Shark NV341 VS NV501: Which one is Better?

Nowadays, vacuum cleaners are not luxurious items anymore. Since they have become more necessary than they used to in the past, the vacuum market has bloomed then. Several brands have been taken into the market and they unstoppably develop their products through years. Among them, there is a brand which always attracts my attention with every of its release. You can guess who? That’s right, it’s Shark. This brand is one of the most famous and innovative companies now, providing a variety of products at competitive (low) prices. And, Shark NV341 vs NV501 are representatives of this vacuum line (along with Shark NV502 in Shark NV501 vs NV502). They are both feature-packed upright and lift-off mains-powered bagless cleaners. In addition, they are bold, solidly built, and come with a plethora of tools. Shark NV341 and NV501 are similar yet different. Let’s continue to follow the next thing.

Shark NV341 vs NV501: Comparison and Review

As you all know, the vacuum cleaner brings a lot of benefits to human life now. I think, when you’re looking for a trustworthy one, you should search Shark Rotator models immediately for many good ones. Shark has a great reputation with a trendy product and Shark Rotator is a pretty line from it. Besides, it includes Shark NV341 and NV501 which are Shark Rotator Slim-Lite Lift-Away and Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away respectively.

Although Shark NV341 and NV501 belong to the same Shark Rotator, they still differ themselves in many criteria. They perform all their own strengths and weaknesses through design, cleaning performance… However, it’s better that you shouldn’t focus on the machines’ flaws. Let’s see what Shark NV341 and NV501 got and what makes them brighter than other products in every brand. So, let’s start to know about them to get a lot of information about buying the best one.

Shark NV341 Reviews

Right on its name – Shark Rotator Slim-Lite Lift-Away has revealed some things about it. As I introduced above, it comes from Shark Rotator which owns many innovative as well as high-quality for the market. It has a portable pod for easy to use with convenience. Moreover, a famous feature – Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology traps maximum dust and allergens for not pollution on air. Getting along with it, Swivel steering gives users ultimate control to reach closer tight space or areas under furniture. In addition, you turn on/off the deluxe motorized brush roll for performing well on carpets or even bare floors. Nevertheless, Shark NV341 do great in many jobs with several attachments or tool. We list them such as a crevice tool, pet upholstery tool, dusting brush, accessory bag. Furthermore, dust-away bare floor attachments with a microfiber pad also lie on this list. So much pretty, right?

Shark NV501 Reviews

Shark NV501 is well-known as a versatile upright vacuum of Shark Rotator. NV501 highlights itself with a detachable canister that supports so much for cleaning large spaces. Moreover, LED headlights to make the job easier for illuminating dark areas to collect more debris and small pieces. The lift-Away feature is also a great feature to make this machine easily move around with no difficulty. Additionally, swivel steering makes its maneuverability higher in cleaning that attracts much intention of users. Together with swivel steering, a flexible hose and wand also support for vacuum larger areas and even high position. Especially, Shark NV501 is really suitable for pet owners because it is excellent at collecting pet hair in the house. Besides, it works well on hard or wooden floors without any damages. Several attachments (multi-angle brush, turbo brush, motorized brush head, bare floor brush) also make it an ideal option.

The Design

Actually, appearance is not that important since the most essential factor will always the quality. However, no one wants to spend money on a bulky and ugly machine, right? Therefore, several manufacturers these days care about how their products look besides the performance factors. In general, Shark NV341 and NV501 really look alike if you don’t notice some differences between these two. They are both available in dark red color. However, as you see, Shark NV341 is taller than NV501 with a height of 46.06 and 45.7 inches respectively. In addition, you cannot directly remove the dust cup in Shark NV501 like NV341 did when cleaning. Meanwhile, the dust cup and the head of Shark NV341 are directly attached.

The Portability

I have never seen any complaint about the maneuverability of Shark products until now. The machines are able to smoothly move around obstacles such as furniture, beds, sofas with Swivel steering. Besides, both Shark NV341 vs NV501 are considered lightweight, with 13.23 and 15.5 pounds respectively. Moreover, slim and light in design supports make them maneuverable for moving around and more convenient for cleaning. Hence, I believe people won’t get any problems associated with carrying them around. Nevertheless, you expect more benefits they bring when you own them for your hour. Shark guarantees that you save much time and energy with these outstanding machines. You will pass the old methods and old machines to come with Shark NV341 and NV501. The information below will a guide to help you choose between them. Please stay tuned.

The Cleaning Performance

Shark NV341 vs NV501 are out of the high-end series, therefore, you should know that it is not completely perfect. To honest, they show satisfying performances at reasonable prices. If you want to hold an excellent vacuum, then you should search for newer versions. By the way, let’s see what Shark NV341 and NV501 have got to win your heart.

  • The famous Never Loses Suction technology makes what Shark is today. Shark integrates Shark NV341 vs NV501 with this feature which allows the machines to work through the clean-up job without loss of power. Many people agree that they pay attention to Shark vacuums because of this excellent technology.
  • Both of them are equipped with HEPA filtration system along with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. This combination is able to trap over 99.97% of small particles and allergens. Therefore, you enjoy the fresh air without allergens right in your house with these machines. And, it is ideal for those who suffer respiratory problems.
  • Cyclonic technology is another similarity between Shark NV341 and NV501. It helps to separate dirt from the air, and you won’t have to worry about clogging filters. Getting along with this job, it still ensures to maintain consistent and strong suction power.
  • Both of them are said to excellent on all types of floors, including carpet, hard floors, stairs, and so on.
  • However, it is time to talk about the differences between Shark NV341 and NV501 that you should know. Although the cleaning path width of these two is the same (9.5 inches), the NV501 comes with a longer hose and cord. It is said that those of the NV341 are 7 and 25 feet, while the NV501’s are 8.4 and 30 feet. Longer hose and cord mean you reach a larger cleaning space.

The Price

It is understandable that the NV501 is a bit costly than the other since it comes with more advanced features. However, don’t worry. Both of them are affordable for low- and middle-income families, under $200. It is so easy to own one with this range of price, especially when Shark invents sale-off. It is time to bring it with a reasonable price and many benefits attached.

Shark NV341

Shark NV501

The Feedbacks

Up to 73% of customers on Amazon give 5 stars to Shark NV341. Many people showed their surprise at how well this vacuum did. Another plus point of this masterpiece is that it operated quietly and easy-to-use with many attachments. Moreover, many famous features staying on many kinds of Shark products are very great for users to bring or carry them with ease. Furthermore, you empty the canister easier because it is detachable from the vacuum head. In addition, I saw several comments “Powerful machine” in the review section. Yet, some of them didn’t like its design.

Shark NV501 is worth to bestseller among upright vacuums coming from Shark on Amazon. It is hot and receives 5 stars from 72% of customers. Most of them are satisfied with its powerful suction and many functions it presents. Among them, the long cord makes it convenient to clean the large space without moving too much. Nevertheless, they say it has many kinds of brush for doing well other different jobs such as removing dust, collecting pet hair. However, some complain that several plastic parts make them ignore their durability.

The Conclusion

Obviously, It is clear that Shark NV501 does greater with more excellent features than others, especially pet power brush (the Shark NV341 don’t get) when it comes to curtains, furniture, vehicles, and stairs. Overall, you see the features and accessories of the NV501 are more useful, but it also means you must pay extra money for this version.