Shark ion X40 vs Dyson V7: Choose Dyson or Shark?

On the market today, Shark and Dyson are brands that are particularly interested in users. They continuously bring to the market modern products, upgraded with advanced technology. Therefore, customers pay much attention to products from these two famous brands. Among them, Shark ion X40 vs Dyson V7 have quite high access and trust from customers. So, let’s follow the entire article to get the basic information about them.

Shark IR141 Bagless Lightweight ION X40
259 Reviews
Shark IR141 Bagless Lightweight ION X40
This cordless vacuum Shark Ion X40 can work extremely well on both forms as upright and handheld. Moreover, the long time running form battery lets you freely clean the whole house so effectively.
Dyson Motorhead V7 Cordless Stick
5,946 Reviews
Dyson Motorhead V7 Cordless Stick
Dyson V7 utilizes the Dyson digital motor V7 to collect the dirt and dust for clearing up floors and carpets. Nevertheless, this item gives 75% more brush bar power than the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum to present its strength in cleaning.

Shark ion X40 vs Dyson V7: Overall

As products applying modern technology, these two products receive great attention from consumers. In addition, thanks to the reputation of the two brands Shark and Dyson, they gradually reach more customers. Along with their quality, they have reached the top of good products on the market today.


Of course, both still has a slender, good looking stick design. Specifically, it has an easy-to-hold handle, along with the controls on it. So, users can adjust to suit the way of working. In addition, from the handle, you can change to a handheld form to clean many other positions. Furthermore, they have a dust cup/bin volume to hold dirt when cleaning. In addition, they all use a Lithium-Ion battery to provide energy for all activities of the machine. It can be said that from their design, people can also see the many benefits they bring.


Portability is a factor to contribute to raising the attraction of them. Both products are very light at less than 10 pounds. For that reason, carrying is no longer a concern, especially with multi-story houses. You just need to lift it gently from place to place without any pain. In addition, it is detachable, so you are also easier to move. Mobility is therefore guaranteed to improve convenience when using these vacuum cleaners

Shark ion X40 vs Dyson V7: Compare

When placing two products on the scale, people will surely be curious about where they are similar and different from each other. The things they have in common are design (as discussed above) and also in terms of working time, working mode, and tools. As for the differences, it is related to the time the bin supplies, the technology they apply, and the filter the same color.


  • In the beginning, we want you to know that them present well on carpets and floors. Besides, they run smoothly and cleverly in many cleaning surfaces with high protection. Next is about the wand they get with can be detachable for other cleaning purposes. This is quite long in length to cover more space you want. In addition, if you want to change or control the power, please use the trigger on their body.
  • The appliance of the latest technology of battery – Lithium-ion is a breakthrough step of Shark and Dyson. It helps to let the suction lose slowly and easy to charge after use.
  • Plus, they use a battery instead of a cord for comfortably moving without trouble relating to the cord. Also, you don’t need to watch the outlet when changing position.
  • To reach more space, you can take advantage of their handheld form. You just have to lift the handle and connect with other devices to clean high and tight areas.
  • The last common thing is the filtration system. As you see, they own washable and removable lifetime filters to solve the dust. It estimates to kill out up to 99% dust and allergen to give better air for people. It is convenient that they can wash these filters by water for using many times.


  • Their dimension reveals that Shark ion X40 goes with 7.87 pounds when that of Dyson V7 is 5.3 pounds. In this case, the Dyson vacuum is lighter and easier to bring or deliver than the other.
  • Next, they also use a 100-air watt motor to create strong suction for cleaning. However, the way it uses is the difference. Shark ion X40 integrated DuoClean with 2 brush-rolls and one powerhead. Meanwhile, Dyson V7 takes G-force through 2 tier radials to cyclones as well as Dyson digital V7 motor.
  • Another difference goes to the way it deals with dust. Between them, Dyson V7 has an internal cyclone and filter when Shark ion X40 does greatly at dust removal, nonetheless. This is good for cleaning on floors and carpets
  • Moreover, they are different in capacity dust cup or bin volume. That of Shark Ion X40 is slightly smaller than that of Dyson V7. Especially, you have to empty the removable dust cup of Shark cleaners by water meanwhile you have no need to touch the dirt in a single action.
  • As we said above, they have the same kind of battery which is Lithium-Ion. However, only Shark Ion X40 get a removable battery when Dyson V7 doesn’t. Therefore, you can buy a new one to be preventive.
  • At the final, the time it provides in handheld mode is the other difference between them. You can do in 40 minutes with Shark ion X40 when it is only 30 minutes with Dyson V7. The charcoal grey/limestone Shark vacuum can stand upright by itself meanwhile purple Dyson cleaner needs a docking station.

The Price

Shark ion X40 and Dyson V7 in the middle price group with prices ranging from $ 220 to $ 250. Shark products are a bit cheaper here, so if anyone is interested in the price, they can choose it. Moreover, the prices of products on Amazon are not fixed due to related policies from companies. Therefore, a regular lookup is necessary.

Shark Ion X40

Dyson V7

Final thought

From the information we also provide, people can also see that them are quite versatile with many outstanding features. However, the Dyson V7 is both cheaper and has better feedback from customers. Therefore, it is a better choice if you have to choose between two categories.