Shark LZ600 vs LZ601: What’s the Difference?

Currently, manufacturers are stepping up the production of vacuum cleaners to meet the growing demand. More and more people want to buy this product to help them reduce the fatigue of chores. In addition, they treat not only dust but also airborne allergens with high quality for getting the best results. Among reputable manufacturers, consumers have chosen Shark – a famous brand in this field. Its products are competitive with products from other brands. Hence, this article will prove it to you through products like the Shark LZ600 vs LZ601. We will show the characteristics the quintessence that these items possess. From there, people will easily make more accurate decisions.

Shark APEX LZ600 UpLight Lift-Away
4 Reviews
Shark APEX LZ600 UpLight Lift-Away
Shark LZ600 gets so many compliments thanks to modern technologies like Lift-away, DuoClean, and Anti-Allergen complete seal. Nevertheless, it comes with hypervelocity accelerated suction to remove and pick every kind of dust or debris.
Shark APEX LZ601 UpLight Lift-Away
1,258 Reviews
Shark APEX LZ601 UpLight Lift-Away
Shark LZ601 extends its capability with various functions through the appliance of advanced technologies. Moreover, this vacuum gets a lot of LED lights for illuminating the dark places for working better.

Shark LZ600 vs LZ601: Overview

These vacuums create many benefits for users with their great design. Shark installs them so well with the improvement of high technology to get the best machines. Therefore, you will have a clean house with many functions you expect as a vacuum.


Shark LZ600 vs LZ601 has an excellent design combined with neatness. Moreover, the lightweight makes many people very satisfied. In addition, they have a reasonably simple stick form with the pod in the grip. This pod section is small but contains many other parts of the vacuum cleaner. In it, you will find a filter that is washable along with the super quality HEPA filter. They are adjacent to the dust cup, which is quite large for the size of the machine. Right next to it is a motor that receives the energy for suction transmission during the cleaning process. In particular, the cleaning head design is suitable for small and entangled areas. Thanks to that, you can clean the whole house quickly, conveniently but also gently. This is the way that Shark attracts people to buy its products.


Shark LZ600 vs LZ601 impresses customers with its shimmering and neat appearance. It is also because of this that they see the great features and portability of these two products. Both come in a stick form, detached with a Lift-away function or brought back to handheld mode. These methods are all suitable when cleaning many different areas. The plus point is light, so you don’t worry about moving difficult or not. In addition, it can stand itself when needed, thanks to retractable wheels. Furthermore, they have the advantage of possessing a long power cord for broader mobility. Thanks to that, the parts combine harmoniously to make the cleaning process go as smoothly as possible.

Shark LZ600 vs LZ601: Comparison

According to the information above, these vacuum cleaners are worth the money when they perform exceptionally well. In addition, we see many similarities between these two machines. Specifically, they are similar in structure, weight, and many modern technologies. In particular, the differences in accessories, colors, and dust cup capacity.


  • Shark LZ600 vs LZ601 has the same weight of 10.7 pounds with 46.19 x 10.44 x 11.38 inches. It is pretty light to lift and pull when needed. In addition, they stand on their thanks to the support of retractable wheels. Furthermore, they are all very flexible when converting to the desired form. Specifically, you can hold the stick to stand upright, not constrained when vacuuming. Next, you split the pod for a convenient handheld or a pod lift and a cleaning handle.
  • Furthermore, the filtration system is excellent with washable filters, HEPA filters, and Anti-Allergen complete seals. As a result, these machines handle dust as well as air quickly and efficiently. Mainly, it is suitable for people with allergies because they help prevent these harmful agents.
  • In addition to the Lift-away function, they take advantage of DuoClean with a dual brush-roll that many products don’t apply. This technology provides bristle brush as well as soft brush-roll to collect dust from floors and carpets. In particular, there is a self-cleaning brush-roll in the construction of these machines.
  • Next, you will find that they both have a 30ft long power cord with a 4.2 ft hose and about 9 “cleaning path width. In addition, the motor is also a highlight with its 700W and 5.8A power rating. It contributes to the hypervelocity accelerated suction to pick up all kinds of dust. Even at the nozzle, the LED lights emit light to see better in dark areas.


  • Shark LZ600 vs LZ601 has a color difference so that customers can choose according to their favorite style. Specifically, Shark LZ600 has a Magenta color that is quite attractive. Meanwhile, Shark LZ601 has a beautiful forest mist blue color despite the same size and weight.
  • Also, you see that they are all about the same weight, so their dust cup is equal. However, it has a slight difference in capacity. The Shark LZ600 holds 0.68 quarts, and the Shark LZ601’s dust cup is about 0.66 quarts.
  • Furthermore, any product comes with an accessory, and specifically, they have a multi-tool pet and an accessory holder. In addition, Shark LZ600 has an additional 8 “crevice tools, while Shark LZ601 makes use of the duster crevice tool.


Shark LZ600 vs LZ601 is a mid-range product at more than $ 200. With that money, however, you can get a versatile tool to help with chores ultimately. Therefore, price is not the primary determinant of consumers buying products

Shark LZ600

Shark LZ601


Shark LZ600 vs LZ601 does not disappoint when it performs perfectly well on both floor and carpet. In addition, they provide light from LED lights to work effectively in areas with no light. Shark LZ600 has a bigger dust cup with an attractive color scheme. Meanwhile, Shark LZ601 received a lot of customer visits and extremely good feedback from users.