Dyson V7 Absolute vs V7 Animal: Which Product Is Best?

We see many people complain that they are tired of moving to do housework after working so stress. They do not want to do at their day-off, but if they don’t, their house will be wrong and smell as well. Therefore, we want to give you the suggestion of using a vacuum cleaner. This machine is an item that is famous and popular in the world with a significant number of customers searching for it. You can see that there are many types of vacuum, and they come from various brands. In this article, we will introduce you to two Dyson V7 Absolute vs V7 Animal products. To see what difference they have and what outstanding features they have.

Dyson V7 Absolute Cordless
7 Reviews
Dyson V7 Absolute Cordless
Dyson V7 Absolute is one of the best products of the Dyson V7 series with a Dyson Digital V7 motor to create suction. Moreover, this vacuum can work for a long time to make sure that you can handle a big room with many great functions.
Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Stick
1,837 Reviews
Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Stick
Dyson V7 Animal is a hot model with a long time to work and stores so compact with space-saving. Nevertheless, it stands out with a washable filter and 15 cyclones to deal with all the particles and obstacles.

Dyson V7 Absolute vs V7 Animal: Overview

Home cleaning becomes truly effortless with these famous vacuums from the Dyson brand. Both are convenient for cleaning small corners, difficult to clean with modern and flexible technology. With a cordless design, flexible working modes, and multiple cleaning accessory tools, it has the versatility to clean all surfaces, including those hard-to-reach places. Therefore, they help a lot in cleaning the house; the work seemed easy but not simple.


From two model vacuum lets people be impressed from the first sight with the beauty in design. They are cordless vacuums, as we mentioned above but still provide energy through a Lithium-Ion battery. Besides, both have many cyclones on the top of the dust cup to avoid causing clog inside and raise the strength level of suction. Moreover, the filter is so easy to change and be washable so fast and convenient. Nevertheless, the dust lies so great under the handle and has quick-release dust with one action for not getting dirty on hand. Furthermore, the cleaner head is easy to maneuverable and slide under furniture to capture more dust in a deep place. Therefore, customers are satisfied and happy when owning these vacuums.


They takes more advantage of great design to show all the functions to everyone. Every part of these items can be detachable to work or empty and change when needed. They work so well in both stick form with wheels and handheld form with various attachments. Nevertheless, these models can slide so well and smoothly with no power cord and hassle-free as well. In addition, they are lightweight and ergonomic, which reduces the stress on the hand to not tired or pain. Therefore, people can use them and move around with troubles or difficulty. It is the reason why they have many good compliments with a high rate on every e-commercial web.

Dyson V7 Absolute vs Animal: Comparison

Dyson’s products have always captured the attention of customers on the market, especially vacuum cleaner products. However, different product quality requirements are other, so Dyson has researched and updated to different market models that have been improving. They are similar when we talk about accessory, structure, or runtime. Meanwhile, They make all the difference heads cleaner, weight, and color


Dyson V7 Absolute and V7 Animal has many similarities in design that you can see. Both are popular wireless items in many markets with replaceable batteries. They are easy to clean anywhere with relatively long working times. You are estimated up to 30 minutes with fade-free suction without using the tool and all 6 minutes when used in max mode. Regarding charging, you need to go to the docking station and wait about 3.5 hours to charge to continue using it entirely.

Furthermore, the design is incredibly convenient when you want to clean in many different areas. Stick form is suitable for floor and carpet work and is more flexible with wheels. In addition, a handheld form will complete the piece above and on gadgets with a variety of tools. Therefore, you will ensure that your home is always excellent and clean.

Next, the dust cup is relatively lovely and can hold 0.14 gallons when vacuumed. Then, open the top, or it is convenient to pour dirt and not dirty hands. Moreover, the top is also “decorated” with many cyclones to the suction strength and limit the risks when dirt enters the machine weight.

These products have practical accessories such as combination tools and mini soft dusting brushes. In addition, they also make use of crevice tools and mini motorized tools to make the job done more quickly and efficiently. In addition, the Dyson Digital Motor V7 operated and transmitted the energy as a suction to collect and destroy all obstacles.


Both very light at just a little over 5 pounds. In it, the Dyson V7 Animal is to weighs 5.3 pounds with its mysterious black color. Meanwhile, Dyson V7 Absolute has an intense iron silver color.

Furthermore, these items have a direct-drive cleaner, but the Dyson V7 Absolute takes on more of the task by utilizing the extra soft roller. Again, its dust filtration system also achieves much better results with the HEPA filter.


Dyson products are not cheap because they meet the quality requirements that customers want. It is the value of the modern, convenient way that vacuum cleaner and marketed. The distance in their price is not significant, which is about 50$ because Dyson V7 Absolute has some superior features and unique accessories, so its price is also slightly higher than Dyson V7 Animal.

Dyson V7 Absolute

Dyson V7 Animal


The two products are rated equally because they meet different types of customers. Therefore, it is hard to say which one is better. Dyson V7 Absolute is better when talking about cleaner heads. Meanwhile Dyson V7 Animal is great on customers’ rating. Sometimes, Dyson also reduces the prices of products so that consumers can more easily understand them and access to electronic products from this brand. Everyone should refer to the above information to be able to choose the type of vacuum cleaner that they like best.