How to clean Shark vacuum hose

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Owning a vacuum cleaner nowadays is not something out-of-league since there are hundreds of models and brands on the market. They are available in various ranges of prices so that low, middle, or even high-income families can equip their homes with a suitable one. Cleaning work is difficult and boring and most people prefer machines over traditional methods to save time and energy. Vacuum cleaners help you keep your house clean in more effective ways. Shark is a well-known brand in the vacuum market. Its models are diverse and good at reasonable prices. People usually use a vacuum cleaners every day. However, they forget to clean the vacuums also. Cleaning vacuum cleaners is to help to optimize their performance and not reduce their lifespan. As a matter of fact, we all know that anything in this world requires cleaning and regular maintenance. There are many parts playing important role in a vacuum cleaner, like filters, canister and etc. Today, I show you how to clean a Shark vacuum hose.

The Benefits Of Cleaning Vacuum Hose?

You may already know that vacuum hoses are used to suck dirt and dust particles on the floor by providing airflow. And, obviously, air flow determines the quality of vacuum cleaners. Therefore, cleaning vacuum hoses helps to prevent clogging. Dust particles often get stuck inside the hose and reduce the suction power, which leads to a reduction in the efficiency of the vacuum. It is wrong for some people to wait till a clog shows up before cleaning the hose. Ideally, you should clean it once every month to assure the hose remains clog-free and nothing hinders the airflow.

Also, besides the fact that clogs prevent the suction power, you may face a smelly vacuum cleaner.

How To Know A Clogged Hose?

A good indication that your hose is clogged is the loss of suction, overheating, dust blowing out of your vacuum, and of course, it is obvious the vacuum struggles to get the job done unlike usual. To confirm your suspicion, there is a useful tip for you.  Firstly, you should unclip the hose from the attachment, hold it upright and drop a stone, a coin, or any solid objects into it.

How To Fix Clogged Shark Vacuum Hose

After being sure that your hose is clogged, these are a few steps you can take to make your vacuum fresh and clean:

1: Unplug your vacuum.

2: Find out where the clog is

  • If it is in the head, turn it upright and visually inspect it.
  • If it is in the hose, detach the vacuum hose and then hold it upright. Drop something small and solid down the hose. The hose is clear if you hear the sound of its falling. Otherwise, here you are.
  • How about if it is in the actual vacuum, you should wear gloves for this one. Poke your finger in the area where the vacuum meets the hose. Usually, this is where the clogs are.

3: Fix the clog

In the head:  Flip it over and look inside. You can use your finger or a thing tool to physically pull out the clog.

In the hose: Feed one end into a garbage bag. Poke the other end until the clog material falls into the garbage bag

In the vacuum: Use your finger or a small tool to pull out the remainder of the clog. In case the model is bagged, remove the bag and see if anything is hanging out of the part of the nozzle and manually remove that.

Step 4: Clean the hose

Run the hot water from the tap and give the hose a gentle shower from inside to outside. Pour the hot water into the hose while closing one end with your hand. Then, close the other end and give the hose a good shake to remove the stubborn dirt. Next, mix baking soda and white vinegar well. Pour this mixture into the hose and give it a nice shake for 2 mins. Finally, let go of the mixture from the hose and wash it again with hot water.

Step 5: Test the vacuum

Put the vacuum parts back together properly and test it immediately if it works better.