How To Remove Hair From Shark Vacuum Roller

Vacuum cleaners play an important role in human daily life. This device helps people, especially housewives, enjoy their little free time after work. In addition, living in a messy and dirty environment can stress us out. Therefore, doing housework every day is a must. However, this repetitive job can be boring and tiring.  Nowadays, we have vacuum cleaners to do that for us in a quicker and more effective way. In the market today, there is an assortment of vacuum models. Undoubtedly, Shark is one of the leading companies right now. Its models are always on point with good quality at affordable prices. One important thing is that, regardless of which brand you have, you need to maintain your vacuum as well. The cleaner cleans our house and we clean our vacuums. Fair and square, right? If you want your cleaner to optimize its performance, you have to take good care of it. One of the most common faults making cleaners less effective is the hair getting stuck in the roller. Therefore, today, I’ll show you how to remove hair from the Shark vacuum roller. If you are owning a Shark model, you should take note of this.

Why Is It Important To Remove Tangled Hair From Your Brush Roller?

Many people have thought that it is not a big deal at all and the hair is thin, which will not affect the powerful suction.

The answer is…. Well, you can leave it alone and sure your vacuum would probably still work to some extent. However, the problem is that as more and more hair starts to build up, it will make your roller harder to turn. And, you should know that your machine will feel much pressured if the roller turns difficult. This means the cleaner has to work harder to spin the brushes which may result in premature failure of the entire machine. Since the best vacuum is not cheap, it is better to avoid this fault.

How To Remove Hair From Shark Vacuum Roller With A Seam Ripper

Step 1: Remember to unplug your cleaner before starting maintenance. Working on a plugged cleaner can cause unfortunate accidents.

Step 2: A roller is located beneath the vacuum cleaner to brush out dirt and debris from your carpet. Take a look at the roller, you’ll notice the hair which is often wound around it. Unscrew the bottom plate carefully and make sure you don’t lose the screws as they hold the plate in place.

Step 3: Know the roller’s direction before removing it. You can use a seam ripper to help you remove the hair as it can remove the tiniest strands of hair.

Step 4: Remove debris accumulated on and around the bearings. Take note of the positioning of the bearings before removing them to enable you to replace them correctly when done cleaning.

Step 5: Replace both the bearings and caps as they were before for efficient operation of your vacuum cleaner.

Step 6: Lay the vacuum down to expose its underneath for easy access. Use a screwdriver to unscrew all the screws. Make sure to keep all of them for later reassemble.

Step 7:  After removing the plate covering the bottom of the vacuum, pop the roller out of its place.

Step 8: Read the manufacturer’s manual so you won’t have difficulty in installing the roller back to its original position. If the roller doesn’t come out easily, rotate it till it comes out. When cleaning the roller, cover your working areas using newspaper to hold the hair that comes off.

Step 9: You can use your hands to pull out hair from the roller until it remains completely clean. Rollers with accumulated hair often become faulty if not maintained regularly. Once the roller is clean, put it back together and orient it to check if it’s working well.

Step 10: Slide the roller over the roller belt to orient it. Check if the belts are in good working condition or require replacement. Put the bottom plate and the screws back in their original position. Tighten the screws to secure the roller and plate in position. Check your vacuum cleaner after cleaning to see the difference. You will notice the machine becomes much lighter when operating.