Miele C2 vs C3: Which Is The Winner?

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Miele is a famous brand in manufacturing vacuum cleaners. It is already too familiar to many customers with a series of beautifully designed and sophisticated machines. They warmly received Miele C2 vs C3 on e-commerce sites, electronics supermarkets, and retailers everywhere. Indeed a lot of other people are curious about these two products. Therefore, together refer to today’s article to get more understanding about them and have more options.

Miele C2 Vacuum
954 Reviews
Miele C2 Vacuum
Miele C2 provides you many useful attachments to support cleaning, including long hose and cord. Between them, the crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool let you clean all the edges and corners so well and quickly.
Miele C3 Vacuum
476 Reviews
Miele C3 Vacuum
Shark NV803 provides the effectiveness filtration with HEPA filter. Except purifying air, it can take the canister out to hold by hand and remove dust well.

Miele C2 vs C3 Overview

Two great vacuums are coming from the Miele brand that many people know about them. People are impressed with their design that is flexible and compact. Moreover, their portability also gets many compliments from the user.


The design of Miele C2 and C3 is very liberal and flexible. The machine part connects to the cleaning head with a long tube. The cleaning head has a brush roll to collect and has a button above. You can replace it with other attachments when you remove it. Notably, the Miele C3 has an LED light to help clean the low light. The machine’s outside has a control button for you to adjust and select the appropriate cleaning mode. Inside the device, there is a filter system, a motor, and a dust filter bag. They also come with wheels for more convenient mobility. With the above design, users can see the utility that these machines demonstrate.


Like other vacuums, They are both highly portable. They have wheels for smooth movement across cleaning surfaces. Besides, the machine’s upper handle design to fit so you can lift and move the mop head into a vacuum. Because the weight is not too large, you assure you do not have pain when handling it. A lot of people are interested in this feature.

Miele C2 vs C3 Comparison

Both of these Miele vacuums are so excellent with many useful features in both standard and different things. They also have many similarities and differences in functionality and design. Of course, thanks to these features, customers can choose for themselves a suitable vacuum cleaner.


  • They have the same Vortex motor for utilizing the powerful suction through 1200 watts power rating. It is continual and robust for long-lasting cleaning with no loss of airflow.
  • Their cord and wand also other common we need to mention. It gets a long cable and can automatically rewind for easy storing. About the rod, you can use it to extend your reach for removing dust on a high place that you usually skip.
  • Next, we talk about their similar attachments. They include an upholstery tool, dusting brush, and a crevice tool for taking on more tasks. Moreover, a pair of wheels makes them smooth on moving.
  • Plus, these items let you use multiple suction modes for working. You can choose a suitable setting to do if you find it necessary. Besides, this function supports to upgrade the level of their protection is working on carpets and floors.
  • Furthermore, their dust bag also large with 4.5 liters. Therefore, you can work continually without empty it many times to save time for other jobs.
  • Besides the Vortex motor, these models also take advantage of the 890 Powerline motor with Miele’s HyClean bag and AirClean filter. Mostly, they get up to three kinds of filters to positively prevent Asma and allergens from affecting people. Additionally, they also use five height adjustments and a universal floor head to work more effectively.


  • The weight of them is also slightly different. When Miele C2 is about 25.4 pounds, Miele C3 is lighter a bit at 19.4 pounds. Therefore, people will be interested in a lighter vacuum-like Miele C3.
  • The difference in their cord is noticeable with many people. Namely, the Miele cord length is 6.5m, which is shorter than the other with 8.5m. Besides, their operating radius is different, too. It is 33.5 ft and 36 ft, respectively. However, Miele C3 gets Parquet Twister with the gentle care of smooth surfaces.
  • The way they face up with the dust and debris is also different. As we studied, Miele C3 is more excellent when vacuuming on carpet than the C2 model. It is better again with nine models than four models of Miele C2.
  • Plus, another difference we want to mention is controlling the suction. Miele C2 uses a dial to adjust that is effective. Meanwhile, Miele C3 goes with a footswitch to guarantee the correct level of power for the surface to be clean.
  • Nevertheless, you will see the difference in their noise level. When Miele C3 can work in silence, Miele C3’noise reaches up to 72dB.
  • Last but not least, the way to keep their handle is different. Miele C2 takes a Vario Clip to hold the attachments by hand. In contrast, Miele C3 uses an onboard caddy and a hinged lid to extend its work capability.

The Price

One more time, we see the immense distance in price. You need to pay nearly 700$ for Miele C2 and around 1100$ for Miele C3. With the high prices, customers are often hesitant to choose Miele C3. Therefore, all of you need to care about their quality as well to get the best choice.

Miele C2

Miele C3

Final thought

In general, They are excellent with their capability in cleaning the house. Each one is suitable for different surface cleaning. In this case, although coming with a higher price, it still stands out with what it has and how it works. Therefore, you can care about it more to see it worth your money or not.