Shark NV356E vs UV420 : Which one the best?

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Nowadays, vacuum cleaners have become a necessary item in houses as people are so busy with many things in life. They have to take of children, dealing with a great load of work and also a variety of social relationships. Meanwhile, household chores are tiring and time-consuming. People can’t live happily in a messy place. Therefore, people have to save some of their sacred time to clean the house. The thing is traditional methods like mopping, sweeping and etc. do not do the real job as they can’t get rid of most dust, dirt or hair in the environment. Shark NV356E vs UV420 come with advanced features that make sure you eliminate the dust without releasing it back to the air. In addition, like other machines, cleaners have brought about convenience and other benefits like time- and energy-saving.

There are like hundreds of them in the market with different shapes, functions, and prices. It is always not easy to choose one since there are so many models and brands. Have you ever heard of Shark? I bet you do. It’s the matching rival of Dyson which is well-known for providing high-quality products but coming with high costs. The Shark offers a variety of models cheaper than Dyson’s, but the quality is considered equal.

Shark NV356E vs UV420: Comparison and Review

Shark has many vacuum lines, such as Navigator, Ion, Rotator, Rocket, and so on. The NV356E belongs to the Navigator line, and I have already done lots of reviews and comparisons for this vacuum. Check Shark UV540 vs NV356E. The NV420 is another Navigator model, called Shark UV420 Navigator Professional Upright White Canister vacuum cleaner. Both of them feature Shark’s strong and consistent suction power. They have the ability to swivel and steer freely which is perfect when you want to clean around and under furniture. Moreover, the Navigator models allow you to clean almost all surfaces.

The Design

First of all, the most noticeable thing is both of them belong to an upright vacuum which brings lots and lots of benefits, including extended hose for cleaning hard-to-reach areas, lightweight design and wonderful jobs on thick carpet or rugs, etc. Their appearances are different from colors and shapes. While the NV356E comes with white with silver shade, the UV420 has a dark silver color. Also, the UV420 looks thinner and taller as compared to the other. In addition, the key feature of the Shark Navigator is the Lift-away feature which allows you to convert the cleaner into a canister vacuum for portable cleaning by just one press of the button. Yet only the NV356E is equipped with this feature.

The Portability

Shark models always please their customers with their flexibility in movement. One of the biggest advantages is the Swivel Steering feature which allows the machines to move around obstacles easily without causing damage to your properties. However, there will be a bit of difference between them since they come with different weights. Although the UV420 is thinner, it is much heavier than the other, 18 and 13.7 pounds respectively. In addition, the NV356E feature Lift-away function which provide the utmost flexibility when it comes to maneuverability. However, to please those who love the UV420 but worry about its weight, Shark provides it with a 40-ft power cord and a 16-ft extension wand. Anyway, I still think the Shark NV356E grab the win in regard to this aspect.

The Cleaning Performance

This is the most concerned issue relating to vacuum cleaner. If a machine can show an acceptable performance at least, then you should consider another one.

The Features:

  • The first similarity is both of them use a patented feature of Shark, called never loses suction technology. It promises never to break suction no matter how tough the dirt may be. Both make it excellent tools to use for stubborn pet hair and every dirty carpets.
  •  combination of anti-allergen complete seal technology and HEPA filtration system makes them one of the most desired products on the market. This advanced system benefits those who are allergy suffers as it can trap up to 99.9% of tiny dust particles and allergens inside the vacuum and prevent those particles recirculate to the air.
  • Both include a lengthy cord which is a great advantage as you don’t have to bend down or keep plugin and unplugging the machine too many times when vacuuming large spaces or areas. The thing is the cord of the UV420 is 10-ft longer than that of the NV356E.
  • They are excellent at removing dust or dirt on carpets, bare floors and hard floors by turning brushroll on/off.
  • Moreover, they are designed to be controlled easily with its lightweight and swivel steering feature. It means the units can maneuver around obstacles or furniture without causing any damage.
  • As mentioned above, these machines become canister vacuums by a simple click. And they come with XL capacity portable canister which allows you to clean comfortably without emptying the dust bin frequently.

The Difference:

  • The major difference between these two is the Lift-away feature. The NV356E allows you to carry the Lift-away with you to clean around your house. This is ideal when you have to clean difficult positions like spots, stairs or vehicle. In case of the UV420, you have the longer hose to help you.

The Attachments

Each of them comes with different accessories. Check it out:

The Shark NV356E includes 8” crevice tool, pet hairbrush, dust-away hard floor attachment with 2 microfiber pads.

The UV420 comes with 2 crevice tools, 1 short and 1 long which has a length of 16 inches, a dusting brush and a pet power brush.

The Price

Both cost under $200 and the latter is cheaper. They are suitable for those who are looking for a good product with reasonable price. Hence, many medium-income families can afford them. Amazon offers good deals of these products, so I highly recommend.

Shark NV356E

Shark UV420

The Feedback

There are 73% of its customers giving the Shark NV356E a 5-star. Most of them agreed that it was a powerful vacuum with great versatility. Nevertheless, a few were disappointed that it didn’t have head light, so they had difficulty cleaning dark areas.

In general, people are just simply happy about the Shark UV420 as it provides great suction power, is easy to empty the canister and still works well after many years. Even though it lacks some features, the rest is generous enough to get the job done perfectly. However, its weight is a big hinder.

Final Thought

Both share many things in common which are key features. The best thing about the NV356E is the added Lift-away function which provides a real assistance. Yet, the UV420 also have some difference accessories as well as longer cord and wand to reach tricky areas. In short, both of them are good in different way.

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