Shark HV390 vs HV391: Which Is The Winner?

On the vacuum cleaner market today, you can mention a lot of famous brands in this area. Among them, Shark is a name that is quite familiar because it makes a very good impression in this market. It offers a lot of beautiful products in both appearance and quality to compete with other brands. There are many customers who have trusted and used Shark branded vacuums, including the Shark HV390 vs HV391. These are two impressive products that are part of Shark’s high-quality range of products. They are also available at retailers, supermarkets, and e-commerce sites.

Shark Flex DuoClean Ultra-Light HV390
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Shark Flex DuoClean Ultra-Light HV390
Shark HV390 is a 2-in-1 vacuum that comes with a lightweight design for easily storing and using. Moreover, it gets many advanced technologies like DuoClean, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal, and Multiflex technology for getting the best results.
Shark Flex DuoClean Ultra-Light HV391
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Shark Flex DuoClean Ultra-Light HV391
Coming with DuoClean and Multiflex technology, Shark HV391 guarantees to help you clean all the places both high and low. Nevertheless, it owns a great Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology for working effectively in purifying the air in your house.

Shark HV390 vs HV391 Overview

Both of them are outstanding vacuums from Shark with pretty design. They also make sure to bring the best benefit for the user right on their design and portability.


Design is still the factor affecting the user’s impression because it shows up right in front of the eyes. They are corded and upright vacuum cleaners with the ability to work both handhelds. Besides, the handle is designed quite nicely and conveniently when it comes to buttons to control the cleaning mode. In addition, the multiflex cleaning wand can be bent to work in case of an obstacle. In addition, the head section is low-profile with multiple LEDs and a brush roll. With a design like this, the number of customers looking to Shark HV390 and HV391 is increasing day by day because of the strong impression on them.


Portability is the key factor that makes cleaning up with the Shark HV390 vs HV391 faster and more comfortable. Because of its compact design, it is not difficult to move it like other bulky machines. In addition, Active-Glide technology also helps it move smoothly, flexibly while retaining strong suction power when working. The hand-held model makes it easier and more convenient to carry it around. From all of the above, people can see how convenient they are and save you more time.

Shark HV390 vs HV391 Comparison

Of course, when comparing two products, you will know the similarity and differences between them. Shark HV390 and HV391 are no exception. They like each other with light in weight, form, and innovative technologies as well as long cord and LED lights. In contrast, they are different in color, attachment along with noise level, and dust cup size.


  • They come with the same weight as 9.8 pounds that is ultra-light for a vacuum. Therefore, holding a machine is not tired or hurt any more with them. Also, they don’t put much pressure on carpets and floors when you do housework.
  • Besides, these items come with a low-profile nozzle to clear up the low areas. Moreover, their nozzle gets many LED lights with the function of shinning when facing dark places. From that, you won’t leave anything behind after working.
  • In addition, both of them use advanced technology that Shark installs. Firstly, DuoClean can remove fine debris and larger particles on the carpet and hard floors with ease. Nevertheless, MultiFLEX Technology gives flexible reach for under furniture to entirely cleaning. Additionally, these models can stand freely and be compact to store after use. Furthermore, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology aims to detach dust and allergen out of the air for a fresh atmosphere in your house. That is really good for allergic sufferers. The last one is Active-glide technology which makes them become maneuverable on every cleaning surface while maintaining powerful suction.
  • Especially, these vacuums can work so effectively in both upright and handheld form. You can choose a suitable way to clean the place that you find necessary. All the dust and pet hair will come to the large dust cup and you just need to empty it for next use. Especially, they utilize the long cord with a length up to 30ft. It aims to extend your reach when you see some high place dirty.


Shark HV390 vs HV391 are both the flex duo clean HV300 series ultra-light. However, they still have different characteristics to distinguish them by color, included tools, the capacity of the dust box, and noise when the machine is in operation.

  • With, Shark FLEX DuoClean HV390 gives me an impressive design in a gray copper gray color and a dust cup with an actual capacity of 0.4 dry quarts. Shark FLEX DuoClean HV391 is a bit lighter with a gray/gold color and has a dust cup capacity of up to 0.42 quarts. Of course, you’ll see the difference between the Shark HV390 vs HV391 through the color and actual capacity of the dust cup.
  • The big difference between them is their attachments. Shark Flex HV390 comes with the same pet multi-tool and accessory bag as Shark Flex DuoClean HV391. However, the Shark HV390 possesses a 12-inch Crevice Tool as well. Meanwhile, Shark HV391 is preferred by the manufacturer with two tools like a duster crevice tool and multiFlex under appliance wand. These attachments support so much in cleaning when you want to refresh the whole house quickly. They remove all the dust and pet hair in every edge and corner or nook and cranny with high effectiveness.
  • Especially, they also distinguish each other thanks to the noise level. Only Shark HV390 comes with noise reduction technology for working as silent as possible. Therefore, this item will make you feel comfortable when cleaning without bothering other people.

The Price

Shark HV390 and HV391 have the same price that everyone can be satisfied with when paying for them. You can take advantage of its benefits in cleaning and will definitely find them worth the price. However, you should consult and look up more information to understand the changes in prices, shipping, and tools included with the product.

Shark HV390

Shark HV391

Final thought

With all the information above, you can find that Shark HV390 and HV391 bring to you many benefits. Besides, they also help you complete the housework in a short time with fresh air. However, users prefer much to Shark HV390 than the other. This model gets more great features as well as high ratings from a customer who used it. Therefore, you can think carefully then choose it as a better option.