Shark NV350 vs NV352: What’s the Difference?

Convenience is always what people want no matter what they do in any job. Specifically, many homemakers or people who do not have time need this when cleaning the house desperately. They choose a vacuum cleaner as a tool to assist with chores. Any type of vacuum cleaner is very versatile but has a price that is right for the consumer. In this article, information about Shark NV350 vs NV352 will show up and help people understand them better. Both are under the famous Shark brand with many modern and very trendy features. In addition, the price is relatively easy to breathe so that everyone can satisfy and own. Would you please come with us to gain more knowledge for choosing the best one?

Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV350
476 Reviews
Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV350
Shark NV350 brings to your fresh house air after filtering by some useful filter with Anti-Allergen complete seal. In addition, this item is advanced with Lift-away function to various working styles for doing better.
Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352
12,766 Reviews
Shark Navigator Lift-Away NV352
Shark NV352 is so excellent when it is favor and focused by the Shark brand. The vacuum gets full of filtration systems to change the air conditioner to the best level.

Shark NV350 vs NV352: Overview

Shark has always been a trusted buying point that consumers always want to choose. Its products ensure many of the factors they like, such as beautiful appearance, not bulky but multifunctional. Therefore, these two products have soon entered their sights, so the number of people interested increases.


Shark NV350 vs NV352 are sibling products of the Shark Navigator group. They adopt the Lift-away function to be more flexible. So you can take advantage of its two types of work to reach every corner to get things done as quickly as possible. In addition, the two use a long power cord with a delicately designed cleaning head. Moreover, the dust cup plays an essential role because it is the place that stores and receives all dust that enters the machine. In addition, many filters also help and assist in handling and dealing with these dust and particles. Therefore, dirt will not leak out and will not cause clogging, leading to damage to the machine. Nevertheless, the motor with a high power-rating helps create a good suction in excellent condition for vacuuming well.


Shark NV350 vs NV352 are versatile on all types of surfaces with high portability. Specifically, these items are not too heavy with excellent dimensions, so it won’t be difficult for you to use them. In addition, wheels also help to reduce their weight and pressure to move much more smoothly. Moreover, when meeting areas like stairs, you can immediately detach the canister to hold in your hand and continue vacuuming. In addition, although the room has many furniture, they still confidently clean all areas with a low-profile cleaning tip and a swivel direction. In particular, a long power cord is also an advantage of both when it is possible to clean the relatively large space.

Shark NV350 vs NV352: Comparison

Shark successfully created these products with excellent quality that appeal to consumers. These sibling products have many similarities that you notice in design, working style, and movement with many other details. Furthermore, they have many different points at filtration, attachments with weight, and power cord for their separation.


  • Both piqued curiosity about how Lift-away technology affects their work. Shark NV350 vs NV352 is light with lavender color in the typical upright form of the Shark Navigator line. They feature Lift-away technology that makes lifting the vacuum cleaner a breeze. Both are always up to standard for a multi-purpose vacuum cleaner for handling surfaces. Of course, To fit the cleaning locations, separate the canister and apply it directly when cleaning. Wheels will help the machine run smoothly on any surface in the house.
  • In addition, suction is also a notable factor when they use motors with 1200W and 10A. Thanks to that, it is always a solid and chewy state to operate with the best conditions. Therefore, ​away no matter how clinging or hiding deep in the crevices. This function is well-known as Never Lose Suction technology that many vacuums of Shark have.
  • Furthermore, these items stand out with a dust cup with a capacity of about 1.2 quarts. Besides, they come with a brush-roll shutoff to quickly switch to the clean floor and carpet mode. Thanks to that, you can protect this surface with the gentle and delicate work above


  • Shark NV350 vs NV352 are similar in size with measurements like 15 “by 11.4” by 45.5 “, but they have different weights. Specifically, the Shark NV350 weighs only about 12.5 lbs and is lighter than the Shark NV352’s 14.3 lbs. In addition, both have the same 5ft hose with 9.25: cleaning path width. However, the Shark NV350 has a longer power cord with 30 feet than the 25ft of the Shark NV352.
  • Furthermore, these items possess good filtration with washable HEPA filters and Anti-Allergen complete seals. However, Shark NV350 owns two more foam filters, while Shark NV352 includes both the pre-motor and post-motor combo. It is a slight difference that you can note when following.
  • In particular, they offer a wide range of attachments such as crevice tools, dusting brushes. However, Shark NV350 has an 11 “crevice tool and an onboard crevice tool, while Shark NV352 is a 5.5” and 24 “crevice tool. In addition, Shark NV350 has a turbo power brush with the accessory wrong. In this case, Shark NV352 takes advantage of the comprehensive upholstery tool instead.


Shark NV350 vs NV352 are relatively low priced at less than $ 200 and a difference of about $ 40-50. However, Shark NV352 has a higher price, but the quality still has many valuable points that you should care about. In addition, you can follow the sale-offs to receive vouchers and buy at the best prices you expected.

Shark NV350

Shark NV352

Final Tip

Shark NV350 vs NV352 brings many benefits and convenience to all customers. However, the Shark NV352 is still a better product than the Shark NV350. It has a high value, lighter turn with superior filtration and attachment system. Moreover, many customers use it and recommend it to buyers, enough to see how good its quality is. You can refer to some more comparison articles between the two products through the articles Shark NV352 vs NV360. You will understand more about Shark NV352