Shark NV356E VS NV360: Which Is The Winner?

Sharks are still an attractive topic for many people. They are a standard brand with extensive experience in the manufacture of vacuum cleaners. They serve for daily cleaning, but many busy people do not have time to work. Besides, this is a tedious job, so people are often passive in doing it. Hence, the vacuum cleaner is a useful product for them. And today’s post will give people two more options that are not disappointing. Those are Shark NV356E vs NV360. Let’s learn about these two machines to have more options.

Shark Navigator NV356E Pro
18,669 Reviews
Shark Navigator NV356E Pro
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E designed to collect everything bad like pet hair, dander, and dust on your house. It works extremely well on floors and carpet to keep your house fresh and pure.
Shark Navigator NV360 Deluxe
15,884 Reviews
Shark Navigator NV360 Deluxe
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360 Upright Vacuum is a special vacuum with a lightweight design as well as great features. This item uses the Lift-away function to remove all the dust and pet hair even under furniture.

Shark NV356E vs NV360 Overview

These vacuums are two of the products that bring many benefits that Shark creates. It meets the needs of the consumer with high efficiency. Their design is also the highlight factor that people always care about when learning a vacuum. This feature is a strong point of them with many functions attached.


Shark NV356E vs NV360 are vacuums with a 2-in-1 design that Shark is improving on its products. This feature makes them flexible in cleaning, and users can choose the suitable modes as they need. Besides, they have an upright shape initially with a tremendous high to let you stand straight without bending. Similarly, Shark uses hard plastic to protect the motor with filters inside. Moreover, a see-through canister is clear to show you the status of it. Therefore, you need to empty the dust cup with a simple press to not getting bad with your hand. Nevertheless, they use a long power cord and hose to expand the space when cleaning without changing the outlet.


Many people say that they can see the portability from the design of Shark NV356E vs NV360. The lightweight and compact design let them carry these vacuums so well without any pain. Moreover, they can change from upright to the lift-away canister for more compact to clean both high and low surfaces. Also, two wheels aim to move slightly and quickly when running on carpets and floors. Nevertheless, swivel heads let the cleaning head turn so maneuverable and flexible to catch the dust in a tight space. These items especially get control buttons on the handle to choose a suitable setting by fingertip control.

Shark NV360 vs NV356E Comparison

Shark spends much time to create great vacuums for carpets and floors like these models. They both belong to the Shark Navigator group with many great features in both similarities and differences. The resemblance is about the parts of the design with the filtration system and other functions. In contrast, the difference relates to power rating and length of cord/hose along with weight/color and attachments, dust cup.


  • Both Shark NV356E vs NV360 belong to Shark’s lightweight product group. Therefore, users can carry it lightly, without back pain in their hands. Also, there’s not much pressure on the floor every time they clean. Moreover, with the lift-away function, you can change the shape for a suitable surface in cleaning. Wheels help much to move smoothly with the flexible swivel head.
  • Besides, it also leverages Anti-allergen Seal technology to prevent allergen from harming users. It holds dust and allergen in the dust cup through the filter, so it doesn’t escape. So, allergy sufferers can be safe in mind to use them. They also use a washable pre-motor filter as well as a post-motor filter.
  • The long power cord is also a unique feature that limits the power plug and switch socket. It will save more time to clean the whole house quickly. After using it, you can roll it up for easy storage.
  • Plus, brush-roll shutoff contributes to deep and gentle cleaning on the carpet and floor. Moreover, you can take advantage of a control button on the handle to utilize fingertip control.


  • Color is one of the factors that many people care about when buying a vacuum. In particular, Shark NV360 wears on blue meanwhile Shark NV356E is luxury with white/silver color. Besides, Shark NV360 is only 12.5 pounds for the full and 7.5 pounds for the canister. In this case, Shark NV356E is heavier at 13.7 pounds.
  • Besides, the dust cup of Shark NV356E vs NV360 also makes a difference in the capacity. Shark NV360 can reach up to 1.2 dry quart capacity of dust cup when Shark NV356E takes a significant advantage with a large dust holder of 2.2 dry quarts. Of course, Shark NV356E will have an absolute miracle when comparing dust cups with Shark NV360.
  • To reach more space, they need a long power cord. Shark NV360 has a power cord shorter than 25ft in length when Shark NV356E has a longer – 30ft power cord. However, the hose length of Shark NV356E is only 5ft that is shorter than the 8.5ft hose length of Shark NV360. It helps them get a 9.5 cleaning path width with this feature.
  • They use the different motor, so the power suction they create is too. When Shark NV360 gets 1200W and 10A of power rating, Shark NV356E has a small capacity of 1100W and 10A. Moreover, they also make use of some similar attachments like upholstery tool, pet power brush. Besides, Shark NV360 utilizes a 5.5” crevice tool under the appliance wand. Meanwhile, other extensions of Shark NV35E are an 8” crevice tool, dusting brush, and hard floor attachments with a washable pad.

The Price

The price of Shark NV356E vs NV360 is not high, a price that everyone can afford. They range from $150 to $200. You can get a 5-year limited warranty when buying these great vacuums. Moreover, sale-off and discount will help people buy at a lower price.

Shark NV356E

Shark NV360


In short, Shark NV356E vs NV360 is so great when bringing a lot of benefits when you use them. They are the right choice for the house, coming with carpet and floor. If you don’t know which one is better, please refer to the below suggestion: Shark NV360 stands out more with a larger dust cup, long power cord/hose with a lightweight design, and higher customer rating. In contrast, Shark NV356E is also a great option with the best cleaning on the hard floor and other surfaces. You can consider this suggestion to get the right one.