McCulloch MC1275 vs MC1375: Which Model Most interested?

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Many customers are very interested in McCulloch products because it has an extensive collection of quality standard products. These models all stand out on the market with many advantages that make consumers unable to take their eyes off. Besides, the price is quite suitable regardless of your income or financial level. This brand does not ignore any customers, so you are free to choose models that you can meet with your capabilities. Today, you can take a closer look at these elements through two items like McCulloch MC1275 vs MC1375. This article will reveal their best and most prominent points for everyone to see and have more material. Thanks to that, you will be more comfortable in product selection. Do not hesitate to follow us as well as this article to learn more.

McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam
10,008 Reviews
McCulloch MC1275 Heavy-Duty Steam
McCulloch MC1275 uses a strong motor with 1500 watts steam power to create energy for all the cleaning session. Moreover, they guarantee to reduce up to 99% germ and bacteria effectively.
McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam
4,654 Reviews
McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam
McCulloch MC1375 provides you a series of attachments to do the best job of cleaning your whole house. Nevertheless, cord and steam hose with a long length to reach all the areas that you think is impossible.

McCulloch MC1275 vs MC1375 Overview

They are famous for everything McCulloch gives to them. These items have awesome looking with innovative functions to make them maneuverable. Therefore, people love them much, from design to portability.


McCulloch MC1275 and MC1375 own beautiful and neat designs. It is their attraction. Despite the difference in shape, but still stands out with eye-catching black gold. Both devices have a motor for energy heating and a long tube with a water tank. It helps to function well when the steam is highly effective. Besides, McCulloch 1375 also has a pressure gauge combined with vapor changes according to requirements and stored onboard. Meanwhile, McCulloch MC1275 uses an on / off switch with a trigger and light lock instead. It is what makes them so appealing when it comes to design.


The portability of them is also worth considering when you see their design. Both are lightweight so that you can push and pull them easily. Besides, the wheels play an essential role in making the steam cleaner run smoothly and smoothly. They move on all surfaces to clean up quickly and not consume much of the user’s energy. Therefore, they attract the attention of the customer a lot from their portable.

McCulloch MC1275 vs. MC1375 Comparison

They are famous for all their features, both similarity, and difference. It relates to color-weight, part, and water tank with heating power and sanitizing surface capability. Additionally, their difference is about weight, the wide cap, working time, accessories, and supportive device.


  • Firstly, Both get the same shirt with the combination of black and yellow. Also, they come with a broad cap that is accessible to other devices. Nevertheless, they receive more with a measuring cup as well as a canister.
  • The large tank is another similarity that we will cover in this section. It can store a 48-ounce boiler through the water tank.
  • Moreover, the 1500 watts boiler is strong enough to generate the steaming power for working. These items can make the water hose in a short time and use for and long time.
  • Their parts are also unique. They get a long cord and steam hose for comfortably working in a large space. Besides, their extension wand can clean high places well and refresh all the corners.
  • Plus, these items also stand out with their lightweight design. They can run well through its design and upgrade their movement with the presence of a pair of wheels. You can both stream and deliver these models with a comfortable feeling without wasting much energy.
  • Finally, the sanitizing surface cleaning capabilities are worth a look. They can eliminate and eliminate almost 100% of germs and bacteria without adversely affecting humans.


  • We can first mention the realizable difference in the general cap location in them. McCulloch sets it on the top of MC1375 and inside the storage compartment of MC1275.
  • Another difference is about their weight. McCulloch MC1275 is a Heavy-Duty steam cleaner heavier than 12 pounds. Meanwhile, McCulloch MC1375 is a canister steam cleaner whose weight 10.78 pounds. Therefore, the lighter steam cleaner is better when people have to change the cleaning space: upstairs or downstairs.
  • Next, we will talk about the difference in working time between two machines. For heating the water, McCulloch MC1375 needs 10 minutes and use in 90 minutes. Meanwhile, MC1275 time heating is shorter with 8 minutes and steam in 45 minutes. Moreover, it also takes advantage of an optional lockable steam trigger to keep the moisture clean and stable.
  • Plus, their accessories are also different in type and number. Namely, McCulloch MC1275 uses 18 versatile accessories when that of MC1375 is up to 20. Additionally, their extra cord and steam hose length is different, too. That is respectively 7ft – 9ft and 18ft – 10ft. Notably, MC1275 can wrap the cord for compact storing, and MC1375 gets a pressure gauge for easily monitoring.
  • Nevertheless, the next difference between these steam cleaners is a supportive device. As you can see, MC1375 gets a trigger. Meanwhile, MC11275 utilizes a push-button. Both of them lie on the top of the handle for quickly visiting and using. Furthermore, MC1375 adds more with an oversize wheel for being maneuverable and a pull-out luggage handle with a rubber cover. Meanwhile, MC1275 provides a pair of caster and nozzle instead.

The Price

They are both excellent quality steam cleaners with a full range of equipment and accessories. McCulloch MC1375 is somewhat higher than McCulloch MC1275, about $ 15-20, depending on the time. However, to fully understand the information, we also provide and other pricing-related shipping policies. You can check the product prices below.

McCulloch MC1275

McCulloch MC1375


Overall, They are good options with excellent steaming capabilities. McCulloch MC1275 will have a price advantage and also be selected by many customers in recent times. McCulloch MC1375 provides a longer burning time with neatness when wrapping the cord. Therefore, you can refer to this suggestion when choosing to buy products.