to carry it around the house or even upstairs. Moreover, many people just think it is just a common vacuum stick. However, it is collapsible with a compact handheld to clean up more areas. That is the versatility of both products. The cleaning head is also quite smooth when moving, working very effectively on many surfaces. Swivel head can rotate 180 degrees for skillful work without breaking the connection to the floor. Therefore, their portability makes many people very satisfied and trusting.

Dyson DC35 vs V6 Comparison

Since they are early products, Dyson is quite important in terms of both external and internal durability. As you can see the design is almost the same with some similar manipulation and technology. In addition, they still differ in the support tools, working time, and battery charge as well as a few factors about the model.


  • Dyson DC35 and V6 have the same structure as 3 basic parts. The first part consists of the parts but said above (handle, dustbin, and buttons). The body is a long wand that can be reached further. Also cleaning tool is quite diverse because you can change it to do many tasks or deal with all surfaces. Each vacuum cleaner can work in stick modes and handheld mode by removing the connection points.
  • In addition, both had two regular modes and max mode. Therefore, through the power buttons at the handle, you can set the appropriate mode for good effect.
  • Next, they are all wireless stick vacuums, so the batteries are the most effective alternative. With 6 minutes of working time at max modes, you can comfortably finish cleaning up in the big room.
  • Both of the two products can charge in the status of being stored through the docking station. This device is a combination of a wall mouse and a big with 2 small pockets.
  • Furthermore, these items come with a direct drive cleaner head with a combination tool and crevice tool. In it, the combination tool is a combination of a small nozzle and cleaning brush. Thanks to that, you can deal with dust in optical furniture and also on the wall. Furthermore, a longer combination tool is the crevice tool which penetrates nooks and crannies to absorb all the dust.


  • Dyson DC35 and V6 belong to the ultra-light vacuum cleaner group of stick vacuums as well as vacuum cleaners. In particular, the Dyson DC35 is lighter at 4.96 pounds and own dimensions 11.8 x 9.1 x 44.1 inches while the Dyson V6 animal weighs 5 pounds and is slightly larger in size 9.8 x 8.7 x 46.4 inches.
  • Moreover, Dyson DC35 only comes in 1 line only while Dyson V6 Animal gets in 1 line of cleaners that have high flexibility. Furthermore, the Dyson DC35 uses V2 digital motor while Dyson V6 excels with a v6 digital motor. Therefore, Dyson V6 is stronger and has much more brush bar power than Dyson DC35, and completes cleaning in a shorter time. More specifically, the Dyson DC35 only uses up to 65 airwatts while the Dyson V6 Animal reaches 100 airwatts. Besides, DC35 takes advantage of Root cyclone technology to make sure that the suction is still strong and continual.
  • Additionally, the Dyson DC35 utilizes a 22.2V lithium-ion battery that makes it recharges 3 times faster when compared with other kinds. Therefore, you have to charge this item in 5.5 hours when that of Dyson V6 is only 3.5 hours for the next use. Along with that, DC35 can work in 15 minutes in the regular mode that is shorter than Dyson V6 that last up to 20 minutes.
  • Taking about the dust bin, Dyson DC35 is a bit poor at only 0.35 liter while Dyson V6 is better at 0.4 liters. In addition, Dyson V6 also uses HEPA filtration to improve dust filtration and prevent allergens for users. It also stands out from Dyson DC35 with its mini motorized with the dusting brush.

The Price

The Dyson DC35 and V6 are both early products, but Dyson V6 is still cheaper than the DC35. Both give you a 2-year limited warranty to check and solve the problem after purchasing.

Dyson DC35

Dyson V6 Animal


From what you can see, the Dyson DC35 and V6 have elements to suit everyone’s needs. However, Dyson V6 is still the better choice by the crowd. It has stronger suction power with the help of many other tools. Therefore, everyone can consider this opinion to buy the right product.