Shark IF251 vs IF281 : Which Is The Winner?

Referring to the vacuum cleaner, people can name a few famous brands today. Among them, Shark is still a popular name for many people. It manufactures a wide variety of machines with full designs and functions to satisfy customers’ expectations. For each requirement, it makes the right type, so it performs best. Among Shark products, the Shark IF251 vs IF281 are excellent when it comes to hard floors and carpets. Therefore, this article will provide useful information for people to choose more comfortably.

Shark ION Flex 2X Duo Clean IF251
1,822 Reviews
Shark ION Flex 2X Duo Clean IF251
Shark ION Flex 2X Duo Clean Cordless Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum is an excellent vacuum when coming with Duo Clean technology. Besides, the good filtration system also makes it greater with the capability to hold dust and allergen to release fresh air.
Shark ION IF281 Multiplex
2,308 Reviews
Shark ION IF281 Multiplex
Shark ION F80 Lightweight Cordless Stick Vacuum is so a lightweight vacuum with a famous technology like Multiplex technology. Moreover, it also provides users 2 removable batteries to give more running time when cleaning.

Shark IF251 vs IF281 Overview

As you can see, Shark IF251 vs IF281 is receiving a lot of support from customers. Shark has deposited into them modern and advanced technologies to perform in the best way. However, they cannot be completely alike, so there are still features that show its characteristics.


Shark IFF251 and IF281 get an awesome looking that attracts many customers to choose them. The slim and compact in upright shape let you deliver so easily, and it change into a handheld form. Moreover, they use a battery instead of a power cord and get many attachments to assist to charge. Nevertheless, LED light lies on the cleaning head with the task of illuminating. Plus, dust cup and filter stay inside the unit to solve with every dust and allergen or pet hair. Also, the motor is so small that is useful and important to create strong suction from the battery. Especially, these vacuums come in different colors like blue and gold to make them more eye-catching.


Shark IF251 and IF281 have many pretty features from design to raising the level of portability. At first, the lightweight design is so convenient in moving. Along with that, a pair of wheels let them free when running on carpets and floors. Besides, these models can turn into a handheld form to be more flexible. From that, they can do well from high places to low areas as you want. Especially, they are cordless so there will be no trouble or mess about the power cord. Therefore, you can deliver them to other places you need to make clean.

Shark IF251 vs IF281 Comparison

Both Shark Ion cordless vacuums have many pretty functions and features that contribute well to cleaning. However, they still have the similar and different point to be separate. The similarity comes from the features of the design, technology, and motor with a system of battery. In other cases, the difference is about color/weight, attachments, and filtration system with runtime.


  • Shark IF251 and IF281 are also the lightweight vacuums that many people always refer to. This will helps them bring around so easily and not hurt or being tired. Besides, their dust cup is enough with 0.3 quarts to hold dust and pet hair when cleaning. This has a compact design and stays so nice on the body of the unit.
  • Both items get the same battery which we have known as Lithium-ion battery. It provides you a 2X Ion-power pack system to support charging and storing or standing free. Moreover, many LED lights stay on the cleaning head to give the light for cleaning if there is so dark.
  • Especially, the two great models utilize advanced technology like Duo Clean. It provides two brush-rolls (soft and bristle) and one powerhead to sweep out dust and debris in a short time. Nevertheless, they get the same smart response technology for adapting excellently. Along with that, Multiplex technology makes them bend down up to 180 degrees to refresh all the spaces.
  • Plus, the motor is so well to make these items operate effectively. Specifically, they use 300watts and 11.9amps with 25.2V of power rating. From that, both will work with high energy and strong suction to entirely clean the house.
  • Finally, these items give you a long time to complete the task with ION power mode. Many people say that the machines are suitable to clean the large room or multi-room in a big house. With powerful suction, it helps the cleaning session complete quickly to save time.


  • Shark IF251 and IF281 distinguish each other through their color. Shark IF251 is so cool with blue color when IF281 is luxurious with golden color. Customers can choose one that fits with their styles as a decisive factor to buy a vacuum. Moreover, the weight of these models is different, too. Shark IF251 is quite heavier with 8.7 pounds versus 8.51 pounds in weight of IF281
  • Nevertheless, Shark IF281 has 80 minutes with 2 batteries in ION power mode. Meanwhile, Shark IF251 provides less running time than the other. From that, Shark IF281 is greater than the other about running time when cleaning.
  • The attachments these vacuums use also different. Shark IF251 gets a duster crevice tool and pet multi-tool with an anti-allergen dust brush. Meanwhile, Shark IF281 takes advantage of an 8” crevice tool and upholstery. Because they use battery, so they add more with double battery, single charge with a single cradle.
  • However, only Shark IF251 goes with anti-allergen complete seal technology. This helps to reduce the allergen in the air for making the atmosphere fresher. Besides, this item makes use of a post-motor exhaust filter with washable foam and felt.

The Price

There is a difference between the price of the Shark IF251 and IF281. However, it is so big to make customers wonder because they are in the range of $300- $400. Therefore, everyone should research carefully about the two products to choose the best fit.

Shark IF251

Shark IF281


In brief, Shark IF251 and IF281 are great vacuums with many features that attract the customer’s attention. However, just because of this point, many customers feel considerable to pick up one. Therefore, the below suggestion will help you to solve this. As a customer rating, Shark IF281 is a bit greater when it is lighter and gives more time to running.