Shark NV351 vs NV352: Which One Is The Best?

Housework is still a problem that many people feel a headache, especially busy people who do not have much free time. Usually, you take a lot of time to clean the house because there are many things, so you have to be meticulous to clean every corner. Therefore, many people look to buy a vacuum cleaner to solve this problem. It is being considered an effective method. That is why many manufacturers, including Shark, have grasped this need and manufactured many different machines. Currently, Shark is a brand with a good position in the market because it provides many quality products to customers. Many people trust and use its products with satisfaction and delight. Among them, Shark NV351 vs. NV352 is notable. These are two products for which orders are still increasing every day. To understand why it’s so compelling, please read this article.
Shark Navigator NV351 Lift-Away Canister
476 Reviews
Shark Navigator NV351 Lift-Away Canister
Shark NV351 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Canister - Upright Vacuum Cleaner comes with a Lift-away function to detach its body to work better. Besides, it provides many accessories to do more tasks and adapts to various surfaces.
Shark Navigator NV352 Lift-Away Upright
12,766 Reviews
Shark Navigator NV352 Lift-Away Upright
Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum NV352 is so pretty with a lightweight design and two modes for cleaning. Nevertheless, this model has an advanced filtration system with HEPA filter and other washable filters, especially with Anti-allergen Complete Seal technology.

Shark NV351 vs. NV352: Overview

These products are famous for many Shark-inspired elements that many people love. They possess an ideal physique and bring many of the conveniences they desire. Moreover, this is also an essential factor affecting the customers’ buying decisions.


Shark NV351 and NV352 are pretty similar. They use lavender over their compact stature. The whole sea is not as heavy as many people think. Their design is quite flexible when it can be transformed into another form when working. In addition, these vacuum cleaners use a reasonably long cord with 25ft, which is very convenient and comfortable for the user.

Furthermore, the filter system and motor are located inside the pod and work quite effectively according to what Shark applies. Plus, they have more brush / brush-roll to take care of different tasks. In particular, these items have a rather large dust cup that people think can contain a lot of dirt and pet hair when working.


Shark NV351 and NV352 are wholly outstanding and convenient with portability as well as flexibility when working. Shark pays attention to this point because customers always demand high convenience and speed from these vacuum cleaners. They can move quickly and smoothly thanks to the pair of wheels. In addition, a swivel steering increases the maneuverability of these two items, making it cleverly avoid obstacles on surfaces. Also, these are 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners with the ability to work with a good form and lift-away canister form. Therefore, you can change the work type depending on the area you clean.

Shark NV351 vs. NV352: Overview

Both products have apparent similarities and differences that you can observe and notice. They are the same in size, design details in working mode with modern technologies. However, these items still have slight differences in weight, warranty period, and dust cup capacity with accessories.


  • Shark NV351 and NV352 appear in soft lavender with two work modes that Shark set. With the upright form, you clean comfortably on both floors and carpets, especially the hardwood floor. Besides, you can lift the pod (NV351) or canister (NV352) to make them cleaner than the upright form. This format is suitable for working at high altitudes such as stairs or in low-level areas such as under furniture. Moreover, the 25ft long cord is enough for you to clean a large room with just one single plug.
  • These items all use Never Lose Suction to work with solid and continuous suction. You will not have to worry much about situations such as sudden loss of suction power or abnormally weakly strong suction. It is the strength that Shark almost always applies to his products. In particular, these models utilize the 1200 watts of power rating and 10A power source to work more efficiently.
  • Referring to the filtration system, this is the commendable point that these two products deserve. Both apply Anti-Allergen Complete Seal to resolve allergen and prevent them from damaging the air. In addition, the HEPA filter with two foam filters actively supports dirt and pet hair when the machine is a vacuum.
  • Along with that, brush-roll shutoff works when you want to switch cleaning methods from floor to carpet and vice versa. Besides, the Turbo brush is a helpful tool to ease every kind of dust and pet hair, drapes, or upholstery.


  • Shark NV351 vs NV352 are pretty similar from color to style. However, there is a slight difference in weight, with the NV351 weighing 13.1 pounds and the NV352 lighter at 12.5 pounds. Therefore, people will be a bit biased towards more lightweight vacuum cleaners.
  • Next, they all showed that their dust cup was quite large. However, according to Shark data, Shark NV351 has a giant dust cup with 1.2 quarts compared to 1.1 quarts of Shark NV352. This difference also affects the time you spend cleaning. Shark NV351 will need less time to empty when the vacuum gets full into the dust cup. Especially when you have to clean multiple rooms, you will find it dominant because of this convenience.
  • In addition to the Turbo brush and brush-roll shutoff, both items use a dusting brush. It is suitable when cleaning sofas, tables, and chairs. However, each vacuum cleaner applies other accessories to improve working efficiency. Shark NV351 has a 5-inch crevice tool and a comprehensive pet upholstery tool with a motorized floor brush nozzle. Meanwhile, Shark NV352 uses two crevice tools with sizes of 5.5 inches and 24 inches with a comprehensive upholstery tool.
  • In addition, Shark also gives customers a warranty period so that they can receive exceptional care when the machine is technically available. You will receive 90 days limited warranty with NV351 and a 5-year limited warranty with Shark NV352.


Shark NV351 vs NV352 have a slight price difference but not significant. Both are only around $ 170, and they are pretty affordable for anyone to own one. In addition, you can refer to more additional information about them to make the right decision.

Shark NV351

Shark NV352


Shark NV351 vs NV352 are vacuum cleaners that you should not ignore. However, the Shark NV352 is still arguably the wiser choice. It’s lightweight design, large dust cup, and an extended warranty. In addition, this item also received more feedback and better reviews.