Dyson V7 vs Shark IONFlex 2X: Best Reviews

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I believe you have heard of Shark and Dyson once in your lifetime. These two brands are rivals as they constantly release quality vacuum cleaners. Also, they are both available across a range of vacuum types, including uprights, sticks, handhelds, and many more. However, in general, Dyson offers higher-performance vacuums with excellent features. At the same time, Shark models are considerably less expensive than Dyson in most cases and still come with an acceptable level of suction strength and features. Choosing which vacuums to buy between these two brands is the hardest, yet the most interesting. Today, I’ll introduce you to two remarkable models from each brand, Dyson V7 vs Shark IONFlex 2X. Let’s see which cleaner will win your heart.

Dyson V7 vs Shark IONFlex 2X: Comparison And Review

When it comes to upright or stick vacuum cleaners, these two brands stand head and shoulders above the rest. There are many great products from an assortment of brands, but ones from Shark and Dyson remain favorites of many among the top-end products. For a long time, these two have dominated the competition with their well-built models. In this article, I’ll focus on 2 popular products, Both to see which one is more suitable for your house.

The Design

Two vacuums are both stick and handheld machines, which fit every corner and space. They are both slim and neat so that you can just have quick pick-ups or in emergencies. Both are designed to fit perfectly into your hand. They follow the design of their predecessor with an overall shape that allows for effective and efficient use. The main difference between them is their color. While the Dyson V7 comes in dark pink and silver shades, the Shark IONFlex 2X is available in blue. In addition, the IONFlex 2X has a unique handlebar design. There is a hinge that allows the stick to bend, which is beneficial when you clean the underside of your furniture. You don’t have to bend your back and still can clean that hard-to-reach spot at ease.

The Portability

With the design of stick and handheld machines, Dyson and Shark designed them with great maneuverability as their priority. They are incredibly lightweight, with 5.3 lbs (Dyson V7) and 8.7 lbs (Shark IONFlex 2X). As you can see, the V7 is much lighter than the other so it is more portable and easier to carry around.

The Cleaning Performance

Both of them come from big names like Dyson and Shark. There is no way they won’t be equipped with advanced technologies from two of the most famous vacuum brand in the world. I’ll separate them into two for detailed information. Let’s get started.

Dyson V7
Shark IONFlex 2X
- Dyson V7 comes with the Direct Drive Cleaning head which features stiff nylon bristles to extract deeply embedded dirt from carpet.- Shark IONFlex 2X has three operation modes, including Floor mode, carpet mode and handheld mode.
- It has two modes of operation, namely Normal and Max. The Normal mode is for everyday cleaning with decent power. The latte one is perfect for deep-cleaning carpets or dealing with tough stains.- It is designed with two power levels. The extended runtime mode has a weaker suction power which is suitable for daily cleaning job. It will increase the battery life. However, people prefer Max power mode which generate strong air flow.
- Dust bin capacity play an important role in a buying process. The Dyson V7 has a relatively small bin which is about 0.14 gallons. It is appropriate for vacuuming a few rooms in one go- Shark IONFlex 2X even has smaller dust bin. The capacity is only 0.3 quarts, which is sufficient for cleaning 1 or 3 rooms.
- Its soft roller cleaning head is great for bare floors. It is made from a soft fabric helping to pull dirt particles toward the suction chamber. The Direct-Drive Cleaner head of the V7 is able to provide 75% more agitation than. its previous siblings. Therefore, it will be great for quick pick-up on high-traffic areas- It work wonder on bare floors. Thanks to its sophisticated design of cleaning head, the cleaner can pull dirt into suction chamber.
- The maximum battery life of this cleaner is about 30 minutes in the Normal mode and 6 minutes in the Max mode. The battery is not removable.- Its battery is removable. Here are the statistics about its running time:
Max powerExtend mode
Floor mode12 minutes20 minutes
Carpet mode11 minutes14 minutes
Handheld vacuum11 minutes23 minutes

The Attachments

The accessories of the Dyson V7 differ due to different versions. Motorhead models have combination tools, crevice tools, and direct drive cleaning heads. Meanwhile, the Absolute model comes with a soft roller cleaning head, mini motorized tool, combination tool, crevice tool, and mini soft dusting brush.

The Shark IONFlex 2X includes 1 duster crevice tool, dusting brush, 1 wide upholstery tool, 1 pet multi-tool, 1 multi-flex wand, 1 battery pack, and 1 battery charge, and the anti-allergen dust brush.

The Price

Both are not cheap, honestly speaking. There is a gap between these two, and of course, the Dyson model cost a bit higher.

Dyson V7

Shark IONFlex 2X

The Feedback

People hardly disappoint with Dyson vacuum cleaners. The Dyson V7 receives 4.2 out of 5 stars. Most customers are satisfied as it is powerful as a corded vacuum, yet much quieter than it. Another plus point is that it is super lightweight. They can use it for long hours without feeling a thing. However, there is a complaint. Sometimes, some elements are not attached to the cord of the vacuum.

Shark IONFlex 2X is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It is praised for its excellent capability of picking pet hair and doing great on carpets. Also, the attachments are useful in reaching under furniture. However, its limited runtime is a bit of a pity.

Final Thoughts

They are wonderful in their own ways. It is obvious that Dyson V7 shows a better performance with advanced technologies and extra features like a larger dust bin and its direct head. However, it also means you have to pay more to get this buddy. In contrast, Shark IONFlex 2X is much cheaper yet shows a good and satisfying result.