Shark NV356E VS NV501 : What’s The Difference?

Currently, vacuum cleaner still has a high search volume on e-commerce sites. This machine has many designs and prices with many unique features that can meet the absolute needs of customers. Moreover, these products have high applicability whether they have release for days. Among them, Shark’s vacuum cleaners attract a lot of attention. Despite various genres, users are still impressed with the two upright 2-in-1 – Shark NV356E vs NV501. These are all outstanding products in the current chain of successful Shark products. Therefore, indeed everyone is excited and wants to find out immediately. This article will apply to those who have not used them and will learn what they can do. Read the full article, and you will understand it all.

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator
18,669 Reviews
Shark NV356E S2 Navigator
Shark NV356E brings many experiences for users with many great functions in clear up floors and carpets. Furthermore, you can take advantage of several accessories to do various jobs and complete them with perfection.
Shark Rotator Professional NV501
518 Reviews
Shark Rotator Professional NV501
Shark NV501 takes on much housework with its outstanding features as well as advanced technologies that Shark gives. Nevertheless, it does with a low-noise level for keeping silent to other jobs and the illumination of LED lights.

Shark NV356E vs NV501: Overview

Efficiency is what brands always focus on in designing machines, and Shark is not out of this trend. It makes full use of modern and modern technologies to create devices with many great details and features. Thanks to this, users feel secure even just looking at what they have.


Design is one of the customer evaluation standards for vacuum cleaners like Shark NV356E vs. NV501. Both are upright vacuums with a Lift-away function for added convenience. In addition, they come with a power cord to transmit power and operate the machine well. In addition, these items have a small and low cleaning tip like any other product. However, Shark NV501 has additional LED lights. Furthermore, the weight is not too great to hinder the movement. In particular, It is mainly “decorated” with the almost perfect filter with HEPA and Anti-Allergen technology. They are even more effective with brush-roll shutoff to suit carpet and floor. Many accessories will contribute a lot to the perfect working process of these two models.


High portability makes the price of Shark NV356E vs NV501. They express that feature through the design, which is fantastic, compact, and highly flexible in conversion. The weight is moderate, but the combination of wheels makes them more responsive. In addition, the separate lift gives the two more flexibility as they can separate for different purposes. Furthermore, the top has cleaner. Although it is low profile, there is still a swivel steering wheel to scan the entire small and narrow area. ​In addition, they incorporate multiple accessories for even higher cleanliness to ensure complete cleaning of the house. Therefore, this is the reason why users are more confident in Shark products

Shark NV356E vs NV501: Comparison

These versatile machines have many things that make users curious. Both stand out with features and characteristics that should surprise everyone. They are similar in detail in their design, mechanism of action, and arrangement and work. Additionally, we can see the differences between the two accessories, parts capacity weight/color, and noise levels.


  • The Shark NV356E vs NV501 are both considered to be moderate weight for use. Users are less afraid of moving. It also has a relatively similar structure when it can smoothly separate parts for more multi-position cleaning. Moreover, the 25ft power cord also supports rather large indoor space movement.
  • Additionally, both contain HEPA filters and washable filters with Anti-Allergen technology. This combination helps to handle dust and allergen in a short time with high efficiency. They surround the dust cup to reach dirt. In addition, both have motors with a capacity of 1200W and 10A for convenient deployment and suction adjustment to suit each type of surface.
  • Furthermore, the brush-roll provides a perfect cleanup on both carpet and floor. In addition, fingertip control also contributes significantly to enhance the convenience of these machines. In particular, a swivel steering wheel is an advanced feature that most Shark products have.
  • The warranty period of these models is five years. Therefore, you can review and follow up for defects and warranties, as Shark notes. It’s the user support you get when you buy them. It is the user support service you get when you buy them.


  • Shark NV356E vs NV501 shows you the difference in appearance, the similarities above. The white/silver Shark NV356E weighs 13.7 pounds, while the Shark N501 weighs up to 15.5 pounds in white/red. In addition, size is also a distinguishing feature between Shark NV356e vs NV501. Shark NV356E has a compact size of 4.96 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches. At the same time, Shark NV501 has a larger size of 45.7 – 12.1 – 12.2 Inches.
  • Next, these vacuum cleaners all have big dust cups in the body parts with different capacities. Shark NV356E is outperformed with 2.2 quarts while 1.3 quarts is Shark NV501 dust cup capacity. Thanks to that, Shark NV356E can complete the task a bit better than the other.
  • Besides, these items are indispensable for accessories to enhance working efficiency. These accessories include the pet power brush and the crevice tool. However, the Shark NV356 has a 24 inch and 8-inch crevice tool, while the Shark NV501 is only 12 inches. Additionally, the Shark NV356E features additional storage bags, turbo brushes, and support microfiber pads. In this case, Shark NV501 includes the premium pet tool, dusting brush, and upholstery tool.
  • At last, they all generate noise but with varying degrees. Shark NV356E produces a slightly smaller sound with 77dB compared to the 80dB of Shark NV501. In particular, the Shark NV501 has a design of LED lights at the cleaning head along with an ultra-quiet operation.


Price is the factor that governs customers’ thinking when buying products. Shark NV356E vs NV501 cost so quite competitively and have a distance at a price of about $30. Therefore, customers can consider all factors and take advantage of the time to get the best price.

Shark NV356E 

Shark NV501


Shark NV356E vs NV501 are all for users to make the most of the features they have. Both are excellent scoring and make a strong impression on the users. Suppose you prefer lighter and cheaper products. You can immediately choose Shark NV356E. However, Shark NV501 will be suitable for customers who need more LED lights and versatile accessories.