How to clean Dyson cordless vacuum

Currently, Dyson is one of the most famous brands in the market. Its products are fantastic machine, including vacuum cleaner. This item takes a big storm in the world with its cordless models. They are very convenient and necessary for everyone. Besides, with superior features, these products are being sought on the market very much. You should own one for your house.

However, although many people already have a cordless vacuum Dyson, they do not clean the machine frequently. Dirt can stick to the inside and cause clogging, reducing suction power. Therefore, in today’s article, I will help all of you know how to clean Dyson cordless vacuum. Stay tuned for more useful information.

The Reason

When you own a Dyson vacuum, you need to prepare for the inevitable moment with your machine. Similarly, if you have already invested in this machine, you should know how to clean Dyson cordless vacuum regularly. Dirt clinging to the inside of the device is the cause of blockages and clogging. Nevertheless, they also reduce the suction and the efficiency of the machine when it gets dirty inside. Therefore, cleaning and maintaining will help the machine work well and can extend the lifespan.

The Solution

Dyson cordless vacuum is a kind that Dyson boosts so much for this convenience. You have to remember so tips above when owning this kind:

  • Forget to use detergent, air freshener or dishwasher when you clean its dust bin. They will contribute to brush the bin and you have to change and waste money.
  • Please avoid using washing machine, dishwasher to make the filter dry. Even using tumble dryer or oven and microwave is forbidden.
  • Take attention and notice with sharp objects. You have to do that when you finding blockages inside. Do the same with carbon fiber brushes. You will need it when connecting for avoid minor skin irritation. After, let your hand fully clean after doing this step.

Dyson cordless vacuum has many products (belonging to V6, V7, V8, V10 series) with similar and different designs. So, stay tuned to know how to respond with some units.

  1. Cleaning dirt bin

  • Opening, you separate the bin to do first. Combine to push the red bin release to detach it from the handle. After that, you both press and hold the catch that is red and stays underside. At the same time, slide off and take a damp cloth for make it fresh.
  • Now, take the dusting brush with the aims to remover every dust and other particles. Do it slightly and gentle to avoid scratching.
  • In this case, don’t immerse the cyclone under the effects of water and quickly clear the bin as well. To be more careful, take a damp cloth to sweep put inside for fully cleaning. Try your best to remove the interior and let it dry.
  1. Cleaning the filter

  • Of course, the first action is separate the filter as the bin. Twist anticlockwise for close to the open place and pull it well. Do it gentle as possible.
  • Continue the job with sweep out the excess water inside for washing both inside and outside of the filter. Keep it in upright shape when agitating with a rotating motion and sink on the cold water and shake it well. Repeat this step for making sure there is no water left. In this case, let it fully dry after tapping this component for leaving no moisture.
  • Place it in a clean area and wait for 24 hours before assemble by take it to the open place and twist clockwise.
  1. Clean the brush bar

  • You start with detaching the soft roller by taking it out of the wand through release button. This button stays on the handle that is clear. Continue to flip it upside down after unlock the cap. A long with that, let’s unlock the fastener with a coin. This is stick with a padlock symbol that you need to pay attention.
  • Keep implementing by separating the brush bar as well as rotate the end cap. Let take it closer to open position and slide away from the floor head. Let’s do this action well before you detach the end cap as previous step.
  • After that, let it clean by sinking under cold water for getting rid of debris and some lint. Remember to let it dry in 24 hours in uptight shape and refit these devices as normal to use.
  • If you don’t know how to assemble the brush bar, you need to slide it back with end cap. Rotate this cap to close position with a coin that helps to open clockwise. Guarantee to secure the baseplate as well as brush bar.

This is not a difficult process although it is a little time-consuming. However, it can be the difference between your vacuum lasting ages, and the machine malfunctioning after using a year. Moreover, the filters are essential in this respect, but keeping the rest of it clean is also beneficial. Especially, nobody likes a Dyson vacuum that smells, this can be fairly common with people who own pets.

Moreover, the risk of a broken device is very high, you will spend a lot of money to repair or even buy a new one. This is really costly and annoying, especially for busy people. Therefore, you should follow our instructions to know how to clean Dyson cordless vacuum in the right way. Then, you will not have to worry about your machine at all, and extend the life of the machine. Is it amazing, right?

The Conclusion

Knowing how to clean Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner will help you limit unnecessary risks, causing damage to you. The operation is quite simple, not complicated, so you will easily perform. Hopefully, this guide has helped you to clean your machine well. Additionally, you will have the knowledge to keep your model in top condition. Therefore, it is always ready to go when you need. Besides, you can read “how to fix a Dyson vacuum cleaner” “how to unclog a Dyson animal vacuum cleaner”. Let’s equip more knowledge for yourself when it is necessary or face with unexpected situations.