Shark HV382 vs HV302: Which Is The Winner?

Today’s topic will be a name that is familiar to everyone: Shark manufacturer. This is a famous brand in the market for manufacturing multifunction vacuum cleaners to adapt to people’s demands. It has competed with other brands, so product quality is increasing and has high diversity. Its products are always updated with new technology, innovative and changing to be different and outstanding than other kinds. And that is why today we are going to put on the balance board of its two products: Shark HV382 vs HV302. Please also wait and see what these two items are special that attracts the attention of many.

Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean Ultra-Light
4,175 Reviews
Shark Rocket HV382 DuoClean Ultra-Light
Shark HV382 is famous for DuoClean technology to remove all the dust and debris in a short time with two different brush-rolls. Besides, it has a large dust tank and you can empty it so easily and quickly for the next use.
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV302
7,834 Reviews
Shark Rocket Ultra-Light HV302
Shark HV302 applies Never Lose Suction technology to generate strong suction for picking up debris and deep cleaning in surface cleaning. Moreover, the low-profile head helps to refresh all the low surfaces under furniture.

Shark HV382 vs HV302 Overview

With many people, these vacuums are quite strange. However, many people have experienced and used these two products. They are quite satisfied with the many features it presents when it comes to cleaning. Therefore, this section will show people what features the two products have and represent.


Shark HV382 vs HV302 both have the same beautiful body and design. The design is quite flexible with both stick and handheld mode to work more efficiently. In addition, Shark places buttons controls for users to easily apply fingertip control. Furthermore, the motor and dust cup fit neatly below the handle and are easy to use. In addition, the work head section has a low profile to easily penetrate the narrow areas below the furniture. In particular, Shark HV382 has the advantage of having LED light and 2 brush-roll thanks to DuoClean technology.


Shark HV382 and HV302 have quite high portability thanks to the convenient design as above. Both use the wheel to move better and faster. In addition, the top has a low profile combined with a swivel steering so that they easily cover all corners surrounding the furniture. In particular, both are under 10 pounds so carrying it is not difficult.

Shark HV382 vs HV302 Comparison

Shark HV382 vs HV302 get many things good with both similarity and difference. They are similar in cleaning modes, suction, and some attachments. In contrast, they get different things on technology, power rating, and weight with power cord and attachments.


  • Shark HV382 vs HV302 are both lightweight and compact products like many others. They are of moderate size, not bulky or occupy an area. Therefore, the carrying is also quite convenient without causing body pain. Moreover, you can apply fingertip control for changing the cleaning setting with the button control on the handle.
  • Plus, they have a flexible design that can let you work with 2 cleaning modes – stick and handheld. You can transform to be suitable for the vacuum that you want. Moreover, wheels will support to prevent you from being tired when carrying these machines. The swivel head is also useful when maneuverable to reach all the edges around your furniture.
  • Besides, they also use attachments to make the best performance. Some of the 12” crevice tool and pet multi-tool. As you know, crevice tool and pet multi-tool do well to eliminate every dust and pet hair in all edges and corners.
  • Especially, both items have a great filtration system. It is one of the best features that people believe in using Shark products. Of course, they are no exception. This system has a task to keep the damage in the dust cup and prevent them from releasing. It comes with washable filters like pre-motor filters as well as post-motor filters.
  • Last but not least, Shark can control a powerful suction to use for cleaning through Never Lose Suction. Thanks to this, you can suck up everything bad on the floors and carpets. This is so strong and continual to be long-lasting.


  • Both Shark HV382 and HV302 are light but Shark Rocket HV382 is a bit heavier at 1.5 pounds in full units and 4.5 pounds in handheld. Meanwhile, Shark Rocket HV302 is lighter with the full weight of 8.2 pounds and 3.01 pounds of handheld form. The dimension of HV382 with 10.2×9.8×46.4 inches is slightly different from that of HV302 in 10.5×9.8×46 inches. If users pay attention to this factor, they should choose the lighter – HV302.
  • Besides, they use the different power cord when Shark HV382 gets 30ft long, Shark HV302 is shorter with 25ft. In addition, Shark HV382 continues to be outstanding with a larger dust cup of 0.91 quarts capacity. Meanwhile, HV302 just uses a 0.42 quarts capacity of the dust cup.
  • About the motor, there is a bit different. Shark HV382 generates suction through the motor with 505W/4.2A when HV302 uses 500watts and 4.2amps power rating. However, only Shark HV382 comes with DuoClean technology that has 2 different brush-rolls as long with LED lights. Therefore, this item will complete the cleaning session better than the other.
  • Except for similar attachments, they use different ones, too. Shark HV382 gets TruePet mini motorized tool, under-appliance wand, and upholstery tool with a duster crevice tool. In this case, Shark HV302 owns a precision duster.

The Price

The price difference will make customers pay more attention to Shark HV382 and HV302. Shark HV382 is cheaper at only $120 and with Shark HV302, you need $150 to own. With the prices we update, surely people will study products from Bissell. Moreover, 5 years limited warranty also makes you satisfied with Shark products.

Shark HV382

Shark HV302


In fact, Shark HV382 vs HV302 are both very successful at highlighting their capabilities in every cleaning process. In addition, both have received a lot of support from customers after using it. However, most people only want to buy one, so they are still confused when choosing. As stated above, the two have the same amount of reviews from users. However, the price of the Shark HV382 is much cheaper. Meanwhile, Shark HV302 is better at customer ratings. Therefore, you can consider this to buy the right vacuum cleaner.