Dyson V7 Fluffy vs V8 Absolute: Which one the best?

In the market, we can find any vacuum cleaner on every website or e-commerce. It comes in various sizes, designs, and prices so everyone can choose the one that’s right for them. Currently, Dyson products keep a high position thanks to their quality that attracts most people to give their eyes. Dyson is one of the most famous brands for creating and making this kind of machine for housework. Therefore, many people choose it as a trustworthy manufacturer to take one to support them in cleaning. Today, We will discuss the differences between the two Dyson V7 Fluffy vs V8 Absolute product lines. They are two examples of great vacuums from Dyson. To go deeper, you can read all parts of this post and take note if you find it necessary.

Dyson V7 Fluffy Cordless Stick
506 Reviews
Dyson V7 Fluffy Cordless Stick
Dyson V7 Fluffy takes advantage of Dyson Digital motor V7 to create and generate the powerful suction for vacuuming. Nevertheless, you can find a good battery that is effective to provide a long time working after recharging.
Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick
4,345 Reviews
Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Stick
Dyson V8 Fluffy is better with up to 40-minute runtime thanks to the great Lithium-Ion battery that Dyson installs. Moreover, it utilizes 2-tier radial cyclones to control the suction to avoid clogging or cause blockages.

Dyson V7 Fluffy vs V8 Absolute: Overview

These cordless vacuums are so convenient without using an outlet or socket in this case. They are easy to move about with many great features and functions to support. Therefore, many people are interested and satisfied with these models and choose after observing their performance.


Both gets many similar features. Both are cordless and come with a pretty colour outside. Dyson V7 Fluffy is fantastic with blue and utilizes the Dyson V7 motor to operate and use powerful suction. The stick form is convenient with wheels and a swivel head that support much for cleaning. Like Dyson V7 Fluffy, Dyson V8 is also outstanding with a copper colour and Dyson V8 motor. Their cleaner head is also a highlight point to work so effectively, along with an ergonomic handle as well. In addition, they can turn into handheld form to refresh all the higher places. Special, Their filtration for detaching dust and allergen when these particles come into the dust cup.


They are very flexible with their design. From that, you can see the portability when they work on both carpet and floor. Specifically, both of these vacuums can slide so well regardless of carpet or floor. Dyson gives them a pair of wheels and swivels heads to pick up everything in small areas and under furniture. Moreover, the flexible design is good at changing the shape to adapt to every place. Stick form combines with a handheld form to make a whole clear house. Moreover, the dust cup under the handle is easy to detach or empty after use with no cord. Therefore, you can pick one to use with high portability and versatility.

Dyson V7 Fluffy vs V8 Absolute: Comparison

Both of these items come with many points to make people interested and satisfied with their performance. They are similar in some respects like design, cup capacity and cleaner head. Meanwhile, the difference stays on their weight/color with runtime and accessories, charge time.


  • They are both cordless machines that use Lithium-Ion batteries to work. They move exceptionally flexibly, thanks to the small weight wheel. In addition, the two changed their work model with a simple disassembly from stick to handheld form.
  • Furthermore, they all have a dust cup that is sufficient for a 0.14 gallons capacity. It incorporates filters that allow washing to be more economical. In addition, the cyclones above gather into 2-tier radial cyclones to avoid blockage, creating a centrifugal force for operation and suction coordination.
  • Additionally, these items utilize two cleaning heads with a direct drive and a soft roller cleaner head. Thanks to that, you can use it on both carpet and floor, especially the hard floor. It is the note that Dyson prompted you to achieve the expected results.


  • They has the difference in color as well as the weight they possess. The Dyson V7 Fluffy weighs up to 10.38 pounds with green solid color and dimensions like 49 by 8.2 by 9.8 inches. Meanwhile, Dyson V8 Absolute is a smaller and lighter product with an eye-catching copper color. Accordingly, users can choose according to their desired and preferred style.
  • In addition, the motor is also the point that makes the difference. Dyson V7 applies Dyson Digital motor V7 and Dyson Digital motor V8. Both are features of Dyson but are identifiers of each model.
  • Besides, although both use the battery, the working times and recharge times are different. The Dyson V7 Fluffy charges in 3.5 hours, but the Dyson V8 takes 5 hours to recharge fully. In addition, the Dyson V7 can vacuum for 30 minutes (non-tool) and 6 minutes in max mode with a 115AW power rating. Meanwhile, you’ll see Dyson V8 Absolute outperforming its runtime at 40 minutes (non-tool) and 35 minutes (motorized tool) and up to 7 minutes with max mode.
  • Furthermore, these devices all use the docking station to charge and support storage. There is also a mini motorized tool, a mini soft dusting brush. Meanwhile, Dyson V8 makes the most of the combination tool and crevice tool. It even comes with whole-system filtration to prevent and handle both dust and allergen.


Price is also one of the criteria for customers to be interested in buying. They are willing to spend a lot of money to buy a good quality product. Dyson always provides the market with the most advanced products to meet the needs of customers. The price of them has a slight distance this is about 100-150$. It also depends on the time you buy them. The price is not low, but it is worth buying.

Dyson V7 Fluffy

Dyson V8 Absolute


Dyson products always attract consumers with high-quality vacuum cleaners. But it seems Dyson V7 Fluffy is more appreciated than Dyson V8 Absolute, and the price is also lower. In addition, V7 Fluffy also receives high customer reviews on Amazon. Be the intelligent consumer when choosing your favourite product. Check out some of my thoughts to find more Dyson vacuum cleaners. I hope you can own the vacuum cleaner for yourself and for your friends too.