Shark NV105 vs NV106: Which Is The Winner?

Shark is still considered the first choice for customers who want to buy a vacuum cleaner. Diversified models are beautiful and apply advanced – modern technologies to achieve high efficiency. Among those products, Shark NV105 vs NV106 are two products that users mention quite a lot. To help those who are new to it catch up, this article will introduce these two items in detail.

Shark NV105 vs NV106: Comparison and Reviews

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General Features

  • Shark NV105 and NV106 both have Never Lose Suction technology as the basis for creating a strong suction. It deploys this suction throughout the machine to absorb all the dirt on the cleaning surface with high intensity. Moreover, it is transmitted continuously, without interruption to ensure cleaning.
  • The two products have two distinct styles, not mixed. The Shark NV105 is gentle, fresh with blue, while the NV106 is more brilliant with red. Moreover, the distance between the two items also exists only a small range of 10.6 and 11.9 pounds respectively. With the above weight, these two items are still quite light and compact so you can comfortably hold and take them to another location.
  • They own a superior carpet and bare floor cleaning tools, namely brush-roll shutoff. This device gives you a way to remove all the dust and hair on these surfaces. Nevertheless, with the same length of cord – 25ft, you can freely move less in on position but still cover large space. Shark NV105 and NV106 turn a mundane chore into an easy-breezy task for everyone.
  • The dust cup is also the factor we can mention. Shark NV105 and NV106 both own the large one to hold 0.8 quarts of dust and allergens. Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to stop the session many times to empty this dust cup. This is so convenient when customers live in a small house then you will empty it after complete the task.
  • Shark NV105 and NV106 don’t go with the HEPA filter like another Shark vacuum. However, you will find the big means, bottom-empty Bag-less grime cup in these items. This point support to make cleansing handy and productive as you expect.

Difference Between Shark NV105 vs NV106

  • Shark NV105 comes with a small footprint for standing. This also makes it compact to easily store for saving much space. Nevertheless, users can protect this machine well thanks to this feature.
  • Shark NV106 lists in the lightweight group but it still gets swivel steering for running smoothly. Especially, you can use it to cleverly avoid the furniture and another obstacle in your house. Be safe in mind that this will leave no trouble.
  • Shark NV105 is one the best vacuum can remove well all the hair and pet hair. You can see what it performs on Amazon to see how effectively it works.
  • Shark NV106 uses a two-motor device along with the vigor nozzle. This aims to optimize the setting to clean for each carpet and bare floor as you want. Moreover, it holds an extra-long wand and hose for extending your reach, so you can take on more tasks. Therefore, all position, no matter how it is high or low, you can entirely clean.
  • Shark NV105 receives many attachments like a dusting/ crevice tool but no upholstery tool like NV106. It owns a pet power brush instead. Besides, it has the button under the flexible hose to adjust the level of suction strength. Therefore, you can control its suction to be suitable with any cleaning surfaces. This is a big great feature that Shark gives to NV105.

Reviews of Shark NV105

Shark NV105 has proved its ability to receive 4.4 stars on Amazon. You can also see up to 70% of customers have accumulated 5 stars for this product. They also left comments that this product can create a strong attraction when taking advantage of the 1200 watts motor. Moreover, depending on the type of floor, carpet they can adjust this strong or weak suction force by sliding the button below the flexible hose. Also, many people prefer the included cleaning tools like pet power brush and dusting/crevice tool. Many customers must recognize that Shark NV105 helps them turn dull house cleaning into an exciting task completed in a short time.

Reviews of Shark NV106

Shark NV106 has also reached 4.1 stars with all it can do. The number of people buying this product is still increasing. Users living in small houses are very satisfied with the capacity of the dust cup. They were also surprised by the swivel steering that made the machine more flexible whether moving on the carpet or the floor. Also, they like the vigor nozzle about setting up the deep cleaning mode on carpets and floors in the most efficient way. Pet owners love when using the pet upholstery tool to remove dog and cat hair that their pets leave behind.

The Price

Shark NV105 and NV106 belong to Shark’s cheap vacuum cleaner line. You spend less than $ 160 for a product that is the relatively good quality like this. The price of NV105 is a bit higher, but only a small range of $ 30-40. It will not make you fret when buying either type. Follow them on Amazon to stay up to date on the latest pricing information and sale-offs.

Shark NV105

Shark NV106

Should you buy Shark NV105 vs NV106?

Both Shark NV105 and NV106 received good feedback with high ratings. They work well on any surface, meeting the majority of consumer needs. However, considering the level of trust in the product, people should choose NV105. Although it is a bit more expensive, the benefits it brings are quite large. Quickly choose the product you like before it is out of stock because the number of subscribers is still increasing significantly.