Shark NV200 vs NV202: Which Is The Winner?

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Shark is still the leading brand in the ability to catch trends and customer psychology. It produces many types to meet all their needs, from simple to complex. Moreover, whether the price is cheap or expensive, quality is still the top factor for Shark. To learn more about this brand, let’s learn about Shark NV200 vs NV202.

Shark NV200 vs NV202: Comparison and Reviews

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  • They have different colors, respectively white/gray and black-gray. Furthermore, the NV200 is also a bit lighter with 13 pounds. This is also a factor to attract customers to buy them as their style.
  • Shark installs for NV200 a switch between brush-roll setting the cleaning level of carpet and hard floor with ease and convenience. Meanwhile, NV202 uses a 605 watts motor to support for generating the powerful suction in the cleaning session. Furthermore, this is a bag-less vacuum so you just need to empty the dust cup after cleaning for the next use.
  • Shark NV200 provides you a flexible hose from the detachable nozzle to cover all the places that have much dust. In other cases, Shark NV202 is so great to minimize the allergens in the air to get the best result. Moreover, it also sets up noise reduction technology to avoid bothering other people and other jobs.
  • Except for the common attachments we knew above, Shark NV200 owns an under appliance wand for extending your reach. Besides, the Flexi crevice tool is perfect for removing the dust inside the scratch or crevice. These tools make them become separate and differ themselves.

General Features

  • They are both excellent products, a good choice when you want to clean hard floors and carpets. It completes the task excellently while ensuring surface protection.
  • DuoClean technology is one of the great functions that these two products have. This technology will take advantage of dual brush-roll to remove pet hair and hair quickly and thoroughly.
  • Also, Both use Swivel steering technology when working. It helps you move the flexible, clever vacuum cleaner across surfaces as well as avoiding household objects.
  • Good filters are also the attraction of these vacuum cleaners. It helps clean the dust and then filters through HEPA filters. AACS technology takes on the task of separating dust and allergen and then taking clean air out. It is extremely effective when it reaches nearly 100% of the dirt in the dust cup. Many customers always pay attention to this feature whenever they consider choosing a vacuum cleaner.
  • Furthermore, Shark has LED headlights mounted on both Shark NV200 vs NV202. Therefore, you will not have to be afraid when you encounter areas of low light. In particular, dirt will run out of opportunities to stay on the floor.
  • Both have up to 30ft long cord to help people limit plugging and unplugging the socket. The cord will wrap the two hooks on the side for you to easily store and preserve. Also, some attachments are the same as the duster crevice tool, pet multi-tool, multi-angle dusting brush, and pet power brush.

Reviews of Shark NV200

Shark NV200 gets only 3.7 stars but still receives many great compliments about its quality. Many people praise the DuoClean technology that using dual brush-roll in cleaning. This is so great for carpet and hard floors. Also, it possesses many attachments for various tasks to eliminate 100% dust and allergens in their house. Furthermore, swivel steering limits its weight that still light for running extremely cleverly. Besides, the LED headlights make the job better and more effective with their illumination. Plus, the filtering system supports too much in cleaning and makes happiness to allergic people. They are interested in cleaning this model with fresh air releasing after completing it. That is an outstanding point of Shark NV200. Moreover, the regrettable thing is that it works without noised reduction technology. Therefore, some housewives complain about the noise it creates making your children wake up.

Reviews of Shark NV202

Shark NV202 ranks so high with 4.3 stars for what it performs. You can see that it gets many positive feedbacks on Amazon after users have used it. They said that this machine is so light but Shark still creates this swivel steering. Therefore, they can control by pushing it into the direction they want so smoothly. Besides, it comes with an eye-catching and compact design that many people say it is their style. Especially, the noise reduction technology makes it work in silence for not bothering anyone.  Users compliment so much about AACS technology and HEPA filter for minimizing the allergens in the air to release fresh air. Pet owners are comfortable to use pet power brush and pet multi-tool to pick up the pet hair. Therefore, the customers will safe in mind when using this cheap vacuum – Shark NV202.

The Price

The two products are quite cheap, people can buy one easily. Shark NV200 and NV202 range stay in price from $100 to $140. Besides, Shark also often applies sale-offs to stimulate the price base can be reduced slightly. However, you should still look up information on Amazon regularly to find out how you will receive the discount. With products of this quality, affordable price, there is no reason you can ignore them.

Shark NV200 

Shark NV202


Looking at them, both bring positive benefits to everyone. Shark NV202 is slightly appreciated by customers due to the difference in technology. Moreover, NV202 is cheaper so many people prefer it a little. Everyone should consider all the factors to make the best decision. Sometimes, one product is more suitable for one person, another product is better for the other person.