McCulloch MC1375 vs MC1385: Which Best Canister Steam?

Nowadays, many people, especially housewives, always want to find a good cleaner to quickly and efficiently support cleaning housework. They learn about many kinds from many famous brands to do that. Among them, McCulloch is one of the trustworthy that they care a lot. Its products get a high sale number with the quality and beauty of the design. Moreover, they are variations in every shape and form that you can see in other cleaners of other brands. In this post, we will talk about McCulloch MC1385 vs MC1375. If you are curious about them, let pay attention to the post for more details.

McCulloch MC1375 vs MC1385 Overview

From the same famous brands, they are well-known for the great features they have from their brand. Many people care a lot about their design and the portability in moving for working best.


Belonging to the same brand is also why McCulloch MC1375 and MC1385 come with their great points. First, the design is eye-catching in black and gold with a compact body. The camera body has controls that you can rotate to adjust according to your needs while working. Besides, the lower wheels assist in moving the machine. Similarly, the inside of the device contains a sizable dust tank to store the water to support the steaming process. Furthermore, the internal filter helps separate dirt for easy handling and disposal after cleaning. Their cleaning heads are quite diverse, with many attached devices so that you can choose from each specific location.


McCulloch MC1375 vs MC1385 is very maneuverable, and the low-weight design is easy to carry around with the top handle. Also, they have extra wheels to push it more flexible and convenient. It moves smoothly over many cleaning surfaces that you can rest assured of the high level of protection it brings.

McCulloch MC1375 vs MC1385 Comparison

McCulloch MC1375 and MC1385 receive many compliments for what they have and how they do through similarity and difference. They like each other in some things relating to design and motor with color cord. Another thing is their difference in tank capacity, time for water heating, and weight with accessories.


  • McCulloch MC1375 and MC1385 belong to the group of lightweight cleaners. You will feel comfortable when you bring or carry them during the cleaning session with ease. Moreover, the large tank locates on their inside for holding the wrong things when steaming.
  • Moreover, they steam with a 1500 watts boiler to work effectively. However, it would help if you remembered about the healing time. It is relatively short for making water hot. From that, you can complete steaming in a short time too with high effectiveness.
  • Next, these models possess a broad cap that is easy to access. McCulloch installs their twist cap to set in their top for easily removable. Besides, these items let you refill the session by measuring their canister.
  • Plus, cord and hose are useful tools that these steam cleaners use to make the best performance—their length estimates at about 18ft and 10ft, respectively. Also, the extension wand can lock into the edge and corner to entirely cleaning.
  • What’s more, they come with color-coded pressure gauges. That is their signal to show their status. If the meter needles are still in the green area, it means they have enough power to use.
  • Last but not least, the trigger is an essential part of these items. This aids control as well as adjusts the action for easy steaming. From this feature, you can complete the steaming process with the best results as expected.


  • The first difference between McCulloch MC1375 and MC1385 is about the tanks. Although it is large, the capacity is separate. When McCulloch MC1375 reaches up to a 64-ounce boiler, MC1385 is smaller with a 48ounce boiler. Therefore, the first item is better when steaming in a large room.
  • McCulloch MC1375 is lighter at 10.78 pounds when McCulloch MC1385 weighs about 13 pounds. It is convenient for delivery with a lightweight design, and MC1375 takes more advantage than the other.
  • Plus, these products can work for a long time, but there is still a slight difference in time. McCulloch MC1375 takes 12 minutes for heating water and lasts 120 minutes. Meanwhile, McCulloch MC1385 gets the same time of water heating and uses in 90 minutes.
  • Nevertheless, they come with different accessories for extending their capability. McCulloch MC1375 has 20 versatile accessories. Meanwhile, McCulloch MC1385 reaches up to 23 versatile accessories. Additionally, MC1375 gets oversize wheels to face rough terrain and a 10 feet insulated steam hose for easy reach. In this case, MC1385 has more with a soft tread and two swiveling casters. Only MC1385 comes with Squeegee Attachment to clean windows/mirrors and integrated handle and cord wrap for easy portability.

The Price

To buy an excellent steam cleaner like McCulloch MC1375 and MC1385, you have to pay an amount of money up to $200 per one on Amazon now. It is worth it with all the great features they give you to clean your whole house. Besides, you still need to learn other information about them to get any changes for buying well.

McCulloch MC1375

McCulloch MC1385


In brief, McCulloch MC1375 and MC1385 work so well with high quality of steam. However, McCulloch 1375 is better with a long time using hot water and a lightweight design. Moreover, this item gets a higher rating from customers with 4.4 stars. Therefore, you can consider this suggestion to make the best choice.