Roomba 761 vs 650: What’s the Difference?

Referring to robotic vacuum cleaners, we cannot ignore iRobot. This is the name that is gradually dominating the market for a variety of robotic vacuums. It produces a lot but still assures good looks and good quality. All the elements that iRobot products have are aimed at meeting customers’ needs. To better understand, we will learn its products through Roomba 761 vs 650. From here, we will understand why this brand is so famous. These items come with many excellent features with high effectiveness in vacuuming. Please read carefully the information below, do not ignore any details.

iRobot Roomba 761 Vacuum Cleaning
145 Reviews
iRobot Roomba 761 Vacuum Cleaning
iRobot Roomba 761 Vacuum Cleaning Robot helps you do great jobs in cleaning through Aero Force 3-stage technology. Moreover, this item lets you set your robotic vacuum to clean 7 times per week so regularly and charges automatically.
iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum
7,124 Reviews
iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum
iRobot Roomba 650 Robot Vacuum is so pretty with a flexible design in round shape for removing all the dust under the furniture. Nevertheless, it uses a Lithium-ion battery that provides a long time to work and powerful suction.

Roomba 761 vs 650 Overview

These robotic vacuums are two of the greatest vacuums that iRobot wants to boost much. They have many good features from their compact design and create portability and convenience. Of course, many users are really interested in what they have.


Roomba 761 and 650 come with circular construction as you observe their sample. Roomba 761 has some dimension that is quite larger than 650. Meanwhile, Roomba 761 is full of gray when Roomba 650 has black color. Their design is so compact for cleaning under furniture or tight spaces on the floor and carpet. Moreover, they both use filters to detach and keep the dust inside the dust bin that is not a bit large. Furthermore, they use a battery instead of the power cord to let you work so comfortably. Plus, the two products take advantage of some brush to sweep out the dust and pet hair other particles. From that, you can see your house become clearer after using an intelligent robot.


From this compact circular construction, Roomba 761 and 650 can work so cleverly on hard floors and carpet. They are quite small to run under furniture and hard to reach space for entirely cleaning. Besides, iRobot installs a pair of wheels to help these vacuum run smoothly and freely. You just need to press the button CLEAN above the machines to make them start. Otherwise, you can use a remote control with Roomba 761 or through apps with Roomba 650. These buttons above of them let you control or adjust as you want to get a suitable setting. This aims to raise the portability and flexibility at a high level for convenient cleaning.

Roomba 761 vs 650 Comparison

They are very well-known with the small and flexible design that users like much. Besides, these models also get many features that are similar to the runtime, voltage, or some other functions. However, they are different much about weight, powerful suction with charge time and filter, or some other features. The information makes them separate to let you able to choose the suitable one.


  • The circular construction which is small and compact lets Roomba 761 and 650 pick up more dust and pet hair quickly and easily. Besides, they run so well with the support of wheels in moving. It can work and charge after they set the working schedule for them.
  • Plus, both use battery that gives a long time working that reaches up to 120 minutes. With this amount of time, you can refresh a large room or house so easily. However, you just take a long time to charge it for the next use. Especially, both of them can collect the large particle as a cereal for low or middle-pile carpet so well.
  • Next, these robotic vacuums also get drop sensor protection and anti-collision. Moreover, they plus with protective bumpers to make the job well. Especially, a 3-stage cleaning system helps to vacuum everything from small particles to large debris. The side brush is also effective to sweep out the dust or particle around.
  • In addition, a full suite of sensors draws a way to let them thoroughly clean your floors. Furthermore, they can automatically change their height to be suitable for refresh carpets more. This is thanks to the auto-adjust cleaning head that iRobot gives to them.
  • Last but not least, they make use of a motor with 100-240V and 50-60Hz of frequency. Along with that, the virtual wall helps the job operate better. Plus, they also provide you some cleaning modes like spot and auto modes. The thing you need to do is set up the program for them through the control button.


  • Roomba 761 vs 650 have a large difference in their weight. Roomba 761 which is so pretty with gray color weighs about 14.57 pounds. Meanwhile, Roomba 650 is much lighter with 7.9 pounds in black exterior color. Their other dimension also reflexes that Roomba 761 is bigger than the other. Namely, Roomba 761 gets the dimension of 5.6” x 19” x 21.5” while Roomba 650 is smaller with 13.4 x 3.6 x 13.4 inches.
  • Moreover, their dust bin is so different incapacity. When Roomba 761 can hold 0.5L, the dust bin capacity of Roomba 650 is only 0.47L. Nevertheless, the power Roomba 761 uses are about 30 watts that are weaker than 33 watts of Roomba 650.
  • Next, the filter of these robotic vacuums also judges which one is better in cleaning. In particular, Roomba 761 gets a HEPA filter that is better than the AeroVac filter of Roomba 650. Therefore, this item will detach the dust well and keep them in its larger dust bin to release after finishing. Moreover, it also has edge mode with a spinning side brush and counter-rotating brush system.
  • In addition, Roomba is different when using Ni-MH battery for faster charging in 3 hours. However, Roomba 650 uses a Lithium-Ion battery with a long time charging about 4-5 hours. Besides, Roomba 761 uses an area of 600ft2 which is smaller than that of Roomba 650 with 800ft2. When working, Roomba 761 can pick up the smallest particle that Roomba doesn’t but it moves faster instead.
  • With Roomba 761, you have a remote control to adjust all the operations. Meanwhile, Roomba 650 uses a control button or app for setting the program with a schedule 7 times weekly.

The Price

Roomba 761 and 650 have a small distance in price but in general, they are very affordable. However, these two products offer a lot of conveniences that people have come to expect and quite a lot of equipment. Along with that, iRobot gives you a 1-year limited warranty for solving the problem of these machines.

Roomba 761

Roomba 650


Roomba 761 and 650 are really intelligent robotic vacuums with many great points. If you want hand-free cleaning or better at navigation, you can choose Roomba 761. Meanwhile, Roomba 650 is great for occasional vacuuming, pet hair, or slight messes. Currently, many people give a high rating for Roomba 650, so you can think carefully about this suggestion.

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