Shark NV360 vs NV501: Which One Is Better?

Today, we continue to send you two products from Shark. They are Shark NV360 vs NV501 – two of the brand’s great offerings. Shark is well-known for many because it owns a wide range of products from moderate quality to high quality. It also applies to its products using advanced and modern technologies to upgrade them. Consequently, the vacuum cleaners they manufacture and make are always welcome and the two products available today are no exception. To know the similarities and differences between them, do not hesitate to follow this article.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360
15,884 Reviews
Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe NV360
Shark NV360 provides you strong and powerful suction through a motor of 1200 watts for effective cleaning. Furthermore, you can breathe the fresh air with the effective operation of Anti-Allergen Seal technology and a HEPA filter.
Shark Rotator Professional Upright Vacuum NV501
12,251 Reviews
Shark Rotator Professional Upright Vacuum NV501
Shark NV501 uses a long cord and hose to cover more space when working in a large room. Moreover, a premium pet tool supports pet owners to remove and pick up pet hair on the carpet and hard floor.

Shark NV360 vs NV501 Overview

Shark products are always in the top quality products with a neat, beautiful, and very flexible design. Users impress with their looks. Since then, the portability will let you know more about their convenience through this feature.


A lot of customers are interested in the design of Shark NV360 and NV501 at first sight. These upright vacuum cleaners are quite versatile when their parts link up quite easily. The exterior color is different so everyone can distinguish it from white/red and blue. In addition, both have a large dust cup, which is large over 1 quart and can hold a lot of dirt and pet hair. Plus, there exists great motor which can help to create suction to serve for the job.
In particular, only Shark NV501 uses LED lights on the nozzle to do light duty when meeting dark places.


Portability is also one of the factors that attract the most attention of users. Both Shark NV360 and NV501 can lift away the pod to easily vacuum the upper dust, which you can carry around the house. In addition, both use a swivel steering wheel to make these machines more and more maneuverable. Out of the two products, Shark NV501 will be more flexible to move in the presence of caster wheels.

Shark NV360 vs NV501 Comparison

These are two products that are very welcome on the market today. Therefore, when put on the scale, people are very interested and want to know their similarities and differences. Their similarity bases on their design, filtration system as well as the magnitude of their attraction. What about the difference, you can see through the technologies they use, the weight-color, and the accessories they own.


  • First of all, they come in a convenient upright format to clean up without having to bend over much. Thereby, they help users to limit back pain and body aches like when using normal less-dust products. Furthermore, they have no bags and use a long cord so that you don’t have to unplug it many times while cleaning the large room.
  • Next, both have a swivel steering so that the user can move it as smoothly as possible. It doesn’t need you to use too much force to push them, and at the same time shortens the time to move them to do other things.
  • In addition, these items use the anti-allergen seal technology and a filter to tackle dust and allergens issues inside the machine. It helps to handle dust and allergen and purify the air for the user feeling comfortable. Therefore, you can feel comfortable when breathing the fresh air right at your house.
  • In particular, both of these models can lift the pod away to easily clean the areas above that the original form couldn’t do. Moreover, with 1200 watts motor, they can operate the machine to generate suction power strong enough to suck all dust and fur and even debris.


  • The first difference between Shark NV360 and NV501 is in color and weight. As you can see, the Shark NV360 is blue at 12.5 pounds. Meanwhile, Shark NV501 is in red / white with a higher weight of 15.5 pounds. In addition, the specs also show that Shark NV501 is bigger as having dimensions 45.7 x 12.1 x 12.2 inches and Shark NV360 has a modest size with 14.96 x 11.4 x 45.5. Therefore, the NV360 will be a bit more convenient to transport and store.
  • In addition, the second difference relates to the size of the dust cup. The Shark NV360 dust cup is 1.2 quarts while the Shark NV501 is slightly larger at 1.3 quarts. Therefore, Shark NV501 has an advantage in limiting the dust cup emptiness many times, saving more time.
  • Next, the application of technology in the working of these items is also different. Specifically, Shark NV360 uses Never Lose Suction technology to keep strong suction power and stability for cleaning. In contrast, Shark NV501 uses ultra-quiet technology to minimize noise during the cleaning process.
  • Furthermore, the difference in the use of accessories is also notable. In addition to the same tools as the dusting brush, they also use a variety of other tools. Shark NV360 has an additional upholstery tool, 5.5 crevice tool, and deluxe motorized brush-roll on / off. Meanwhile, Shark NV501 lets uses utilize the premium pet tools 12 crevice tools, and wide upholstery tools, ergo accessories.


Shark NV360 has a price that is not much different when compared to Shark NV501. Overall, They are all mid-range products offering great performance. You can refer to their exact prices below. In addition, both products give you a 5-year limited warranty. So everyone can consider choosing the right product.

Shark NV360

Shark NV501

Final thought

Overall, Shark NV360 and NV501 satisfied the majority of customers who use them. All made a big impression that people easy to remember. However, honestly say that Shark NV501 gives a stronger impression with many special features and convenience from picking up debris from hardwood floors and carpets. But Shark NV360 is superior in collect pet fur. Therefore, you can choose any of them if it really suits your home.