Shark HV380 vs HV382: Which Is The Winner?

In the current market, vacuum cleaners are still selling well in large numbers, bringing in revenue for manufacturers. They come in a variety of forms at competitive prices. Furthermore, each manufacturer has its own criteria that apply to its products to impress customers. In it, the name that many people mention and remember is Shark. This brand has been with vacuum cleaners for many years and still maintains a reputation. Therefore, we want to continue to mention Shark’s vacuum cleaners in this article. The two products are Shark HV380 vs HV382. How they design, what features, and how they function, please read through this article. There will be many interesting things that you should not miss.

Shark Rocket DuoClean HV380
144 Reviews
Shark Rocket DuoClean HV380
Shark HV380 is a vacuum that can work under the low-light condition with the presence of LED lights. Moreover, it also utilizes the brush-rolls from DuoClean to eliminate dust and debris with high effectiveness.
Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean
4,175 Reviews
Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean
Shark HV382 is a great option when it comes to a lightweight design and transmits all the unique features to clean well. Besides, the variety of attachments let it work on more tasks for meeting the demand of customers.

Shark HV380 vs HV382 Overview

These two vacuum cleaners bring more fun to people than conventional machines. They are beautiful from the outside to the inside, making a strong impression on customers. All sunshine is also shown through their details.


Shark Hv380 vs HV382 are ultra-light stick vacuums that weigh less than 10 pounds. With this weight, you can easily carry it quite easily without getting tired of the cumbersome machines of the past. In addition, the button sits neatly on the handle so you can perform fingertip control conveniently and quickly. Besides, they all use a fairly long power cord for the purpose of moving wider and less need to plug. Moreover, the cleaning head is equipped with LED lights to cope with dimly lit areas. In particular, the motor and the filter are carefully protected, helping them to promote their features better.


After you know a little basic information about Shark HV380 vs HV382, you can see their outstanding features. Weight loss is the first factor to help you reduce fatigue and pain when using. In addition, the wheels increase the smoothness of movement, while protecting the cleaning surface. In addition, Shark HV382 has a swivel steering – an important factor that helps rotate the wand maneuverable to clean every corner. A long power cord is a highlight to help you clean the whole room quickly by saving plugging time.

Shark HV380 vs HV382 Comparison

At this point, you will see their similarities and differences. Since they are all Shark Rocket, they have a lot in common and the differences that make them stand out even more. Specifically, the common points are reflected in the characteristics of design, technology, and other details. Their difference lies in the color and associated attachments.


  • The Shark HV380 vs HV382 are both super light with 9.9 pounds full unit and about 4.5 pounds in handheld form. As a result, many people feel satisfied with lightweight products that they do not need to take the burden of carrying them. What’s more, with a lightweight and compact size of 10.2 x 9.8 x 46.4 inches, you won’t waste much space to store them.
  • Furthermore, the two uses a power cord with a length of 30ft. However, they do not have cord rewind so you need to roll it up to make it tidy when stored. In addition, the effect of a long power cord is also easy to recognize. It will let you move more comfortably in one plug, estimated to be a pretty large space.
  • In addition, the dust cup is also impressive with a capacity of about 0.91 quarts. Therefore, it can hold a lot of dirt, marine, and is easy to clean when you open it underneath it. Furthermore, it incorporates 3 washable mechanic filters to handle dust that they vacuum when working. Simply clean it with water, then let it dry and reassemble for normal use. As a result, you can save unnecessary costs.
  • Plus, these items possess DuoClean technology to deliver the function known as Triple Particle Cleaning. That means you can see them utilizing dual brush-rolls to tackle particles of varying sizes across both floors and carpets. Besides, it can change form stick to a handheld for adapting with every cleaning surface and 2 cleaning settings from the brush-roll.


  • Shark HV380 is a rocket stick vacuum that has a rather attractive cinnamon color. Meanwhile, Shark HV382 is rocket duo clean keeps the elegance with the charcoal gray. The Shark HV382 is an upright vacuum ultra-light that can be easily converted to handheld mode, making it more flexible with a weight of just 4.5 pounds.
  • Next, Shark HV380 uses a motor with 600 watts of power rating. In this case, Shark HV382 is weaker with a motor of 505 watts power rating. However, only Shark HV382 has a swivel steering to aid in external powerful suction cleaning.
  • In particular, these models use many attachments, which can be listed as 12 “crevice tool, upholstery tool with a dusting brush, and On-Board Accessory Storage Clip. In addition, Shark HV382 is more excellent with pet multi-tool, motorized floor nozzle with TruePet mini motorized brush. Especially, its brush-roll garage quickly and conveniently connects with brush-roll for maintenance in use.

The Price

Shark HV380 vs HV382 are both quite affordable, making it easier for many people to buy than they think. To buy these products, you only need about $ 120, of which, Shark HV380 has a lower price. Furthermore, you can get a 5-year warranty and technical problems will be handled through customer service. In addition, you can search and refer to more information about shipping and how to buy on their web.

Shark HV380

Shark HV382


Shark HV380 vs HV382 both ensure a quick and clean house cleaning. They are all super light and have good features for making the best homework. If you prefer a product that offers a larger suction at a cheaper price, choose Shark HV380. If you like the luxurious look with charcoal gray and lots of attachments to work more effectively, Shark HV382 is the item you should not ignore. Please consult above and decide based on what you think is the best fit.