How To Remove Roller Brush From Shark Vacuum

The vacuum is a trusted partner of many people in a busy life. With the support of this machine, we can clean up the house while we do not have to touch a hand in. In this article, we will show you how to remove the roller brush from a shark vacuum. By this method, we can keep our machine working wonderfully.

1.The Reason Why We Need To Remove The Roller Brush

After a long time using the vacuum for cleaning the floor, the roller brush can catch a lot of dust and debris. In addition, the shark’s roller brush can be made of different materials such as metal, wood, and plastic due to the model’s designs.

Since you find out that the Shark vacuum does not clean up the floor as well as they did before, it is time for you to check the brush. If the roller brush attaches a lot of dirt on the surface, it cannot wipe out the dust on the floor effectively. Washing up the brush frequently will let your machine work in high performance.

Moreover, if the brush gets older, it also does not work properly. When you purchased a vacuum a long time ago, the brush tends to be abraded. As this situation happens, you need to remove the brush and replace a new one for your Shark.

On the other hand, with the fast development of technology, some recent Shark models have the self-cleaning function. Those machines do not require you to clean up their brushes. But you also need to know how to remove the brush for the latter replacement when it wears out.

2.How To Remove Roller Brush From Shark Vacuum Step By Step

Sometimes, to keep the cleaning job effectively, you have to wash the brush carefully. We will show you the 4 easiest steps that you can do it safely at home by yourself.

Step 1: Unplug Your Shark From The Electric Wallet

Unplugging the Shark vacuums plug will prevent you from electric shock. As you can see, there are numerous people in the world died each year due to their carelessness. They think simply that switching off the power is enough to stay away from shocking risk. But they were wrong.

For safety purposes, we advise you to prefer detaching the plug to keeping the connection to electric power. That will make sure that no electricity can harm during the process.

Moreover, unplugging will also keep the vacuum out of broken damage. Because when the power on, maybe the engine still works. Hence, if you try to remove the brush while it is running, it will break in an unexpected way.

Step 2: Find The Roller Brush

The next task for you is finding the location of the roller brush. There are slight differences between the roller brush’s location between those models. Normally, you can seek for it on the underside of the vacuum.

In addition, it is easier for you to lay your machine down meanwhile doing the job. The position also helps you to access the screws on the bottom of the machine. Hence, you can remove the bottom part in a handy way to look for the roller brush.

Step 3: Loosen The Screws

After you define the location of the roller brush, you need to unscrew those screws in order to take the brush out. Apparently, the box of the new Shark vacuum always provides a set of appropriate screwdrivers for users.

You have to find the fit screwdriver’s head to loosen those screws in the bottom. While unscrewing, you should put the screws in a box or a container so that you will not lose any of them.

Step 4: Detach The Brush From The Machine

This is the final step of the progress. If you are done with all the steps above, you will find it easy to pop the roller brush out of the vacuum’s body. While one end of the roller slides out, all you have to do is pulling another end of its belt. Therefore, the machine’s roller is completely removed.

In some cases, it is hard to detach the brush because it is stuck in with the other components. When this happens to you, let’s try to rotate the brush in a counter-clockwise direction until it pops out.

3.Some Attention For You

While you know how to remove roller brushes from shark vacuum, you have to take attention at some points below.

Firstly, safety first is a meaningful expression for all areas in our lives. You must ensure that you follow the instruction carefully for your safety.

Secondly, if you are not sure you can do the task yourself at home, you should never do that. We recommend calling the professor for the best service and result.

Last but not least, try to protect your vacuum while you pull out its components. We may have no idea to put those cogs together when we detach all of them out.

To sum up, we showed you how to remove the roller brush from shark vacuum in detail. We know that although how modern the machine is, we have to detach the roller brush to clean it regularly. Follow this information and you will get the safe, fast and effective method to do the job.