Sebo X4 vs Miele S7: Which Vacuum Should Buy?

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Are you finding the best vacuum cleaner for your house? Have you finished finding it? Currently, there are many products used to clean the house on the market. But not everyone can choose a good vacuum cleaner. Therefore, in this post today, we kindly introduce you to the two vacuums cleaner from Sebo x4 vs Miele S7. There are famous brands in the market with many innovative products.

Sebo Automatic X4
82 Reviews
Sebo Automatic X4
Sebo X4 provides you many useful attachments to take their advantage on multiple cleaning. Moreover, automatic height adjustment lets you work with high quality for making perfect performance on carpets and floors.
Miele S7 Upright Vacuum
161 Reviews
Miele S7 Upright Vacuum
Miele S7 lets you clean well through the support of Patented SwivelNeck technology to reduce the pressure of the weight. Nevertheless, you can use many attachments to do more jobs for entirely cleaning.

Sebo X4 vs Miele S7 Overview

Both Sebo and Miele are focused on creating quality products from the inside out. Therefore, their design is quite beautiful, which shows that they can benefit the user.


Once again, let’s explore the design of upright vacuum cleaners like the Sebo X4 and Miele S7. They have an almost D-shaped handle for a comfortable grip. They do use electrical cords to function like other wired machines. The body of the camera comes with a control button to choose the right cleaning mode. Inside these products, there is a dust filter along with a dust filter bag. Referring to the cleaning head, they have a brush-roll setting that removes dust from floors and carpets. In particular, Miele S7 has more LEDs to light the dark area. From this design, users can also partly grasp how to use them as well as their benefits.


Portability is one of the advantages of them. As you can see, the cleaning heads of these items have extra wheels for smoother movement. In particular, it can transform Sebo X4 into a straight line to clean under the table or cabinet flexibly. Besides, they also use height adjustment to have cooperative movement on carpets and floors. Thereby, we can see that the portability of these products contributes a lot to effective cleaning.

Sebo X4 vs Miele S7 Comparison

They are belong to separate brands, so they still have many similarities and differences. Their similarities include suction, filter-bag, and height adjustment with wheels and attachments. You can also see their difference through color and weight, kind of filter, and bag capacity with motor and other extensions.


  • Both uses a great motor to serve for generating powerful suction. Through that, you can complete the task so quickly and save time to do your jobs. Besides, it gets an indicator light to let you know how your machine is and protect the motor.
  • Next, you can find a large dust bag inside these machines. It supports s much in vacuuming with less time emptying it. Nevertheless, long cord and hose are also other advantages of them to extend your reach more.
  • Plus, the HEPA filter is one of the essential parts of these items in working effectively. It is so useful for filtering dust and allergens to let fresh air go out. Of course, It effective in reducing the capability to make people get allergic symptoms.
  • Moreover, these models come with two wheels at the back for moving quickly. Also, height adjustment is how to make them maneuverable and flexible when changing from carpets to floors and vice versa.
  • At last, you can utilize the effectiveness of the dusting brush and upholstery tool from them. These attachments help to vacuum fine dust with debris in every edge and corner in a short time.


  • It is not difficult for you to recognize the difference in the color and weight of them. Sebo X4 goes with red and 16.7 pounds when Miele S7 comes with yellow and 20 pounds. From that, Sebo X4 has the advantage of moving as well as transporting with a smaller weight.
  • The capacity of the bag is another difference we want to mention in this part. When Sebo X4 is large with a 1.4-gallon filter bag, Miele S7 reaches up to 1.6 gallons. Besides, Sebo has a bag full or clog light with automatic shut off.
  • As we said above, they come with the HEPA filter. However, Miele S7 adds more with a washable filter for use many times. Nevertheless, this item owns an Active AirClean filter with sealed system construction. In contrast, Sebo X4 goes with S-class Pre-motor Microfilters to attract and captures dust particles from the airflow.
  • Plus, they use different attachments except for similar ones. Sebo X4 provides you crevice tool with a suction hose and instant-use wand. In this case, Miele S7 utilizes a telescopic aluminum wand and integrates a flexible rod and anti-tipping device. Moreover, LED lights lie on Miele S7 to illuminate the dark areas for cleaning the whole house that Sebo X4 doesn’t.
  • The motor is also the last difference between them. Sebo X4 generates suction through 1300 watts of power rating from a 12 amp motor when Miele S7 is only 1200 watts from a Vortex motor with a 2-motor system.

The Price

As Amazon supplies, They are the vacuums with high cost. Between them, Sebo X4 is more expensive, with nearly 850$ than that of Miele S7. However, the feedback of this item is better with 4.4 stars from customers. Therefore, you need to search more to get the best information if it has changed.

Sebo X4

Miele S7


Both doesn’t make every satisfied with their capability. However, Sebo X4 is better than Miele S7 with many useful features. Namely, Sebo X4 can refresh the whole house in all floor types when the other does great on some surfaces. Besides, it receives a high rating and more flexible in cleaning.