Shark NV352 VS NV356E : Which One Is The Best ?

The number of products that Shark launched to the market is increasing because customer demand has not stopped. Products are of satisfactory quality, beautiful design, and variety, suitable to users’ tastes, so this brand always receives a lot of trust from customers, so it is pretty famous in the market. Today, everyone can know more about its products with the two Shark NV352 vs NV356E effects. These are all Shark products with high traffic and sales. It attracts a lot of attention because of the features and properties they have. To understand more clearly, invite people to follow the article with accurate information after the selection process. After this post, you will want to buy them immediately because the reps are perfect.

Shark Navigator Lift Away NV352
12,766 Reviews
Shark Navigator Lift Away NV352
Shark N352 raises its name with all the best features to clean all areas of your house quickly. Furthermore, this model is excellent, with a great filtration system for refreshing the home and leaving clean air inside.
Shark S2 Navigator NV356E
18,669 Reviews
Shark S2 Navigator NV356E
Shark NV356E will make you satisfied with the easy cleaning method for supporting to doing housework. Nevertheless, this 2-in-1 vacuum utilizes a powerful motor with 1200W for generating suction for removing dust and debris.

Shark NV352 vs NV356E: Overview

These products are always available in the market and have durable print and excellent competitiveness. Furthermore, both possess the characteristics that a vacuum cleaner should have. In addition, they also show many features that are easy to defeat that win customers’ trust.


Shark NV352 vs Nv356E are all suitable for customers who need a beautiful and convenient vacuum cleaner. They come in basic upright format but can lift pod or canister for convenient cleaning of other areas. Furthermore, they have ample space in the design to accommodate the large dust cup inside. In addition, Shark also installs a motor and a super-quality filter system next to the machine to support the machine’s function. Besides, the devices also have handles with an easy-to-use design, easy to grasp during the cleaning process. In particular, the power cord belongs to the extended group that many customers require when choosing. Like many others, the cleaning head remains compact to penetrate small, tight areas.


Shark NV352 vs NV356E smoothly handles any surface thanks to its many remarkable features. Both are considered highly portable with a variety of convenient designs. You can work with these vacuums in two different but highly reasonable directions. Upright shape with wheel support makes it easy to clean floors and carpets. In addition, the cleaning head in direct contact with the cleaning surface is relatively small and low so as not to miss any areas. In addition, the Lift-away function allows you to pick up a pod or canister for higher indoor surfaces. With a long power cord, you no longer have to worry about the remaining problems when using the outdated vacuum cleaner.

Shark NV352 vs NV356E: Comparison

These machines do not disappoint when you buy them with good value for money. They share many things in common about the part arrangements, the mechanism of action, and the motor and the filter system. However, they have differences in accessories, weight/color, and cup capacity. Stay tuned for more information.


  • Shark NV352 vs NV356E appears on the market with an upright shape like many other types and can easily lift canister/pod. That’s because they apply a Lift-away function to remove dust wherever you want it to be. In addition, the wheel also helps you move these machines more gently. In addition, Shark fabricated them with a low-profile cleaning tip combined with a swivel steering to swing deeply into tight areas.
  • Additionally, both have power with standard lengths, around 25ft. As a result, you will have plenty of cleaning space, limiting the time to change sockets. They are equipped with a filter with HEPA filter to deal with all kinds of dirt entering the interior thoroughly. Furthermore, they also have an Anti-Allergen complete seal to purify and clean the air as possible for the user.
  • Furthermore, they adopt a motor with 1200W with 10A to generate sufficiently persistent and robust suction power for the cleaning process. In addition to this, both have a 5-year warranty, so you can test the machine for suction monitoring generally if needed.
  • In particular, they are very convenient when you want to clean floors and carpets. Whether it’s the bare floor, the hard floor, or the rug, they all worked smoothly with fast results as expected. Therefore, many customers feel secure and often use them to keep the house always clean and beautiful.


  • Shark products are always diverse in appearance and design. That’s what everyone knows. However, that is also the point that makes the difference between Shark NV352 vs. NV356E. The Shark NV356 has a light lavender color with an eye-catching size, about 15 “x 11.4” x 45.5 “. Moreover, it only weighs about 12.5 pounds, which is relatively light compared to other machines. 13.7 pounds heavier with white / silver, and its measurements do not differ much from the Shark NV352.
  • In addition, the Shark NV352 has a small dust cup with a capacity of about 1.1 quarts. Meanwhile, Shark NV356E is convenient because it owns a cup capacity of approximately 2.2 quarts. It is the point that creates a highlight for users to pay attention to Shark Nv356E a little more.
  • In particular, the 2-in-1 vacuum cleaners also take advantage of many accessories to increase cleaning efficiency. Specifically, the accessories they use are 24 inches crevice tool, pet power brush, and dusting brush. However, the Shark NV352 also has a 5.5-inch crevice tool and an upholstery tool to cover more of the task. Meanwhile, the Shark NV356 benefits from an 8-inch crevice tool with a broad and matte turbo brush, two microfiber pads.


The price of Shark NV352 vs NV356E is not difficult for users because it is less than $ 200. The difference is about 20-30 $, so it does not make customers wonder much. In addition, the 5-year warranty also assists you in the event of a problematic device for you to maintain.

Shark NV352

Shark NV356E

Final Tip

Shark NV352 vs NV356E builds customer confidence thanks to its features that create many outstanding features. However, the Shark NV356E still makes a more significant impression than the Shark NV352. It’s heavier than the big dust cup sizes with accessories for added convenience. The Shark NV352 is lighter, has a lower price, and comes equipped with some additions.