Shark NV200 vs NV800 : Which one the best?

Before this post, I have made many ones about one of the most favorite brands in producing vacuum – Shark. Today, I will bring to you another pair to think about: Shark NV200 vs NV800.

Shark NV200 vs NV800: Comparison And Review

Shark is still the leading unit with an increasing reputation in the vacuum cleaner market. Its products are still on display in many places with relatively high sales. Shark NV200 vs NV800 are also among them with impressive numbers. They are both Shark DuoClean vacuum with many difficult to distinguish and great points of each type.

Shark NV200 Reviews

Shark NV200 is well-known with the name “Shark DuoClean Slim upright vacuum” is holding a fairly good position now. Although it is an older model, not because of it, its attraction is inferior to other models. DuoClean technology is very famous for eliminating dust and debris for the brighter floors that are prettier than before.

Moreover, it comes with a series of attachments that you find it correct when buying it. Shark NV200 includes pet multi-tool, pet power brush for “kill” all the pet hair which makes many people uncomfortable. Furthermore, the duster crevice tool, flexible crevice tool, and multi-angle duster brush perfectly clean all the nooks and crannies. This supports too much for making an excellent performance that many users expect. Besides, the under appliance wand and 30ft cord help you expand your cleaning surface very much without moving many times. Shark NV200 is a great vacuum although it is older.

Shark NV800 Reviews

Rotator Powered Lift-Away Speed Vacuum with DuoClean is the term we often call Shark NV800. It also owns DuoClean technology like Shark NV200 to upgrade its performance. Its purpose is to wipe away the dirt that obscures the beautiful shiny floors. It uses a couple of devices such as bristle brush and additional soft brush roll to knock off all the big particles lying on the floors. Also, a series of LED light comes to Shark NV800 for supporting the illumination in low-light condition places. Nevertheless, some other technologies assist to hold and filter as well as improve the convenience for cleaning well. It does not matter whether it is an elevated area, a lot of crevices, it can complete so perfectly. Shark also equipped this model with a multi-tool pet to thoroughly remove pet hair, avoiding allergies to the user. It is quite interesting, isn’t it?

The Design

This time, people can distinguish Shark NV200 vs NV800 through the shape and color that Shark design. Except slim and tall alike, NV200 has a combination of red and white, while blue and silver belong to NV800. Their design has many points that make the job more convenient and efficient. In your home, sometimes there are areas where the light is not completely covered, so LED light exists instead. These lights help you observe all the areas so that the cleaning is much more effective. You will not have to skip a small corner, not even leaving dirt on the areas you have just cleaned. However, it will be a bit hard when you use Shark NV200 instead of NV800. Only NV800 comes with lift-away technology to disassemble accessories to work more smoothly. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about how to bring it easiest into other places or stairs.

The Portability

Because Shark NV200 vs NV800 were born a long time ago, there are some shortcomings compared to other types. They weigh up to 20 pounds, which reduces the convenience of carrying a lot. However, as mentioned above, the Lift-away technology in NV800 makes it a little more convenient. When several customers commented on this, Shark has “installed” an additional Swivel steering to limit the difficulty. The nozzle is designed to help it crept through the furniture in the room in a flexible way. There are also extra wheels to enhance the convenience of travel, limiting the defect of the vacuum cleaner. The NV800 also has an advantage over the lift-away function – a way of splitting up the device to reduce weight. At that time, it still converts the strong power for cleaning with a spinning brush roll. In this regard, NV800 scored more points than NV200.

The Cleaning Performance

Shark NV200 is not a new vacuum, yet it is clever to know exactly which one will suit your house. You should take full advantage of the features from the features it represents to achieve the results you want. You can rely on the user manual to not make unnecessary mistakes when using. From there, you will realize that NV200 or NV800 fit your needs and pocket more.

The Features:

  • Owning Never Lose Suction technology, they are comfortable working through creating strong suction power. This attraction will remain throughout the process at the same intensity, unaffected by external forces. Remember that there will be no loss of airflow with this technology, so it’s not a problem with them.
  • Like we knew above, they come with a series of LED lights to definite the dust in dark surfaces for cleaning completely. Dirt will not have the opportunity to hide deep in the gaps, dark corners that you often overlook.
  • Despite being born early, Shark NV200 still has a full set of dust cleaning cum air purifiers like NV800. The AACS technology and HEPA filtration system proved that Shark knows how to keep its name. Every time you mention Shark products, people remember the ability to clean almost 100% of the dirt. It even creates an extremely clean and airy atmosphere, which is good for human health.

The Difference:

  • Only Shark NV800 has lift-away technology which is extremely convenient when moving as well as holding it by hand. It can flexibly switch to 3 modes that exist in a vacuum cleaner, very creative. The upright mode will help you such up large particles and collect dust through some useful attachments. The next mode takes on cleaning high areas and some corners after removal canister out of the main unit. In canister mode, there is no difficulty blown away the dirt on the floor, extremely fast. This is a big shortage of Shark NV200.
  • Shark NV800 once again shows its superiority with the characteristic DuoClean technology. The attachments will work well and in harmony with each other for cleaning. Dirt will quickly disappear after a few basic lines in a short time.

The Price

No wonder the Shark NV800 costs more than the NV200. It has more outstanding and unique functions, is more attractive as well as more efficient. However, please do not ignore NV200. Who knows, it is suitable for customers who do not set many requirements.

Shark NV200

Shark NV800

The Shark NV200 Feedback

Shark NV200 still achieved positive results with many positive comments even though it is a “veteran”. The number of people who love this device is still increasing because it fits quite a few small houses. With the modern technology that Shark gives, the airflow goes strong for hours. Its price is extremely light for every family, so almost anyone can own a Shark NV200. Some people like the ability to clean absolute dust as well as release clean air to the outside. Yet, with that weight but no lift-away mode, it is a bit stiff when some customers wanted to do the job on stairs.

The Shark NV800 Feedback

“Convenient” “nice” “working effectively” “satisfactory” are the compliments that customers leave in the comments of Shark NV800. Many people find it easier to clean under their beds, wardrobes, and stairs faster than usual ways. The suction power it produces has no words to describe, so wonderful. When accessed on Amazon, it was always out of stock, waiting for orders because of its “hot” level. Moreover, it also enhances its convenience through a series of great features and modern technology. However, its minus point is a short cord, a little regret.

The Conclusion

Overall, the Shark NV200 and NV800 are good quality vacuum cleaners and deserve the price people pay. It still performs the tasks perfectly and limits the impact on cleaning surfaces or furniture in the house. However, as people see, the NV800 has many advantages, so what it shows also makes people disappointed. Calculate wisely to make the right choices. You have plenty of time to think and choose, right?