Shark NV356E VS NV501

Shark NV356E VS NV501 : What’s The Difference?

Keep your surroundings fresh and clean is an important job that everyone has to do. It will make you feel comfortable and safe for your health. In the past, many people just use traditional methods to clean the house but not effective. Now, these methods are out of date and no one does it more. They use a vacuum cleaner instead. This machine is a beneficial invention in the generation with the development of technology. It removes approximately 99% of dust and allergen that the old method cannot do. Besides, Shark is a famous brand with many trendy and qualified products, including a vacuum cleaner. Today, in this post, I will introduce you to Shark NV356E vs NV501 which are two models that receive many positive comments on Amazon. Let me talk to you with some useful information about these models. 

Shark NV356E vs NV501: Comparison and Review

As statistics, Shark acknowledges Shark NV356E and NV501 as best-seller products. The Shark NV501 is the short name Shark Rotator Professional Lift-away (NV501). Meanwhile, Shark Navigator Lift-away Professional Upright is the name of Shark NV356E. They are affordable and sturdy upright vacuum cleaners that Shark made. Though they come from different series, some of their similarities often make people confused when you decide which one to buy. In this post, I will take them side-by-side to compare and point out the similarities and differences between these models. From that comparison, you will have a good vision of Shark NV356E and NV501 to see which one is better.

The Design

Shark NV356E vs NV501 both come with all the features which the upright vacuums have. Hence, you apply the powerful suction from this type. Shark gives them a long hose and cord with strong suction to quickly clean. Both of them have a 30ft-long cord which is more than enough for you to move from room to room with one plug-in. However, it is not difficult to recognize the differences between them. Shark NV501 looks smaller and thinner compared to the other. And, while it comes with white and red, the NV356E is available in silver color. Moreover, the NV501 has a longer hose and wider cleaning path. However, in terms of dirt cup capacity, the NV356E takes the lead with 2.2 quarts as compared to a 1.3-quart dirt cup of the NV501.

The Portability

Although the NV501 looks thinner, it is heavier, with 15.5 pounds. Meanwhile, the NV356E weighs only 13.7 pounds. To be honest, they are not lightweight. However, Shark NV356E and NV501 are not heavy either. Especially, They both use swivel steering to move more in the dirt-filled ranks. Moreover, this model has a high rate thanks to the lift-away function that Shark has given. It is worth being praised when can clean high positions and hard-to-reach places.

 The Cleaning Performance

Cleaning capability is an obvious necessary factor that is worth your investment. with this machine, your money takes on the right place. If you find it hasn’t met all your demand, please find alternatives. I believe Shark NV356E and NV501 are wise choices based on price, features, and performance.

  • Firstly, both Shark NV356E and NV501 are famous when Shark equips them with the Never Loses Suction technology. Through this technology, you make sure that the machine can create strong suction over an extended length of time. Therefore, abrupt loss of airflow will not happen like many other products. You will feel more comfortable when using them to clean.
  • Shark NV356E vs NV501 comes with a special feature that is necessary to compete with other mid-priced products. This is the HEPA filtration system and the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology which receives a high rate from users. This perfect combination support to get rid of fine dust and allergens. As statistics, it removes approximately 99.97% dust and dirt lying on the carpets and floors, even rugs. Of course, you enjoy the fresh and clean air right on your house thanks to these technologies. Especially, people who suffering allergy symptoms will like these models. Moreover, if you simply want to avoid the bad quality air around the house, please bring them home when you find it necessary.
  • Shark NV356E and NV501 be changed to uprights or handheld vacuums anytime you want. You press a button to lift the canister away and easily clean hard-t0-reach areas.
  • Especially, the NV501 is designed with advanced Swivel steering with LED headlights, So that you remove dirt easily even in dark areas.

The Price

The NV501 costs are higher as compared to the NV356E. Yet, both of them are under $200.

Shark NV356E

Shark NV501

Shark NV356E Feedbacks

The Shark NV356E receives many 5 stars from the customers on Amazon that reach up 73%. They say it has powerful suction and great versatility that many users are satisfied with this. Besides, many technologies and other functions make it useful to clean the house on every surface. However, most customers are disappointed that it has no headlight. Therefore, they find it difficult to clean dark areas when using it.

Shark NV501 Feedbacks

As I mention above, Shark NV501 can be considered as a best-seller upright vacuums on Amazon. It is a hot item with 72% of customers giving 5 stars. When searching “Shark NV501” on Amazon, you can see some positive comments “Love it”, “Blown away” or “Very pleased”. They like Shark NV501 for good cleaning power, easy portability that works well from carpet to hard floors and edges. However, weight is the bad point that many people always complain about.

The Conclusion

Shark NV356E and NV501 show good performance which you can see through positive feedbacks. They are equipped with many fantastic features to make your house perfectly clean. Although they have lots of things in common, the NV501 contains some improvements and it inevitably costs a bit higher. Both are good and now it is up to you.