Dyson vacuum won’t turn on when upright

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Currently, there are many people who use a vacuum when cleaning. They work more efficiently than usual. Moreover, you will not have to spend as much time as before to clean your whole house. You will have more time to rest as well as reduce stress after stressful working hours. There are too many advantages for a vacuum cleaner. People can review and choose when to buy. On the market there are many types of diverse and convenient vacuum cleaners. For example, you can trust and use products from the Dyson brand. This is a brand that owns many modern, compact and convenient vacuum cleaners for every home. However, some customers who are using Dyson vacuum say their machines do not turn on when upright. Therefore, this article will talk about why the Dyson vacuum cleaner won’t turn on when upright. Stay tuned for more details.

The Reason

People don’t know the reasons why your Dyson vacuum will not turn on. As researched, we find a few points to let it do that during the clean performance. Please follow the information to understand and find the solution to control well.

The source of power:

In this step, you have to check when you plug your machine. Make sure that you do this step before working. Some users sometimes still forget and of course, the machine will not turn up to work. So you have to take your mind on. You can remove cord out and check carefully to know the issues.

In addition, sometime you have to reset the breaker when it trips. From that, you need to plug another thing to the wall to see whether it has power or not. The problem will stay on the vacuum if there is no power inside. Nevertheless, you will not get full connect when the plug is out.

The Route

After checking power source, please do the same with the plug to find the problem on power cord if it has. Sometime, your pet or mice and chew the power cord and it will make your machine not ready to work. Therefore, you have to check it carefully as well as the switch for guaranteeing no broken connection at here.

The Bag

In some bag or canister Dyson vacuums, you will find the problem from its bag and canister as well. It is full of dust is also a reason to let it not turn on. Because there will have some blockages in the session of containing dust and debris. Therefore, you have to do some cleaning step to make it clear and maintain the powerful suction.

The Instruction Manual

In this step, it is time to see the instruction manual when it has problem. Some vacuums have safety shutoff to disable motor when it turns hot much. Sometimes, you have used this machine too long so that it is old to work well as the time you buy it. Therefore, take you hand to the casing next to the motor.

Overheating Shut Up

When your Dyson vacuum works in a long time, it will be hot with high level. From that, this machine will automatically stop working for being safe. Therefore, you have to wait for some minutes and start it again.

Brush Roll Issues

In this step, find the problem in brush-roll that stays on the suction head. Sometimes, this unit will have trouble with tangle and stop spin so that the motor also stops working. The vacuum still operate but it doesn’t do as normal. So, you have to untangle the brush or restart the machine to do again.


One of the reasons to make the vacuum not turn on when upright is the blockage inside. It prevent from delivering the airflow for generating suction, so the machine cannot switch. Therefore, you need to care the suction head and other components like filter, tube. The blockages always stay at these places so you have to get rid of when finding.

Electrical Path

Take more attention to the electrical path is really necessary to fin open circuits. You need to remove them because they can cause problem to the machine. You have to do a visual check and replace the broken part by yourself or someone who have skills. It is serious that breaks the motor so it is time to buy other vacuum for saving money than continuing to fix. In some case, you can use some other electrics or a motor part for fixing.

The Solution

It’s extremely frustrating when you are trying to do something but cannot due to something outside of your control. It likes vacuum your floors and your vacuum cleaner not turning on. However, the solution may be in your control. If you have a corded vacuum, you need to remember is when you last used the unit. If the unit was last used more than two hours ago, here is what you need to do. Unwind the entire cord and then carefully check the whole length of it. Remember to look for indents, tears, holes or any kind of damage. It is the reason may stop the electricity from getting to the vacuum. Moreover, if the cord looks fine, try switching power outlets. They must be connected carefully and safely. You should carefully check before plugging in a vacuum cleaner to use.

However, if less than two hours have passed since the vacuum last worked, you check how hot it is. Dyson have equipped a system on its vacuums that protects the unit from overheating. Maybe, the unit starts to overheat and the safety system kicked in. Therefore, render the vacuum useless until it cools down. Wait for at least two hours before trying to power the vacuum again.

The Conclusion

Above is all information about the problem “Dyson vacuum won’t turn on when upright”. What you need to do is check all the device related devices or check inside it. Otherwise, you can read the article “how to fix a Dyson vacuum cleaner”. It will provide the necessary information, help you repair and fix problems that cause the machine to stop working. Please research carefully to preserve the vacuum well.