Shark IF251 vs IF252: What’s the Difference?

Until now, Shark is still a brand that maintains its position on the market in the vacuum cleaner manufacturing industry. It always brings to customers surprises with new and more upgraded products. Among them, we can mention the Shark Ion line with the latest technology – Lithium-Ion battery. It helps them work more efficiently and lasts longer on the wireless type. Therefore, this article wants to implement important information about Shark IF251 vs IF252. These are two standout products and an upgraded one from the previous one. So stay tuned for this article to see the progress Shark has applied to these vacuum cleaners.

Shark IF251 vs IF252 Overview

These are vacuum cleaners that are being interested in many people. They are all of the Shark Ion series with many interesting and outstanding points that many people find interested. In addition, because Shark is quite an attentive inconvenience, its design is both neat and easy to use. And this is also the point that we want to mention in this article.

Shark IONFlex 2X IF251
1,822 Reviews
Shark IONFlex 2X IF251
Shark IF251 gives you many modes and strong suction to clean your house with the best way for getting good results. It serves well for carpet and floors through surface settings as well as suction settings.
Shark IONFlex 2X IF252
170 Reviews
Shark IONFlex 2X IF252
Shark IF252 lets you complete housework with many great features along with several attachments it gives you. Besides, this item also provides you a long time running with the latest technology about the battery.


The Shark IF251 and IF252 are extremely compact and lightweight vacuum cleaners. They have a solid handle and can quickly switch from stick mode to handheld mode. In addition, both can be bent 180 degrees to be ready to clean open cracks, narrow corners in the house. On the handle, there is also an adjustment button with different levels to choose from. Furthermore, they are wireless vacuum cleaners, so the Battery is a replacement. Both items use a Lithium-Ion battery with 2 replaceable and rechargeable ones. Therefore, the working time is quite long so you can work with peace of mind. Plus, it has wheels so it isn’t as difficult to navigate as the others. Especially, the models both use the same kind of filters with the headlight on their bodies.


The portability of Shark IF251 and IF252 is also appreciated in comparison to others. You can see that they also use wheels to enhance and improve maneuverability. In addition, Multiflex technology helps it transform its style to suit each terrain. They can also switch from stick mode to working with handheld when needed. Their physique is both compact and light, making it easy and convenient to transport and store. You will be more secure when using compared to many other products of the same range. Therefore, many customers feel more interested and interested in these two products.

Shark IF251 vs IF252 Comparison

These products are promoting their features very effectively. It is well received in the market with positive feedback. In particular, Shark IF252 is the more upgraded product of Shark IF251. As a result, you will find that they have many similarities in appearance, features, and design as well as advanced technologies. However, the difference lies in the fact that the Shark IF252 has been improved in an attachment to accommodate more people.


  • When it comes to weight, the Shark IF251 and IF252 both weigh 8.7 pounds (stick mode) and around 3.8 pounds (handheld mode). Therefore, no matter what form you use, the weight will not affect the work process as well as carry them. Other sizes are similar at 13.4-10.4-45.9 (inches). Furthermore, with the presence of wheels, they will move without difficulty regardless of the floor or carpet.
  • Moreover, they all use Lithium-Ion battery instead of wire with the ability to prolong use time. They have 2 removable and rechargeable batteries in 2X Ion-Power Pack. Therefore, you can work for quite a long time. Specifically, they provide 15 minutes with max power in the carpet set until 40 minutes on extended time for the floor. It uses 300 watts while working and can charge a second battery even with the first.
  • Filters are also notable for these two products. These items use the pre-motor foam and felt combined with the post-motor exhaust filter to filter the dirt. In addition, Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology actively aids in keeping allergens to protect the air. In particular, dirt will be in the dust cup with a capacity of up to 0.3 quarts.
  • Smart response technology is also a new point for these vacuum cleaners. Furthermore, they are further divided into surface settings for floors and carpets with suitable suction settings. In particular, headlights are other devices that extremely effectively support cleaning thanks to the lighting.
  • In addition to us, DuoClean technology also affects their performance quite a lot. Both have a bristle brush and soft roller to serve when cleaning floors and carpets respectively. In addition, Multiflex technology also makes the tasks more diverse, regardless of the terrain they face. It can “snap” the body to fit snugly into areas where stick modes are difficult to handle.
  • Last but not least, these models are freestanding storage with a single cradle and single charge.


  • Both use additional attachments and what they both have is the duster crevice tool. However, the only difference between Shark IF251 and IF252 lies in the remaining attachments. The Shark IF251 was a vacuum cleaner that originally only used the upholstery tool. Meanwhile, the Shark IF252 – the upgraded product – offers more pet multi-tool, anti-allergen dust brush, and Multi-flex under appliance wand. Therefore, Shark IF252 outperforms its predecessor thanks to the additional application and connection with other tools.

The Price

Of course, Shark IF251 and IF252 have the same price difference as many other products. The upgraded product – Shark IF252 is almost $ 100 cheaper than the other. In addition, you will receive more incentives from the manufacturer depending on the time you buy.

Shark IF251

Shark IF252


Shark IF251 and IF252 both bring new features but are very effective. Shark IF251 will be suitable for small spaces and less dust. However, Shark IF252 will be a great choice if you want to apply many attachments to many different tasks. This upgraded product will help you clear up pet hair and remove allergen quickly.