Shark HV321 vs HV322: What’s the Difference?

Choosing a vacuum cleaner like that is difficult when the market has a variety of models and quality. However, let Shark help you when it is the popular brand in the market today. Its products adapt current and trending technology. Therefore, they can meet the needs of customers with good working ability and high efficiency. Among them, I would like to introduce to you two products that many people have quite good reviews about. Those are Shark HV321 vs HV322. Surely many people are curious about these two items. Then please continue to follow the article to not be curious anymore.

Shark Rocket HV321 DeluxePro Upright Vacuum
26 Reviews
Shark Rocket HV321 DeluxePro Upright Vacuum
SharkNinja Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Vacuum HV321 comes with many features and attachments that are very various. They will help to raise the capability in removing much dust and pet hair in a short time and efficiency.
Shark TruePet Rocket Ultra-Lightweight HV322
3,392 Reviews
Shark TruePet Rocket Ultra-Lightweight HV322
Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Corded Stick Vacuum HV322 works well on multi-surface with many great features. In addition, Swivel steering is one of these features to make the machine run well and flexible in cleaning surfaces without and troubles.

Shark HV321 vs HV322 Overview

Shark products are always equipped with advanced technologies combined with beautiful, flexible design. A lot of people have used them in which they are items present in many customers’ homes. What do they have so attractive? Please follow along to answer this question.


Shark HV321 and HV322 are so outstanding with the color outside. Shark HV321 is glory with lavender when the color Shark HV322 uses is Bordeaux. They get two cleaning methods with flexible design. Besides, both their own LED lights to clean the whole house without scaring to work in dark areas. Nevertheless, a long power cord is convenient to do with one plugin in a large room. Also, the dust cup is larger than another kind of vacuum that Shark creates before. Along with that, they make use of pre-motor with post-motor filter instead of HEPA. From their design, you will see the convenience when working with these vacuums.


Shark HV321 and HV321 possess a lightweight design that is one of the important factors to let you bring them easily. They can change your form to adapt to surface cleaning and the areas you want to clean. The upright form will be suitable modes for carpets and floors when the handheld is another great way to refresh high place or stairs. Furthermore, you can push and pull these vacuums so smoothly with two wheels under. Swivel head also serves for cleaning tight space when it can turn around so maneuverable.

Shark HV321 vs HV322 Comparison

These Shark Rocket items make you feel interested when they get many good points. They are in the same brand and line so you can see the similar things on design, weight and cleaning mode, suction. Meanwhile, the things relating to color, attachments, and power cord… are their differences that we need to know.


  • Shark HV321 and HV322 are well known with a great design that is so light and compact. Moreover, Shark decorates them very well with pretty color. This helps to attract customer’s attention with awesome looking for raising sale number.
  • Moreover, they can change their shape into a handheld to reach more space. Additionally, they are flexible with a 2-in-1 design for solving more tasks relating to cleaning you usually skip. Getting along with this feature, the low-profile nozzle support to suck up dust in the low areas.
  • Nevertheless, to help you deliver them more convenient, Shark installs swivel steering in this body. The wheels are also supported more on this job. Thanks to this feature, you won’t get any trouble with their movements.
  • Furthermore, these items equip many LED headlights and attach them to the nozzle and handheld portion. Therefore, it can help users to renew the whole with its capability in lightning the dark areas.
  • In addition, there is no HEPA filter in both these models. They use other kinds of filters instead that are foam and felt with pre-motor and post-motor air filters. These filters can wash many times with clean water for using a long time. This will save a lot of money when you don’t need a new one instead.
  • Especially, these models will provide you 2 cleaning settings. Both can perform excellently and use superior carpet and bare floor. Also, the cord is so long for cleaning in a large room with less moving to save energy to do more jobs. The dust cup has the same capacity as 0.69 quarts (XL-size). The motor with 500watts-4.2amps can create suction and Never Lose Suction will maintain it in strong and continual status.


  • Their awesome looking is also the difference that comes from the color. You can see Shark HV321 is gentle in lavender and the luxury Bordeaux color of Shark HV322. Besides, Shark HV321 and HV322 are similar to 8.6 pounds in weight. Therefore, when carrying them, users will feel more comfortable and choose the suitable one as you like more.
  • Next, the power cord of them gets a slight difference when Shark HV321 uses a 30ft power cord when that of HV322 is 25ft. Moreover, Shark HV321 is Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-light which is effective in cleaning every surface. In this case, Shark HV322 is Shark Rocket TruePet Ultra-light that is better in solving with pet hair.
  • Both of these models have a quick-release foot pedal with multiple storage options. Also, they use dust-away hard floor attachment and washable pads, pet/upholstery tool, and duster crevice tool. However, Shark HV321 adds a hard floor hero and multi-angle dusting brush. In contrast, Shark HV322 provides pet multi-tool and TruePet motorized brush, motorized floor nozzle.

The Price

Shark HV321 and HV322 are in the same price range at around $100 to $210. These are mid-range prices, but there are still plenty of people who can afford to pay and buy them. These products meet demand, so the price is not the deciding factor. In addition, there will be a sale-off opportunity where the price may change slightly, so people need to pay more attention to these two products to buy at a discount. A 5-year limited warranty will be yours after you buy them.

Shark HV321

Shark HV322


Surely you also realize that Shark HV321 and HV322 are both great choices for your home. However, if you have a tight budget, you can choose Shark HV321 at a lower price. Also, with 4.5 but you should choose HV322 with the number of comments and 4-5 stars more. It also has more of the attachments for cleaning.