Shark NV358 VS NV356E: Which One Is The Best?

Nowadays, Shark is one the most popular brand with high-qualified and trendy products with its best technologies. It has several famous vacuum lines on the market. Excellent names are Shark Navigator, Shark Rotator, Shark Rocket and so on. In which, the Navigator Lift-away receives the most of customer’s love. This is my other review about Shark NV356E that you know some information about it. Shark NV358 is another product of Shark that gets much love of users. They always stay on the top list of best Shark vacuum cleaners with high rate. You can easily see the similarities on these two items such as appearance, technological features and prices. If you’re looking for a traditional machine which brings about both convenience and good performance, you’re on right track. I with you will have more options to consider and get the most suitable unit for your family. Let’s get started!

Shark NV358 vs NV356E: Comparison and Review

My main goal for this post is to provide precise information and clear comparison between these two amazing machines, Shark NV358 vs NV356E. Interestingly, they are very similar in many ways but different enough for making their own positions in the market. The full name of the NV358 is Shark Navigator lift-away professional Upright vacuum and that of the NV356E is Shark Navigator Lift-away Professional. Check it out!

Shark NV358 Reviews

The Shark NV358 is one of the best options for everyone when finding a great vacuum cleaner from Shark. It is a combination of a lightweight upright as well as a detachable lightweight canister vacuum with many features. Of which, Never loses suction technology creates consistent suction power for cleaning easily. Besides, this model comes with Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology to prevent you from breathing in the dust and dirt. In some studies, it can trap nearly 100% of dust inside the vacuum which make your house polluting. Additionally, lifetime HEPA filter is very convenient to empty because it is washable. Swivel steering and smooth-gliding wheels provide maneuverability to moving around your house with ease. Nevertheless, you just need to turn the collar around the handle to control the amount of suction. Especially, when you vacuum delicate rugs, drapes and other uses, this may not want full suction.

Shark NV356E Reviews

Shark NV356E is a great vacuum clean that work well on carpets and bare floors.  It is also a multipurpose vacuum cleaner which meets most of customer demand with high energy. Besides, you can note that it includes a HEPA filter to get rid of allergens. Getting along with this feature is swivel steering for moving maneuverable to avoid obstacle in your house. Moreover, an extra-large dust cup is large enough to contain more dirt and dust after collecting. Nevertheless, this hot item boasts a lift-away function to detach the canister from the head with one action. Of course, this function is extremely well-suited for more efficiently cleaning those hard-to-reach places that you should consider. Especially, you will receive many attachments which go with this vacuum that don’t let you down about their performances. They are crevice tool, dusting brush, pet power brush, dust-away barefloor attachment with two microfiber pads.

The Design

Shark NV358 vs NV356E are extremely identical with the silver color. Their physical appearance is also similar to the point that it can make you confused. Firstly, both of them are upright vacuums which is one of the most common types of vacuum cleaner on the market. The upright mode brings about several benefits as it allows you not to bend so much while doing the job. Nevertheless, Shark NV358 vs NV356E also own the “Lift-away” function which is one of the Shark’s symbols. As you study, it plays an important role to convert into both upright units and canisters. As a result, you will receive the portable cleaning of high positions such as stairs, curtain or ceiling, etc. Overall, you have some similarities about design and of course, you also see another thing about other aspects.

The Portability

As upright vacuums, these two have great maneuverability in cleaning. Shark NV358 vs NV356E are approximately 13.7 pounds, which are lightweight and the-older-friendly machine. They will make you comfortable to clean your house. You can freely move and avoid obstacles as well as under furniture without any difficulty to do a great cleaning. In addition, every Shark vacuum is equipped with a technological feature called Swivel Steering which is great for moving the machines around obstacles such as sofas or table legs.

The Cleaning Performance

This is the most essential factor when it comes to vacuum cleaners. If a machine can’t meet your needs, it’s time to look for an alternative. Shark NV358 and NV356E are praised for providing excellent performances at very reasonable prices.

Comparison Tables

  • First and foremost, Shark NV358 vs NV356E are equipped with a fantastic feature called “Never Loses Suction” technology. It allows these two to operate smoothly from the beginning to the end of clean-up job without losing its air flow. Because of this, thousands of customers choose Shark over other famous brands.
  • Swivel steering and smooth –gliding wheels offer great portability around obstacles. To put it in a nut shell, they are ideal choices for narrow-space offices or houses.
  • An advanced feature of both Shark NV358 and NV356E are the two technologies that Shark gives to many vacuums. This is the great combination of lifetime HEPA filters and Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology. It is considered as remarkable points which make them stand-out among mid-priced products. The couple of technology is able to trap nearly 100% of small particles and allergens in your house so quickly. After that, it helps to release fresh air back to the atmosphere for good purpose. It is really good for your health and those who have respiratory problem will hurry to buy it immediately.
  • Shark integrates brush roller and the on/off capability for powerful carpet and bare floor cleaning. Brushroll shutoff will help you to minimize wear on your hardwood floors quickly.
  • They both come with the cord length of 30 feet. You can move freely and further away from the power source to reach wider cleaning areas.
  • Finally, Shark NV358 and NV356E are of cleaning path of 9.5”. It is considered as a wide one which means that you can clean more area with a single pass.

The Price

Shark NV358 vs NV356E is well-known as vacuums with reasonable price that is just about $200. There’s no big difference between these two and the price can vary, upon on the selling store. Amazon offers great deal on Shark NV358 and NV356E. Check it out!

Shark NV358

Shark NV356E

Shark NV356E Feedbacks

Shark NV356E gets 73% of its customers giving a 5-star and it still continues to rise. It is a powerful vacuum with great versatility that meets a part of customer demand. Nevertheless, this hot item also has a 30-foot-long power cord for maneuverable moving to reach high place and deep clean on tight spaces. In addition, you just detach the pod for easy lightweight cleaning on stairs instead of carry the whole vacuum. After that, you can detach the cleaner head for lightweight, above-floor cleaning. Especially, Shark gives Shark NV356E an XL dust cup for extended cleaning to tackle your whole home without interruption. Furthermore, brushroll shutoff can deep clean carpet and gentle vacuum bare floor. However, except these feature, there is also a minus thing that Shark should consider. Many customers are disappointed about no head light in Shark NV356E. They get some difficulties on cleaning in dark areas.

Shark NV358 Feedbacks

Shark NV358 receives 4.3 stars (out of 5) with 70% of customers gave it a 5-star. Most people commented something like “Great” or “Amazing”. They were all impressed with the powerful performance of this machine and they loved the fact that the power cord is long. In addition, customer all agreed that the extra tools are helpful. This item also gets a large capacity lift-away canister for vacuuming your stairs, furniture, upholstery, drapes, ceiling fans… It owns many attachments like professional washable-dust-away bare floor tool, microfiber pads, super-stretch hose, pet-hair turbo brush, crevice tool. Of these attachments, turbo brush can greatly lift out ground-in dirt and pet hair from carpeted stairs and upholstery. Honestly, Shark NV358 is more favorable than other kinds of Dyson vacuum. Therefore, many people want to buy them after searching it in the Internet. However, its noise level sometimes annoys the users.

The Conclusion

In general, Shark NV358 and NV356E are great and share several similarities. They are identical from physical appearance to the inner features. The only big difference may be the attachments. Therefore, either the NV358 or the NV356E is ideal. It all depends on your needs to make decision.