Shark NV22S vs NV22L: Which One Is Better?

Shark is one of a few companies that offer a variety of high-quality models. Its collections include navigator, rotator or rocket line and lift-away, professional or pet perfect class. Customers are the ones who benefit from this available diversity. However, it can be a drawback as people get confused and don’t know what perfect one to choose for their house. Shark has a large number of identical products with a few different points. Shark NV22S vs NV22L is one of them. They are vacuum cleaners that belong to Shark Navigator lightweight upright vacuum – so you will expect they are extremely similar in- and outside. Moreover, it has very positive reviews from several websites on the Internet. In this article, I’ll focus on 2 famous models from this series, the Shark NV22S and NV22L. After reading this post, hope you can distinguish these units and choose yourself a suitable vacuum cleaner.

Shark NV22S vs NV22L: Comparison and Review

The aim of putting these two in the same page is to point out the similarities and differences between one of the most confusing pair of Shark vacuum products. Bear in mind that Shark NV22S vs NV22L is not perfect but it works well. This vacuum line is well-known for delivering superior cleaning performance without loss of suction power. It is understandable because Shark didn’t aim them as high-end products. In short, they are a wise choice for those who care about convenience and budget.

Shark NV22S Review

NV22S is a vacuum cleaner that is specifically for clean carpets and bare floors. Besides, this model owns a 10-amp motor, 12-inch-wide cleaning path, 25-foot cord as well as a HEPA filter. Specially, its stretch hose aims to allow users to clean high-reaching areas. At the same time, dusting brush and pet turbo brush attachments successfully help users to enhance pet hair pickup. Nevertheless, it is a bit heavier than other types of vacuum cleaner with 15 pound. Perhaps, people will be careful when carrying this machine. Moreover, this item is considerably less expensive than the aforementioned models. However, when comparing with some product of Dyson, it still lacks some of the Dyson-specific features like accessories, ball technology and more. Overall, Shark NV22S gets so many good praises from its users, so you can consider it as an extra option.

Shark NV22L Review

NV22L comes with lavender color and well-known as a lightweight, upright vacuum cleaner from a familiar brand. Belonging to Navigator models, it also features as this type with a bagless dust cup, motorized brush roll. In addition, it goes with an easy-access wand for reaching wide spaces. Its weight is just 15 pounds as Shark NV22S has to work well on stairs. Furthermore, this item has some attachments like a brush accessory, a crevice tool as well as a 25-foot-long-power cord. With long cord like this, the customers can freely bring it around and avoid obstacle in long-and-wide spaces.

Especially, Shark NV22L Navigator is very excellent with its perfect performance on carpets and stairs. It also receives high rate with easy-to-maneuver design. Many ones note that this model is a breeze to move and can reach into areas that other vacuums may miss. In general, it is really a strong component in the race of vacuum cleaner.

The Design

As you can see in the Internet, Shark NV22S and NV22L have vertical shape with upright vacuums. We can differential them as their color that Shark gives. It is clearly that NV22S is pretty in silver whereas NV22L own a purple that similar to lavender. The difference in their color can consider as a decisive factor for users to easily choose as they like. You can easily understand that something that look elegant and serene will goes to Shark NV22S.In contrast, you can choose the Shark NV22L with a more outstanding color when comparing with other vacuums. We can say that you can choose the one that owns your favorite color or you prefer more.

The Portability

Shark NV22S and NV22L are designed as upright vacuums so some people will find them a bit bulky. However, with the weight of 14.9 pound, they are seen as lightweight machines. In addition, the attached wheels support to easily move the units around and avoid obstacles like table legs or chairs. In case you want to clean above such as curtains or stairs, additional tools will help you to do this job.

The Cleaning Performance

People always take much attention on how the vacuum cleaner works. It is the important factor they research to get the final decision. Shark NV22S and NV22L come to the human life for a long time, more than a couple of years. Most of users call them as powerful multitasking vacuum cleaners they have ever used before. Now let’s start to dig into how they perform to know exactly about them.

Comparison Tables

  • Never Loses Suction technology brings Shark’s vacuum closer to the customers with its great function. The machines receive the strong suction power from it to support them pull the stubborn dirt. The dirt always lies deeply inside your carpet, so you are difficult in cleaning them without this technology. Besides, “Never loses suction” technology combines with large-capacity dustbin to extend cleaning process without interruption.
  • Both of them are extremely well on cleaning floors, even other tasks. Some accessories like extension hose allow the machines to reach under the furniture, corner at ease. Nevertheless, these machines can get rid of the spider webs on your house if possible. In brief, the units can do well almost any type of cleaning work at home at their level.
  • Shark NV22S and NV22L are able to knock off pet hair at home with powerful suction they create. Someone may not believe this. Well, you know the pet brush affects strongly on removing fur or human hair on the floors. If you like to own pet in your house, they are really great options for a vacuum cleaner.
  • As we talked above, they are bagless vacuum that make you not worried about a bagged filter or troublesome maintenance. Shark NV22S and NV22L come with lifetime filters for no replacement filter cost that saves much your money. Because the filtration system isn’t high-end so they are not suitable with those who have allergy reaction. Moreover, these filters don’t allow dust to clog inside, therefore, it will be no problem with them. Especially, you can clean the washable filters are washable to use the next time.
  • However, they have a bit difference in the length of power cord. As their dimensions on Amazon, NV22S own a 30ft power cord whereas Shark NV22L comes with shorter one 25ft.

The Price

Although Shark NV22L is a bit more expensive than the NV22L, but they still stand out for cheap models. They come with a price of under $150. I personally think this price is really reasonable and suitable for people with low- and middle-income.

Shark NV22S

Shark NV22L

The Feedbacks

Overall, they are also outstanding vacuum cleaner with high quality and pretty look. They get high rate on Amazon by many users from all over the world.

Shark NV22S Feedbacks

Shark NV22S reaches up to 72% of customers who rated 5 stars on Amazon with many great comments. You can easily see these comments below its description like “pretty design” “powerful suction” “work well on floor”. Most of people are impressive on its performance through its attachment and features. Nevertheless, Shark NV22S can do variety job which can exist on your house that relating to remove bad things. Moreover, many pet owners like its lightweight design as well as the great suction for removing pet hair. However, it still makes some noise that many ones feel disappointed. This is the only minus thing that users complain about it.

Shark NV22L Feedbacks

Shark NV22L gets high rates with 4.4 out of 5 stars from 2,241 Amazon customers. People are satisfied with its great performance and reasonable price. Everyone praises it for great suction and excellence performances on carpets and floors pickup. Especially, some users can use this item to knock off the spider webs in their house. However, the machine sometimes tips over when using hose that is not convenient for them. They hope Shark can improve this minus thing to make it product better.

The Conclusion

The difference in color and price might lead you to the favorite one. Basically, Shark NV22S vs NV22L are very identical. Both of them are great for using for everyday cleaning. They are proved to be powerful and efficient with the customers. If you want to find a vacuum with many great functions and can remove pet hair, let’s choose them. They will not make you satisfied with their perfect performance.