Shark HV300 vs HV301: Which one the best?

Now, Shark is still a good brand that people want to buy the vacuum cleaner for their house. It is very famous with many kinds and each one possesses the best thing that this brand creates. Moreover, they get a high rate of what they own and how they present their features and function during the cleaning performance. Now, we will introduce about two ideal vacuums that all of you will be like them. They are Shark HV300 vs HV301 that are also well-known at affordable prices. So, let read all the information above to get more choice.

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV300
609 Reviews
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV300
Shark Rocket HV300 plays a great role in refreshing or renewing the house with advanced features that Shark provides. Moreover, you can feel the effectiveness in its filter when solving with dust and debris.
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV301
3,222 Reviews
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV301
Shark HV301 is a representative that is so great on vacuuming your house through powerful suction. Nevertheless, Never Lose Suction makes it stable and continual during the cleaning performance to maintaining the effectiveness.

Shark HV300 vs HV301 Overview

Both are impressive for users from the beautiful details in the design. They are easy to assemble and use thanks to their flexible design. In addition, it also shows many features that make people excited.


Shark HV300 and HV301 have a relatively similar physique. However, Shark HV300 is blue and HV301 is orange. They all have an ergonomic handle, long wand, and low-profile cleaning head. They have buttons and controls that make the working mode above the handle. In addition, the handle also contains the motor and dust cup. Both are not equipped with LED lights but have many replaceable attachments. In addition, you can use both in a stick form and handheld form according to your intended use. The filter system is also efficient and stands out with reusable filters after washing.


Shark HV300 and Shark HV301 give you two working modes with stick mode and handheld mode as well. In addition, they use wheels to facilitate movement on floors and carpets. In addition, the cleaning head can swivel quite smoothly to cover every corner around the furniture. The fingertip control is used when you want to switch cleaning settings for each type of surface.

Shark HV300 vs HV301 Comparison

The goal of customers is always to find cheap, quality products that bring convenience and save time. Consequently, Shark grasped this and produced a variety that met those requirements. Products have both similarities and differences to create diversity and distinction. They are similar to design, cleaning mode, and some other features. Meanwhile their difference is about attachments, dimension, and weight/color.


Shark HV300 and HV301 show for us their light-weight designs outside. When many kinds are so heavier that is over 10 pounds, they are lighter so much. This feature is a factor to make them more convenient when you bring or carry. The low-profile head makes people feel so great when let them deep clean inside tight space.

Plus, these models can run well thanks to the presence of wheels that Shark gives to them. Therefore, you can skip out all the trouble that a heavy vacuum can cause. Besides, the swivel head turns around so maneuverable to make it flexible in cleaning edges and corners.

In addition, both come with the brush-roll with two speeds for removing dust on carpets and floors. Moreover, you can make use of button control to apply fingertip control with suitable purposes.

Furthermore, Never Lose Suction is so effective when it helps to adjust the level of strength of suction. This is aimed to provide good suction that is still powerful and continual. From that, the cleaning performance will occur so well with no loss of airflow, so you can complete the task in a short time.

Moreover, the items come with a 0.42 quarts dust tank that is not as large as other kinds. For this reason, you need to take more time to make it empty. Therefore, they will be suitable for a small room or small house with less time to clean.

Finally, we will never skip out the filtration system of these machines. They are every great with some filter that Shark designs to wash many times after use. These filters will deal with all the things that come into the dust cup when vacuuming. They are foam and felt filter which called the position they locate: pre-motor and post-motor.


Shark HV300 and HV301 get a slight difference in terms of weight, color, and size. Shark HV301 is beautiful in blue with a weight of 5.6 lbs. Meanwhile, Shark Rocket HV301 just weighs 7.6 lbs with orange color. Moreover, Shark Rocket HV300 is a bit smaller with a dimension of 11.7W – 9.5L – 29.2H, when compared to the size of Shark HV301 is 10.5W – 9.8L – 46H.

Furthermore, the power cord makes them different, too. Shark Rocket HV300 is shorter at 27 feet in length while the power cord of Shark Rocket HV301 is 30 feet. However, only Shark HV300 gets a Turbo brush. This is great to refresh the space on stair, upholstery, or another floor with high efficiency.

Moreover, Shark Rocket HV300 vs HV301 comes with the same attachments like dusting brush, pet hair tool, and 12” crevice tool with wall mount. However, Shark HV301 stands out with a dust-away + 1 pad and accessories bag with a car detail kit.


In this part, you sure want to know about the price of Shark HV300 vs HV301. This is very important to buy machines because you have to consider whether you have enough money or not. Luckily, they are so affordable at a low price with a slight distance that is about 40-50$. Besides, a 5-year warranty is also a gift of Shark to let you solve the problem with these products.

Shark HV300

Shark HV301


In brief, Shark is successful when releasing Shark HV300 vs HV301 into the market. These items let people decrease the time to clean the house with excellent function. More deeply, Shark HV301 is better than Shark HV300 with some features. In particular, Shark HV301 is outstanding with many great compliments that customers give to it after buying and using. Moreover, they say that this item is very light and easy to assemble for use. Furthermore, the suction is also stronger to blow up all the dust on the carpet and floor.