Shark NV352 vs NV353

Shark NV352 vs NV353: Which Is The Winner?

My site has been flooding with a load of Shark vacuums and comparison posts. Shark undoubtedly is one of the most successful vacuum companies on the market at present. I believe the Shark brand will immediately come to many modern customers’ minds. This is my next review on Shark NV352. At this post, you and I will care about two interesting items coming from Shark: Shark NV352 vs NV353. These are two of the strong members that Shark believes to defeat many rivals in the market.  Three amazing units come with superior cleaning performance on varieties of surfaces decorating in many houses or departments.

Shark NV352 vs NV353: Comparison and Review

Shark NV352 and NV353 are two of the best vacuums of Navigator which is one of the most famous vacuum lines of Shark. They have a combination of much technological elite that Shark Navigator shows. However, there is still a distinguishable point like price which many customers base on to make a decision. Check it out!

#1.Shark Navigator NV352
12,766 Reviews
#1.Shark Navigator NV352
Shark NV352 gets many great things that you should choose it as your best option. This utilizes HEPA filtration as well as a sealed system to block allergens and keep them inside. Thanks to that, you will have fresh air that good for health much. Besides, this item includes the decent-sized dust cup to contain much dust on without interruption. Like some vacuum cleaners in the same line, Lift-away functionality makes it the versatility to clean above the floor areas. This relatively lightweight upright vacuum doesn’t make a noise like others.
#2.Shark Navigator NV353
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#2.Shark Navigator NV353
Shark NV353 is the vacuum that has an impressive price, and the strong suction that makes it different. Besides, many housewives love it for being lightweight as well as free move and maneuver. Additionally, its technology and accessories don’t consume so much electricity. Especially, Shark NV353 owns Never loses suction technology which is one the best technology that makes its reputation higher. It can give a motorized brush roll for superior carpet cleaning, especially for bare floors when turning off. Moreover, with a 1.2-dry-quart capacity, you won’t worry about the dust cup full and torn out. Nevertheless, many studies show that HEPA filtration is useful and important with the environments where dust is stored. This makes it be a vacuum for allergies that take much attention of customers.

The Design

First and foremost, Shark NV352 vs NV353 comes with a traditional design for an upright vacuum. You may be easily confused because you can differentiate between them through their outside. More interestingly, they have the same size as each other which makes many users get confused. Except for upright mode, Shark NV352 and NV353 are both available in lavender. Plus, “Lift-away” is too acquainted with everyone who notices to Shark products. This feature is one of the unique technologies that Shark develops and expands so much. It means Shark NV352 and NV353 can perform in two familiar modes that are very convenient.

The Portability

Shark NV352 vs NV353 has great maneuverability based on the fact that Shark integrates them with an advanced technology called Swivel Steering. It brings about lots of benefits as you can move the units smoothly around obstacles, such as table legs or sofas, etc. Especially, the head of the machines can rotate for easier turn and comfortably reaching the corner. Moreover, both Shark NV352 and NV353 are light enough to bring or hold for excellent cleaning. Besides, you are free to stand straight when cleaning thanks to their height of 45.5 inches that is one plus thing you should notice. In short, they are ideal for older people or weaker people from some problems in health.

The Cleaning Performance

This factor will present how it works will and which one is better for you to choose. High-end products do not always show an expected result, but these middle-priced products do. In this post, I will analyze Shark NV352 and NV353 carefully to find the great benefits they can create. Come on!

  • Like many other Shark products reviews before, I like mentioning the advanced technology called Never Loses Suction power is one of the important factors that make Shark products so popular. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about airflow interruption. Shark guarantees that power is continuous during the clean-up job.
  • The suction power can be adjusted accordingly to the requirements such as on hard floors or gentle surfaces. Through this, you can adjust and control the amount of power you need when cleaning on several special surfaces.
  • Shark NV352 vs NV353 are lightweight vacuums with 2-in-1 Lift-Away function. It means you can use the machines as an upright vacuum or remove the detachable canister for easily cleaning above-ground areas and corners.
  • The presence of AACS technology and HEPA filtration still makes users feel secure and trust them more. This feature you can only see in high-end products. The duo can clean surprisingly sweep all areas and solve all dirt. For families who have members suffering allergens or simply just want to protect their family’s health, they can believe in these items.
  • They are both equipped with a brush roll shutoff feature for gentle bare floor cleaning and deep-cleaning carpets. Besides, they come with a wide cleaning path, 9.25”. you can clean more areas with a single pass.

Difference Between Shark NV351 vs NV352

  • Two units come with a wide 12.4” cleaning path width, allowing you to clean a large area with a few moves. The weight of NV351.
  • Shark NV351 and NV352 both get the same in owning a dusting brush, crevice tool, and wide pet upholstery tool. However, when NV351 has a motorized brush roll to protect the easy-to-damage surface, NV352 includes a pet power brush.
  • The cord is the different thing of two machines. NV351 has 25ft in length that is shorter than the other.

The Price

Shark NV352 vs NV353 comes with a very reasonable price that all of you can consider owning one in two immediately. You only pay about $ 200 to have a smart tool in the house, that’s great, isn’t it. There are many occasions when Shark offers promotions to stimulate demand so prices will be a bit better. Follow them on Amazon regularly to stay updated on new information.

Shark NV352

Shark NV353

FeedBacks of Shark NV352 

Shark NV352 can stand in a line with other commercial indoor upright vacuums as a best-seller machine. As you see when searching its name on Amazon, you will see every customer feedback which is positive ones. Besides, people leave many positive comments like “pretty design” “So easy to use” “great maneuverability” and so on.

Additionally, filter systems always exist and claim itself the best by keeping the air clean. This is extremely perfect to help people to avoid any respiratory problems and suffer from allergy symptoms. Moreover, the swivel steering makes maneuvering to thoroughly clean to the deepest corners of your house. Finally, attachments are useful for removing all the dust or dirt like dusting brush, crevice tool, motorized brush tool. There still has one thing that Shark needs to consider and improve to make its products greater. Many ones say that it doesn’t swivel smoothly as they expect that other kids can do. Also, Shark NV352 cannot solve effectively all big particles.

FeedBacks of Shark NV353

Up to 69% of customers rated Shark NV353 5 stars on Amazon. It received hundreds of compliments with a positive future. They were all content about the swivel of the bottom part as it made the vacuum so easy to turn and get into the tight spots. Moreover, they said that they had blown away by the suction ability. Most customers are even doubtful about this design. After understanding this, they are impressed with its weight and easy-to-maneuver design. Besides, they like it as one of the best shark vacuums for carpets that is very outstanding with many attachments. Especially,” never loses suction” technology is extremely powerful for hardwood floor and also for area rugs. Other users love the pet hair power brush which is great for cleaning carpets, rugs, or upholstery. Nevertheless, common problems were that it was so easy to tip over and dent the hardwood floor.

Should you buy Shark NV352 vs NV353?

Shark NV352 vs NV353 have quite similar characteristics from design to operation. However, their differences are mostly attached devices. Therefore, you should find out about those attachments to see which is more suitable for your house or apartment.