Shark HV322 vs HV301: Which one the best?

Shark is still the first choice for consumers when they want to buy vacuum cleaners. Its products cover e-commerce sites in large numbers. All of these products are marketed to help people clean their homes faster and cleaner. Among the products currently on the market, Shark HV322 vs HV301 are two products that are popular and have good form and content. To understand better, let’s also go into depth about them. You will save a good option in the next time buying with useful information through this post.

Shark TruePet Rocket Ultra-Lightweight HV332
18,669 Reviews
Shark TruePet Rocket Ultra-Lightweight HV332
Shark HV322 TruePet Rocket Ultra-Lightweight Upright Vacuum has a big dust cup to be convenient in containing dust/pet hair. Moreover, using washable foam and felt filters helps you save a lot of money instead of changing a new one by emptying after use.
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded HV301
3,222 Reviews
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded HV301
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Bagless Vacuum HV301 uses many attachments that are effective in cleaning on carpets and floors. Moreover, it also comes with ultra-powerful to make the job better and get the best result.

Shark HV322 vs HV301 Overview

In this part, people will grasp the basic information about SharkHV322 and HV301. These features will be features that will help the user to clean the house that is fast, clean, and simple. They are also the criteria that you think of when choosing to buy a vacuum cleaner. Therefore, please watch carefully when observing their design to make the right decision


Shark HV322 and HV302 will make you feel that they are twins with different colors. Shark HV322 is deep with Bordeaux and gray/orange is the color of Shark HV302. Besides, both vacuums are famous with ultra-lightweight that everyone can hold and carry well. Moreover, they give you 2 ways of cleaning that you can do as upright and handheld shape. The ergonomic handle contains the power buttons that let you easy to control or adjust the cleaning setting. Nevertheless, a large dust cup accounts for a large space in the handle to receive all the particles. This dust cup and the filters inside are removable to empty or clean regularly.


As the samples, Shark HV322 and HV301 are corded with long power cord – 25ft in length. With this length, you can move in a large space in one plug. To support more, two wheels let them flexible no matter where you clean. These items become more and more lightweight thanks to this feature. Moreover, a swivel head with easy turning around creates the best way to clean every edge and corner from obstacles. Especially, you can change the design from upright to handheld form and vice versa to easily deliver while clean.

Shark HV322 vs HV301 Comparison

Shark Rocket ultra-light promises to make your house clean in a short time as you expected. They own many functions as a technology to serve for all the cleaning tasks. You can realize the similarity in their form, suction with power cord, and filter. In contrast, they are different from weight/color, dust cup, and attachments as well as other features.


  • Shark HV322 and HV301 belong to the group of lightweight vacuums from Shark. Therefore, everyone can hold in by hand so easily. Moreover, it can be in handheld form through a simple action to change. This form helps to suck up dust and pet hair in some areas that upright form is hard to take on.
  • Besides, these items are 2-in-1 vacuums that are very flexible. This helps you to do the job with a suitable form as we said above: upright and handheld. Besides, both have a low-profile nozzle to easily remove the dust and pet hair than the high-profile vacuums.
  • Next, they get the same length of the power cord that reaches up to 25ft. This is quite long to cover a large room or a whole small house. You can stand in one position without moving from A to B to clean more
  • In addition, these products don’t use HEPA filters but use a washable filter that is quite great. It still detaches and solves with the dust and allergen well and save money since it is washable. They include pre-motor air filters that are foam and felt with a post-motor air filter as well.
  • Especially, they use Never Lose Suction to adjust and maintain the suction form motor with a 500W-4.2A power rating. Therefore, you can clean without scaring or losing airflow.
  • Lastly, these machines give you two speeds for choosing a suitable setting when cleaning. Along with that, they own brush-roll control to make the job convenient.


  • The color is the factor they think of when they want to choose a vacuum. Shark HV322 is strong with Bordeaux when Shark HV301 is bright with gray/orange color. Moreover, their weight has a gap that is quite small. When HV322 is 8.6 pounds in weight, Shark HV301 reaches up to 7.6 pounds. They are well-known as ultra-light vacuums that everyone can hold by hand for a long time.
  • Nevertheless, Shark HV322 stands out with XL capacity of dust cup that is 0.69 quart. Meanwhile, the dust cup of Shark HV301 is smaller with a 0.42 quart. Moreover, Shark HV322 dominates easily when it has LED lights on the nozzle to vacuum in dark areas thanks to their illumination.
  • In addition, they need the support of attachments to make the best result. Some of them are similar to dust-away attachment with washable pads. Besides, Shark HV322 gets duster crevice, pet multi-tool, and TruePet motorized brush, pet/upholstery tool. In this case, Shark HV301 utilizes a crevice tool, pet hair tool, and dusting brush.
  • Lastly, Shark HV301 is well-known as the Shark Rocket ultra-light vacuum. However, Shark HV322 is the Shark Rocket ultra-light TruePet vacuum which is more effective in removing pet hair. Therefore, Shark HV322 works more excellently than the other.

The Price

Shark HV322 and HV301 have a difference in price that many people are wondering about. The price of the Shark HV322 is currently $208 and that of Shark HV301 is $147. In addition, Shark still offers a voucher or discount to assist customers in buying a vacuum cleaner at a good price. Besides, you will receive a 5-year limited warranty if you buy these products.

Shark HV322

Shark HV301

Final Tip

Shark HV322 and HV301 are really strong competitors compared to other types of the vacuum cleaner on the market. The benefits they bring to users are not much different. However, Shark HV301 is a bit better with lightweight, more convenient with many attachments, and strong suction. Meanwhile, Shark HV322 is a greater choice when pet owners want to deal with pet hair from their pets.